Time for Israel’s Arab community to do national service

‘We Arab citizens of this country do not want any favors’ … [Read more...]

A tale of two kings

By MICHAEL D. EVANS (Jerusalem Post)--Romney and Netanyahu share a close friendship that has transcended time and distance. … [Read more...]

Obama, his rabbi, and political Islam

By BARRY RUBIN (The Jerusalem Post) President Barack Obama’s view of Judaism, Zionism, and Israel was very much shaped by his liberal and left-wing Jewish contacts in Chicago, some of whom became … [Read more...]

Expert: Preemptive attack better than a nuclear Iran

EXPERT SAYS ATTACK ON IRAN WOULD BE BETTER THAN NUCLEAR IRAN: Former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said Tuesday that military action in Iran would be less perilous to the Jewish state than … [Read more...]

There is no Zionism without Jerusalem

By ILANA BROWN (The Jerusalem Post) This week celebrates 45 years since the reunification of Jerusalem after the miraculous Six Day War. One of the most emotional documents in the historical record … [Read more...]

Daniel K. Eisenbud: Of tragedy and triumph

IN THE HISTORY of the world, perhaps no people has had more to mourn and celebrate—frequently in close succession, if not simultaneously—than the Jews. Indeed, the two concepts have never been … [Read more...]

Daniel K. Eisenbud: A woman named Carola

THE MOST common question I get asked by Americans and Israelis alike since making aliya one year ago is a uniformly incredulous and perplexed “Why?” Fair question. After all, I’m not remotely … [Read more...]

The politics of Jerusalem

By MORDECHAI NISAN (The Jerusalem Post) A satisfactory and consensual political resolution of the question of Jerusalem has eluded diplomats and statesmen. The British Peel Commission of 1937 … [Read more...]

Israel will go it alone

By MIKE EVANS President Obama likes to boast that America and Israel are strong allies—but is this really true? Perhaps Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was more correct than we wish to admit when … [Read more...]

Sanctions on Iran force interest rates higher

By MIKE EVANS Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has apparently agreed to increase the Islamic Republic’s interest rate to 21 percent, causing the populace of his country to become increasingly … [Read more...]

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