WMD hypocrisy

The US once opposed sanctions against use of WMDs by a brutal dictator … [Read more...]

The liberal left and world chaos

Self-loathing has replaced righteous indignation and begets appeasement … [Read more...]

Israel’s greatest nightmare

The worst nightmare would be for Obama to spinelessly back down from Iran … [Read more...]

A mighty hand and an outstretched arm

A window is now open for Israel to put an end to Iran’s nuclear pursuits … [Read more...]

The Iranian cult

Iran is really governed by Ayatollah Khamenei, head of the Twelvers cult … [Read more...]

Why is the world silent as Christians are persecuted?

The sin of silence is not a solution to acts of oppression … [Read more...]

Making peace, not just negotiating

Hard to find a single Palestinian who believes talks will yield agreement … [Read more...]

Nairobi attack: Some Christians matter more than others

Outrage at Kenya attack, indifference to massacres of Christians elsewhere … [Read more...]

Smiling their way to weapons of mass destruction

When a government uses WMDs on its own people, the moral course is clear … [Read more...]

Encountering peace: They must reach an agreement

Another failure could open the door to another horrific round of violence … [Read more...]

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