Food for the Hungry responds to Syria crisis as number of displaced surges

Christian organization providing food, shelter, household items in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan … [Read more...]

Witnessing to the love of Christ in Syria, plagued by hatred and war

Nuns, priests, volunteers are source of comfort for Christians and Muslims torn apart by war … [Read more...]

Kerry’s Syria attack plan said grounded by Pentagon

Secretary of state sought strikes against airfields used to launch chemical weapons raids … [Read more...]

Saudis supplying anti-aircraft missiles to Syria rebels: Gulf source

Shoulder-fired weapons obtained mostly from France and Belgium, source tells Reuters … [Read more...]

Hamas to Hezbollah: Get out of Syria

Gaza rulers accuse Lebanese militia of abandoning Palestinians and sowing sectarian strife … [Read more...]

Fiji troops to join depleted Golan peacekeepers

New 170-member contingent to arrive by end of June following Austrian withdrawal … [Read more...]

Pope meets Anglican primate in effort to defend life, social justice, and Christians in Syria

Discuss shared commitment to the common good and a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict … [Read more...]

White House: Chemical arms used in Syria, US to arm rebels

Obama administration says Assad regime has crossed red line … [Read more...]

Boys and girls recruited by both regime and rebels in Syria, says UN study

Children used as human shields, suicide bombers by Assad forces and opposition fighters … [Read more...]

Syrian doctor, in unprecedented note, asks Israel to save critical patient’s life

Detailed handwritten letter explains the previous care received by the critically wounded patient … [Read more...]

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