Self-fulfilling prophecy by professor who believes Israel created Hamas

How can a man who believes Israel dehumanizes Hamas be unbiased about Israeli textbooks? … [Read more...]

Hypocrisy, deceit, evil at the United Nations Human Rights Council

Israel is the first country to boycott the human rights review at the bogus UNHRC … [Read more...]

Fighting anti-Semitism

The desire to annihilate the Jews has not changed since the Holocaust … [Read more...]

Embracing Israel’s Christian allies

Israel’s government and Jewish leaders should say thank you to their Christian counterparts … [Read more...]

Disrupting the ecosystem of extremism

We cannot rest until the evil ideologies that fuel terror become just relics of the past … [Read more...]

Encountering peace: Our celebration of democracy

We must continue to remind our MKs and government that they work for us, the electorate … [Read more...]

Jordanian elections: a waiting station for Syria

Jordanian parliamentary elections, due in two days, will not feature the end of the conflict between the regime and the opposition. … [Read more...]

Storm warning for Israel-USA relations

Times of Israel Editor David Horovitz anticipates a tempest when a hardline reelected Israeli leadership meets an inflexible second-term president … [Read more...]

Distrust and the reality of coexistence

A main obstacle in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the complete lack of trust between the sides … [Read more...]

Why are Israel’s critics trying to kill two-state solution?

Left-wing critics have been strongest proponents of two-state 'dream' … [Read more...]

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