Creating an atmosphere conducive to real negotiations

The present atmosphere cannot be seen to be encouraging for any genuine negotiation … [Read more...]

Good Hezbollah, bad Hezbollah

The West has to wake up and smell the Middle Eastern coffee—more pungent than Starbucks … [Read more...]

Rouhani is no moderate

He’s a cunning terrorist mastermind and it would be foolish for the West to regard him otherwise … [Read more...]

Church of Scotland’s chutzpah debases interfaith trust

Plunging a dagger into interfaith understanding does not improve the lot of a single Palestinian … [Read more...]

Father Nadaf of Nazareth

The persecution of Greek Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Nadaf has escalated to a new crescendo … [Read more...]

Syria and the responsibility to protect

The deaths of more than 100,000 Syrians have neither shocked the world nor moved it to act … [Read more...]

Iran’s new fanatic-in-chief

Saying Rohani is a moderate is absolute hogwash, marinated in self-delusion and sheer ignorance … [Read more...]

Justice for Jews from Arab countries

Jewish refugee issue highlights Israel as home to an indigenous Middle Eastern people … [Read more...]

What’s left of Israel’s peace with its neighbors?

Ties with Jordan and Egypt are cool and growing colder, diplomats say, strained by new challenges … [Read more...]

Middle East gay pride and LGBT safety exist only in Israel

Tel Aviv’s 15th Gay Pride Festival was attended by a record-breaking 100,000 participants … [Read more...]

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