PA bans Israeli goods to prevent spread of coronavirus

In the past, the PA banned the entry of settlement products … [Read more...]

80-90% of ventilators in West Bank and Gaza already in use, WHO official says

PA warns of ‘disaster’ if workers don’t quarantine upon returning home … [Read more...]

Most new West Bank Palestinian coronavirus cases are workers from Israel

50,000 Palestinian workers are to return home to the West Bank next week … [Read more...]

PA asks Israel to test thousands of Palestinian workers before they return home

Up to 50,000 laborers expected to move back to West Bank ahead of Passover … [Read more...]

Palestinian university produces model for inexpensive respirator

Abbas congratulates university on 'great scientific achievement’ … [Read more...]

UN praises ‘excellent’ Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in fight against pandemic

But Ramallah slams Israel, saying ‘occupation knows nothing of humanity’ … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority reports six new coronavirus cases, 104 total

Among them a 12-year-old girl … [Read more...]

Coordinating with Abbas, Israel puts virus closure on PA-ruled West Bank areas

Palestinian workers to decide whether to stay home or in Israel for months … [Read more...]

Israel tightens restrictions on Palestinian workers, bars them from commuting

Only Palestinians in certain essential industries okayed to enter country … [Read more...]

PA: Bethlehem infant recovers from coronavirus

Palestinian student returning from Poland tests positive … [Read more...]

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