Hamas warns ceasefire in danger as Israel cuts fuel supply over arson attacks

UN delegation arrives in Gaza for talks with terrorist group’s leaders … [Read more...]

30 Innocents slain in Boko Haram suicide bombing

Three bombers, two girls and a boy, executed the attack … [Read more...]

Palestinian village targeted in week’s second apparent hate crime

13 cars found with tires slashed … [Read more...]

Nigerian Christians cry for help following genocide

Jihadist Fulani massacres Christian men, women, and children … [Read more...]

Rocket strikes Sderot yeshiva in second attack from Gaza in a day

Causes damage, but no injuries, amid increase in violence … [Read more...]

IDF braces for violent protests on Gaza border

Thousands of Gazans expected to burn tires, throw explosives at troops … [Read more...]

ISIS terrorists kill 29 Christians in two attacks in Burkina Faso

The fifth and sixth attack on Christians within the last six weeks … [Read more...]

Balloon-borne bomb from Gaza explodes over Israeli town

No injuries as explosive detonates in air; incendiaries spark six blazes … [Read more...]

Incendiary balloons suspected as cause of brush fires near Gaza Strip

Firefighters extinguish flames, no injuries reported … [Read more...]

Islamic State claims attack that killed eight Egyptian policemen in Sinai

Jihadists assault checkpoints on Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr … [Read more...]

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