Israel and the EU

Israeli politicians would be wise to focus on a more subdued tactic … [Read more...]

Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis dies just short of 102

Historian attributed the 9/11 attacks to a decaying Islamic civilization … [Read more...]

The delusion of return

It’s difficult not to feel sympathy with Palestinian desire to ‘return home’ … [Read more...]

In ‘WSJ’ op-ed, IDF spokesman says world ‘fell for Hamas lies’ in Gaza

Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis blasts media's swallowing terrorists’ 'theatrics' … [Read more...]

Gaza’s agony is Egypt’s calling

Egypt brings motivation to Gaza crisis that threatens it no less than us … [Read more...]

A time to pause: Israel at 70

Time to think of others who are not free and live under harsh restrictions … [Read more...]

Gaza protests, killings: 6 things to know about Israel-Palestine conflict

Important things about long-standing srife and recent escalation … [Read more...]

Gaza storm

Now is the time for a new push regarding proposals for Gaza … [Read more...]

As America endorses Israel in Jerusalem, Hamas shows it never will

Six lessons from the tumultuous afternoon when the US opened its embassy … [Read more...]

Game changer

All who seek peace should see this as the start of a new era … [Read more...]

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