Gaza solutions

Israel should take some steps to alleviate the suffering of Gazans … [Read more...]

Flourishing Judaism

A Jewish state is a unique opportunity for Judaism to evolve in new ways … [Read more...]

Hard decisions after 50 years of occupation

It’s time for Israel’s leaders to decide what they want … [Read more...]

UNRWA: an obstacle to peace

Must be reformed for a better future for Israelis and Palestinians … [Read more...]

The predictable liberal response to Pence speaking the truth

US leadership does so for the first time since Israel’s creation … [Read more...]

Signs of war on the northern border

If war breaks out again, world leaders can’t say they weren’t warned … [Read more...]

Tu Bishvat environment

Chance to reexamine our environment policies under biblical tradition … [Read more...]

Death camps

Country that survived totalitarian regimes should value freedom of speech … [Read more...]

Who’s afraid of reporting the news from a biblical perspective?

Great events are still unfolding on the streets of Jerusalem … [Read more...]

More than just a leadership change needed in Palestinian Authority

Must decide whether to change its agenda or remain on a disastrous course … [Read more...]

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