Netanyahu: Israel-US alliance ‘stronger than ever’

Barak: Obama supports Israeli security; Peres: Obama dedicated to Mideast peace … [Read more...]

Arab world congratulates Obama, hopes for more support in second term

But Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says US influence is not needed in the region … [Read more...]

Bomb explosions strike pro-Assad Damascus district

Multiple blasts hit hilltop district populated by members of Assad's Alawite sect … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians fleeing as homes destroyed

Islamist rebels invade community, force government to shell neighborhoods … [Read more...]

Worried about the Syria war, Golan Heights residents seek Israeli citizenship

People unsure of outcome in Syria want democracy for themselves … [Read more...]

Will second term Obama get back at Netanyahu? Not a chance, says US ambassador

Shapiro: President is strategic, not emotional thinker; Palestinian UN bid ‘a mistake’ … [Read more...]

PA pushes for statehood; Israel plans response

Arab League to appeal to EU; Israel seeks to recruit Western powers to block  bid … [Read more...]

Merkel calls Christianity world’s ‘most persecuted’ religion

German leader condemned for comments at meeting of German Protestant Church … [Read more...]

Israel opens way to more Bnei Menashe aliya from India and Burma

First tribal group to make aliya in five years; 7,000 more in India wish to come to Israel … [Read more...]

How to unfreeze the Middle East

‘Christianity Today’editorial: Reconciliation must be at the heart of peacemaking … [Read more...]

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