Independence Day terrorist attack foiled as troops find hidden bomb

'Powerful explosive device' planted in truck at West Bank checkpoint … [Read more...]

‘Expel or Kill’ graffiti sprayed in Arab villages near Nablus

Vandalism near the West Bank city is the latest in 'price tag' attacks … [Read more...]

At least two Christians killed in drive-by shooting on Pakistani crowd

ISIS claims responsibility for third attack on Christians in Quetta … [Read more...]

Yazidi and Christian women still in ISIS captivity

Women who refuse to convert to Islam are taken as sex slaves … [Read more...]

IDF destroys ‘longest and deepest’ Hamas cross-border attack tunnel

Sophisticated underground passage was built since 2014 war … [Read more...]

White House demands Hamas relinquish control of Gaza

Greenblatt warns terrorist rhetoric could cost lives … [Read more...]

36 ISIS suspects sentenced to death for Egypt church bombings

Defendants convicted of four acts of terrorism in 2016 and 2017 … [Read more...]

Israel strikes Gaza target following infiltration attempt

Air attack hits Hamas military compound … [Read more...]

Hamas vows Gaza protests to last until Palestinians ‘return to all of Palestine’

Terrorist leader says protests bring Palestinians to center of world stage … [Read more...]

IDF thwarts Hamas, preventing ‘victory picture’ of breached border fence

Second 'March of Return' ends with 9 dead after Hamas sends kids out ahead … [Read more...]

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