COVID-19 imperils vulnerable Pakistani Christians

Christians make up some 80-90% of the sanitation workforce … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christians attacked over church construction, one left partially paralyzed

Muslim mob men shoot two Christians and attack another with an ax … [Read more...]

Young Christian Pakastani boy raped and tortured to death by Muslim employer

Badil, 10, was working at factory to care for his mother and two brothers … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christian refugee in hiding over blasphemy charge calls on Trump, UN to help

Muslim nationalists place bounty on Faraz Pervaiz’s head … [Read more...]

‘There are 200 more Asia Bibis’

Son of slain Pakistani governor fears 'complacency' has set in … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christian teenager raped by Muslim parliamentarian

Christian Saima, 15, was beaten and raped by assemblyman Mian Jamil … [Read more...]

Christian Pakistani girls sold into sex trafficking in China

Poor girls expecting to marry rich businessmen are forced into sex slavery … [Read more...]

Christian teen in Pakistan raped and forcefully converted to Islam

Neha Pervaiz, 15, raped, forced to convert, married to Muslim, 45 … [Read more...]

Court frees Pakistani Christian teen raped and tortured in forced Islamic marriage

Shalet Masih, 15, rescued by a police raid at home of her captor … [Read more...]

Pakistan releasing Asia Bibi, Christian woman long-imprisoned for blasphemy

After nine years on death row in solitary confinement for insulting Islam … [Read more...]

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