The immoral release of terrorists

It is a concession guaranteed to embolden terrorism across the Middle East … [Read more...]

Encountering Peace: Making peace pay

Economic growth and prosperity are not enough to bring us peace … [Read more...]

Welcome to Camp Jihad

Isn’t it time for UNRWA to disband and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to solve the problem? … [Read more...]

Iron Dome is a game changer, but it’s just the beginning

Thousands of rockets aimed at Israeli city centers have killed or wounded hundreds of innocents … [Read more...]

Why release 100 murderous terrorists?

Would America release al-Qaida terrorists from Gitmo in the belief this would lead to peace? … [Read more...]

Israel and racism

Israel is both black and white in a world divided into absolute terms of black vs white … [Read more...]

Are Christian invocations constitutional in the US?

The inauguration of an American president has an invocation and a benediction by a clergyman … [Read more...]

Talking with Dr. Oz about Israel, Islam, and lust

It’s Mehmet’s first ever visit to the Jewish state and we’ve been talking nearly eight hours straight … [Read more...]

Will America be cursed?

Obama’s peace plan would make the home of Christianity the capital of an Islamic state … [Read more...]

Dancing with terror

The PA has conditioned restarting talks on releasing the perpetrators of hideous acts of terrorism … [Read more...]

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