Terrorism is terrorism

The state must continue to fight it, regardless of the perpetrator … [Read more...]

The walls have been closing around Netanyahu

Meanwhile, PM attended inauguration of new Brazilian president … [Read more...]

A new marriage

In a democracy, people should be free to choose their religious observance … [Read more...]

Goodbye UNESCO

‘Israel will not belong to an organization whose goal is to act against us’ … [Read more...]

Top Israel news coverage fails of 2018

The anti-Israel media bias which plagues most news coverage of Israel … [Read more...]

The good side of 2018

Israel is a wonderful country: a great year, with occasional bumps … [Read more...]

Death of a prophet: A tribute to Amos Oz

His career voiced the social and political cleavages unique to Israel … [Read more...]

The other Benjamin: Will Israeli politics be saved by one more general?

Gantz polls high, but unseating Netanyahu defies political gravity … [Read more...]

Action in Syria

IDF will not hesitate to take action against Iran in Syria or elsewhere … [Read more...]

Talking Turkey

Who Erdogan really is and what kind of person Trump is making deals with … [Read more...]

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