US ambassador to UN comes out swinging against Israel bias

Haley’s courage and moral vision come as Israel’s standing is changing … [Read more...]

Trump: Palestinians must earn a two-state solution

The time has come for the US to tell the Palestinians to negotiate … [Read more...]

Trump in denial over rising American antisemitism

Trump ignores issue and speaks about his Electoral College victory … [Read more...]

Trump and Netanyahu’s embarrassment and shame

Two-states, one state, no state, it doesn’t really matter to Trump … [Read more...]

Israel’s own Air Force One

Plane to make debut this summer in time for future Washington visits … [Read more...]

Trump, Congress, Christians: Support Israel by moving embassy to Jerusalem

Christians must support a government that gives its citizens freedom … [Read more...]

Support Fayyad

It is a rare Palestinian leader who is truly moderate and a force for good … [Read more...]

Amid internal threats, Hamas may seek escalation with Israel

As Hamas prepares next aggression, people of Gaza running out of hope … [Read more...]

Free speech

The right to state views that oppose government policy is democracy … [Read more...]

Mandelblit’s time of decision

A-G’s handling of divisive issues shows government’s dysfunctionality … [Read more...]

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