Entering a state of rest in Israel

Shabbat sign

Shabbat observance project enters its final stages … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Opera stifles free exchange of ideas about a propaganda opera


At bottom ‘The Death of Klinghoffer’ is more propaganda than art … [Read more...]

The Islamic Republic and Islamic State

IS flag

The ambition of both Iran and the IS is wide territorial expansion … [Read more...]

Secretary of State Kerry simply doesn’t learn from his mistakes

Kerry Abbas

Kerry will again be courting nations and organizations that scorn Israel … [Read more...]

False symmetry between perpetrator and victim


Two plays this week will deliver serious negative implications for Jews … [Read more...]

A Palestinian state is a NO vote for 9/11 Americans

Abbas at UNGA

Anti-Semitism among Palestinians is reminiscent of that in 1930s Europe … [Read more...]

Christian persecution

St. Peter's Jaffa

It is important for Israel to remain a haven for Christians in these times … [Read more...]

Perfidious Albion reverts to type

House of Commons

These are the people the MPs declared have a “right” to a state … [Read more...]

Succot synergy

Jerusalem March

Wonderful excitement as Christians interacted with Israelis this week … [Read more...]

Heritage protection

Torah raised

Jews know more than others about cultural possessions being plundered … [Read more...]

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