Netanyahu speaks for all Israelis

With so many threats to Israel, it’s no surprise most Israelis support their prime minister … [Read more...]

Jerusalem’s shelter of peace

As thousands gather in the capital to celebrate Succot, the city is a model of Jewish unity … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Christians facing the fate of Egyptian Jews

The Egyptian regime is forcing Christians to leave the country: 4 million have left since the 1950s … [Read more...]

Have you heard of the Jews who fled Arab countries?

Are Arabs who live in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, or the Palestinian areas refugees? … [Read more...]

Time for atonement

Time for countries that care and leaders of conscience to break the silence and speak out … [Read more...]

Muslims torn between blasphemy and barbarism in reaction to anti-Islam film

Arab world must choose between joining modern world or remaining stagnant … [Read more...]

Memo to the US: Avoid extremes while fighting Islamists

Americans should champion democratic values with a proud, constructive, but strong approach … [Read more...]

Genocides, unlike hurricanes, are predictable, says expert. And Iran is following the pattern

Founder of Genocide Watch says Iran has taken six of the eight steps on path to genocide … [Read more...]

Disgrace and tragedy at US Embassy in Cairo

Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean freedom of speech has been abused … [Read more...]

They almost forgot thee, O’ Jerusalem

Both parties believe the Jewish vote could be crucial in this year’s election—and  they’re right … [Read more...]

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