Decline of Christianity in Middle East called a ‘catastrophe’

'Christians in the Middle East are no longer interested in living there’ … [Read more...]

Iran’s intervention in Syria must be stopped

Syria has become a battleground between the Shi’ite and Sunni communities … [Read more...]

Jesus to America: Why do you persecute me?

US foreign policy blamed for deaths of Christians worldwide … [Read more...]

The Left, the Jews, and Israel

The linkage of revolutionaries with the Left’s abandonment of Israel … [Read more...]

In Egypt, anti-Semitism is back in fashion

Anti-Semitism, the socialism of fools, is the new opiate of the Egyptian masses … [Read more...]

US foreign policy opposes Middle Eastern Christianity

American tax dollars are funding an anti-Christian pogrom … [Read more...]

The world talks as Iran acts to destroy Israel

Years of Israeli warnings on Iran’s nukes wasted before sanctions imposed … [Read more...]

Why Israel is economically advanced

Romney gave true reasons for the gap between Israelis and Palestinians … [Read more...]

EIBNER: Islamist extremists threaten Syria’s Christians

Obama must not ignore sacrifice of religious minorities … [Read more...]

An armed militia is not a political party

EU's refusal to blacklist Hezbollah emboldens terrorist groups … [Read more...]

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