Indomitable spirit

The Jews’ yearning to live in freedom in their historic homeland lives on … [Read more...]

John Kerry warns Israel against Apartheid

What colossal audacity from one who is supposed to be Israel’s ally … [Read more...]

People of Israel – Wake up! Kerry is right about two states

A unitary state would mean apartheid and destroy Israel as a Jewish state … [Read more...]

The apartheid fallacy

Before his semi-retraction, Diaspora organizations blast Kerry … [Read more...]

Don’t tinker with freedom of the press

Israel has a constitutional law that protects freedom of press … [Read more...]

Arab world: Has the penny finally dropped?

Is UK review of Muslim Brotherhood a sign the West is waking up? … [Read more...]

Mistranslation and the Holocaust

John’s Gospel played a huge role in Christendom’s anti-Semitism … [Read more...]

Not the same old, same old

‘67 war has changed both of us in ways neither wants to acknowledge … [Read more...]

Jerusalem, Israel

US not recognizing Jerusalem as Israel strengthens distorted narrative … [Read more...]

There’ll be no Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement – so now what?

The PA claims to want two states, but denies Jewish link to the land … [Read more...]

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