Muslims torn between blasphemy and barbarism in reaction to anti-Islam film

Arab world must choose between joining modern world or remaining stagnant … [Read more...]

Memo to the US: Avoid extremes while fighting Islamists

Americans should champion democratic values with a proud, constructive, but strong approach … [Read more...]

Genocides, unlike hurricanes, are predictable, says expert. And Iran is following the pattern

Founder of Genocide Watch says Iran has taken six of the eight steps on path to genocide … [Read more...]

Disgrace and tragedy at US Embassy in Cairo

Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean freedom of speech has been abused … [Read more...]

They almost forgot thee, O’ Jerusalem

Both parties believe the Jewish vote could be crucial in this year’s election—and  they’re right … [Read more...]

Confronting Iran’s nuclear program

‘Our nation has proven it can defend itself and won’t ask others to shed blood on our behalf’ … [Read more...]

The ‘deterrence works’ fantasy

Israel refuses to trust its existence to theories of analysts 6,000 miles from its Ground Zero … [Read more...]

Who are the Jewish refugees?

By international law, Jews displaced by Arab countries are refugees under UN protection … [Read more...]

Christianity faces a Middle Eastern exodus

Christian communities across the Middle East continue to wither … [Read more...]

Hanan Ashrawi is to truth what smoking is to health

PLO Executive member has just earned a gold medal for historical revisionism … [Read more...]

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