Presbyterians have it back-to-front on Zionism

They are silent on the expulsion of nearly a million Jews from Arab states … [Read more...]

Arab refugees and Jewish refugees – the inextricable link

US should not foot bill for compensating Arab and Jewish refugees … [Read more...]

Terrorism’s puppet master

Iran, despite façade of moderation, is revealed for what it really is … [Read more...]

Security, reciprocity, and mutuality

Talks must create a reality in which security is enhanced, not reduced … [Read more...]

The world from here: Hamas and BDS

Israel Apartheid Week concludes across the United States … [Read more...]

Ten basic assumptions regarding Israel and the peace process

Jews have inalienable, indigenous, legal rights in Judea and Samaria … [Read more...]

‘Israeli apartheid’ – the new form of anti-Semitism

Israel cannot be compared to the once racist apartheid of South Africa … [Read more...]

Ten ways that BDS is different now

Four academic associations have now also endorsed anti-Israel boycotts … [Read more...]

Welcoming Germany

There have been tense moments between Netanyahu and Merkel … [Read more...]

Jewish refugees should be discussed in the peace negotiations

Some 850,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries after 1948 … [Read more...]

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