The Western Wall’s symbolism

Ongoing battle among Jews in Israel and Diaspora over what Kotel represents … [Read more...]

Qualitative edge

No reason why ties with Israel should trump ties with the Muslim world … [Read more...]

Simply by saying he loves it and stands with it, Trump wins over Israel

Showered Israel with praise, visited Western Wall -- enough for now … [Read more...]

Making history is a good start but not sufficient to make peace

It’s not enough to achieve Trump’s goal of brokering‘ultimate deal’ … [Read more...]

Edelstein to address Russian people on historic visit to Moscow

Thirty years after the former Prisoner of Zion was released from the gulag … [Read more...]

Trump’s Western Wall politics

The young US administration has been plagued by scandals … [Read more...]

Witnessing genocide

Concerted action, not fruitless diplomacy, is the Syrian people’s lifeline … [Read more...]

‘The time has come’ to kill Bashar Assad’ for crossing a redline

Syrian president executing prisoners and burning their bodies … [Read more...]

President Trump, you can start making peace. Here’s how:

Demand an end to incitement and the glorification of terrorism … [Read more...]

Really free Pollard

Trump has the moral responsibility to grant Pollard his total freedom … [Read more...]

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