Remembering the Shoah

Since it began in 1953, Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day has changed radically … [Read more...]

The value of a sharpened conscience

Some 5,000 Jews, mostly children, were hidden from the Nazis by a Protestant Christian town … [Read more...]

Iran’s incitement to genocide

Americans have come to discount repeated statements on Israel and Zionism by Iran’s Ahmadinejad … [Read more...]

Passover’s unlearned lesson

Mauritania is West African country with most black slaves in world--up to half a million … [Read more...]

Turkey owes us an apology over the ‘Struma’

This is the worst tragedy in the history of illegal immigration to Palestine … [Read more...]

Why US engagement in Israeli-Palestinian peace is needed

Strong, sustained US engagement essential to advance comprehensive peace agreement … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Jr., Israel, and Obama

There is no disputing the historic significance of President Barack Obama’s state visit to Israel … [Read more...]

The miracle of Israel’s enduring love

It is miraculous that the Jewish response to 2,000 years of persecution is to embrace pilgrims … [Read more...]

The government should fight bigotry

A Jewish and an Arab teacher drove together naturally, happily, until they were attacked … [Read more...]

When Christians repent

Christians supporting the Jewish state? It hardly seems like news anymore … [Read more...]

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