Nigeria: Why Islamism succeeds, in miniature

Nigeria launches offensive against Islamists, US seeks to protect civilians by all means … [Read more...]

Palestinian fairytales

It is said the camera never lies. Whoever coined that term could not have been more misinformed … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king trying to play on Israel’s fears

Abdullah should wake up and realize that beating the Israeli piñata will not save his ailing throne … [Read more...]

Scales and yardsticks

Scales are essential to our awareness and decision making, on the personal and  national levels … [Read more...]

Time to end the disgrace at the Wall

Haredi men who threw garbage at women in prayer shawls behaved like pogromists … [Read more...]

Israel strikes a blow to conventional Arab thinking

‘Israel is still my enemy, but when my enemy does a neat job — I admit it,’ writes  Syrian pundit … [Read more...]

A lesson from Martin Luther King

‘Peace means security, we must stand with all our might to protect Israel's right to exist’ … [Read more...]

‘Iran strike only an option when sword is to our throat’

Ex-IDF chief Ashkenazi says still time for other options with Iran; West must help Syrian rebels … [Read more...]

President Obama’s perpetually fading red line

Obama treats the bloody Syrian conflict like a geopolitical Pandora’s box he dare not touch … [Read more...]

Pontificating hypocrites

Where is the world when al-Qaida thugs in Mali chop off people’s hands and beat women? … [Read more...]

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