The Unfinished Six Day War: An open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu

To be followed next week by an open letter to PA President Abbas … [Read more...]

University ethics

A university is meant to be an intellectual community in pursuit of truth … [Read more...]

Unhappy anniversary

A decade since Hamas coup created an Islamist, terrorist quasi-state … [Read more...]

Wonder Woman’s message

Gadot triggers so much pride because Israelis are so used to the opposite … [Read more...]

Crime and no punishment

The mother’s anguish was not only directed at religious hypocrisy … [Read more...]

Law, order and the conflict

Jewish and Arab blood must be valued identically … [Read more...]

After the liberation of Mosul: Last stand for Christians in Iraq

Disappearance of Jews and now Christians ends historic mosaic of peoples … [Read more...]

True lies

Abbas tells Trump ‘We are raising our youth on a culture of peace’ … [Read more...]

Hamas is fundamentally unable to abandon terrorism and govern

Cannot pay its bills or provide residents basic commodities and services … [Read more...]

A Torah for all

Public leaders need to draw Jews close and not to excommunicate them … [Read more...]

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