Why I disagree with Arabic media’s demonization of Israel

‘Let’s stop demonizing Israel. I invite Arabs to use this analogy: Israel is a sister’ … [Read more...]

Obama, take a leaf from Truman’s book to spur peace process

A US-Israel defense treaty with a two-state format addresses the deep anxiety of most Israelis … [Read more...]

Hamas left Israel no choice but to strike

The war began May 14, 1948, when Arab forces moved to destroy the new state of Israel … [Read more...]

It’s about Tehran, not Gaza

UN talks with Iran have produced no outcome, and frankly why should they have? … [Read more...]

How to unfreeze the Middle East

‘Christianity Today’editorial: Reconciliation must be at the heart of peacemaking … [Read more...]

Hezbollah’s latest muscle-flexing shows it is under duress and looking for a fight

Terrorist group’s recent flurry of activity shows it is under stress and Israel should be wary … [Read more...]

Christian Zionism and Islamic eschatology

Christian Zionism perceived in Middle East as more powerful than Israel and as evil … [Read more...]

Timidity encourages Syrian barbarity

The West has no choice but to involve itself in Syria’s future … [Read more...]

Is Jordan the Hashemite-occupied Palestine?

Hashemites should relinquish any dreams of sovereignty over any part of Israel … [Read more...]

Hypocritical Protestant churches

Church leaders ignore fact that Israel twice offered PA entire West Bank but were rebuffed … [Read more...]

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