When the US let Iran off the hook

The interim deal postpones Iran’s moment of reckoning … [Read more...]

Israel: The bright side of life

An optimistic strategic assessment of Israel’s long-term future … [Read more...]

Obama’s unlikely breakthrough

He would like a new Middle East reality, but peace is a two-way street … [Read more...]

The Haniyeh family health plan in Israel

Israel’s medical care for Palestinians, even terrorists, goes back years … [Read more...]

A trap of his own making

Netanyahu’s panicked reaction to nuke deal is the cost of his approach … [Read more...]

What Kristallnacht and modern-day Iran have in common

Iranian regime has fostered a culture of violence, hate, and terrorism … [Read more...]

The triple tragedy of Christian persecution in Middle East

Christians fleeing countries where they have lived for two millennia … [Read more...]

We know, we know

Jews worldwide can and should choose how to support their visions of Israel … [Read more...]

Secretary of fate

Kerry will fail unless he holds the Palestinians to international norms … [Read more...]

US-Israel feud helps Iran

Netanyahu needs US president much more than the president needs him … [Read more...]

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