Top Muslim authority unwittingly equates jihad with terrorism

West can’t acknowledge jihad involves subjugating non-Muslims … [Read more...]

Rogue state

Think Israel wouldn't strike Iran's nukes in defiance of America's wishes? Think again … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia’s Security Council charade

It is time to stop handing out presents to cruel and backward countries … [Read more...]

The astute Saudi nose

Saudis: Obama believes humbling of America will bring healing to world … [Read more...]

Raiders of the lost archive

Don’t return the rescued written treasures of Iraqi Jews to Baghdad … [Read more...]

This piece is for the Palestinians

Why it is so hard for Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state? … [Read more...]

Anti-Christian violence and the silence of ‘moderate’ Muslims

Most Muslims are peaceful, so why do these masses never protest? … [Read more...]

Desperate Hamas

Hamas is becoming increasingly isolated and therefore more dangerous … [Read more...]

Time to reach a border agreement

A deal on borders will boost Netanyahu as a politician and a statesman … [Read more...]

How Palestinian hate prevents peace

Jewish history teaches us never to underestimate the power of hatred … [Read more...]

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