Israel, Gaza, and international law

Did Israel violate international law during the recent Gaza demonstrations? … [Read more...]

Chief Justice Hayut to RBG on Genesis Prize: You give a voice to the voiceless

‘She betters the lives of those who suffer injustice in society’ … [Read more...]

Four questions and answers about the proposed draft law

Why the much-debated Haredi conscription bill is no solution … [Read more...]

Defending the media

The attack on the ‘Capital Gazette’ should cause public figures to pause … [Read more...]

Stop the Kotel travesty

The question is what will Netanyahu do now … [Read more...]

Prince William’s visit a PR coup for Israel, with a touch of capital royal pain

Trip boosts country's legitimacy, but shows doubts over sovereignty … [Read more...]

Abbas, go

Palestinians are paying the price for Abbas's lack of leadership and greed … [Read more...]

Why don’t Europeans get it?

Antisemitism behind anti-Israel attitudes no longer politically incorrect … [Read more...]

Salute to Sharansky

'It’s not so easy to rebuild the trust that was destroyed' … [Read more...]

Uniting Jews

Herzog’s main job is clear: Unite the Jewish people. We wish him the best of luck … [Read more...]

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