Israel’s economic growth doesn’t benefit most citizens

Time for a turnabout in policy that puts public interest at the center … [Read more...]

Walking with survivors on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

‘Tell our story,’ but ‘Don’t forget to go on living’ … [Read more...]

Palestinian tragedy

There are voices to open minds about a future that can be different … [Read more...]

Say no to bullying

President Rivlin launches a campaign against cyberbullying … [Read more...]

The toxic ramifications of haredi education on Israeli society

The lack of a core curriculum limits integration into the workforce … [Read more...]

The UN Human Rights Council’s shameful blacklist

Countries with the worst human-rights records pushed the list … [Read more...]

Donating a kidney to a stranger is the highest form of charity

Matnat Chaim encourages saving a life by donating a live kidney … [Read more...]

Supreme injustice in Israel’s elections

Every democracy has its redlines, and terrorism crosses Israel’s … [Read more...]

Annexing health

Most politicians must be taking the average Israeli voter for a fool … [Read more...]

Celebrating Tu Bishvat, New Year for the trees

A Jewish festival uniquely tied to the Land of Israel … [Read more...]

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