Lessons from Syria

The situation in Iran is more complicated than in either Syria or Iraq … [Read more...]

Abbas’s end game

Abbas has managed to burn his bridges. What is less clear is his end game … [Read more...]

Yogev’s diatribe

With no constitutional basic rights, Israel needs a strong judiciary … [Read more...]

Stop the race

If Iran can enrich uranium, why can’t other countries in the Middle East? … [Read more...]

Welcome, Mr. Pompeo

Pompeo is likely to be a more effective secretary of state than Tillerson … [Read more...]

Responsible politics

Impure politicians did the right thing in resolving the current crisis … [Read more...]

The real crisis

The Haredim refusal to perform military or national service is the core issue … [Read more...]

Netanyahu thinks elections can save his skin. He should just come out and say so

No 'coalition crisis,' just PM trying to calculate how to avoid prosecution … [Read more...]

Get ready for the ugliest elections in Israeli history

Parties should promote hope and vision, not a campaign of fear … [Read more...]

Extradite Leifer

The Israeli legal system is unable to process Leifer’s case fairly … [Read more...]

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