Grenade blast in Kenya church kills pastor, wounds 11

Attack was on Utawala Interdenominational Church in predominately Muslim area … [Read more...]

Senior Palestinian official claims Abbas may postpone UN move

Ramallah willing to reconsider if US offers ‘clear objective’ for negotiations … [Read more...]

IDF ground forces enter Gaza after finding tunnel packed with explosives

Bombs detonate as troops cross back into Israel, lightly injuring one soldier … [Read more...]

Residents of mortar-hit town slam military for leaving them unprotected

Syrian mortars hit around moshav, compounding fears of approaching fighting … [Read more...]

Christians remain easy targets as al-Qaeda pushes suicide bombings in East Africa

Leader Zawahri orders bombings and other terror tactics to create Islamic state in Somalia … [Read more...]

Pentagon: Iranian warplanes fired on US drone

US warns Iran it will continue surveillance flights and will protect its assets … [Read more...]

At interfaith meet in Jerusalem, a grim picture of Jewish-Protestant relations

Visiting Protestant minister bemoans ‘Goliath’ of religious anti-Semitism … [Read more...]

The Saudis are bulldozing Islam’s heritage. Why the silence from the Muslim world?

It’s as if the Church of the Holy Sepulchre were taken over by Cromwellian Puritans … [Read more...]

Tel Aviv to host international Homeland Security Conference

Topics: Urban and cyber security, crisis management, infrastructure protection … [Read more...]

8,500-year-old skeletons found at bottom of ancient well

Remains of young woman and older man found at Neolithic well in Jezreel Valley … [Read more...]

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