Islamic State waves its flag on the Temple Mount

IS Temple Mount

It's infiltrated the Palestinians and trying to unite region’s terrorists … [Read more...]

The fatal flaws of the Schabas Inquiry

William Schabas

Schabas has already found Israel guilty of what he is yet to investigate … [Read more...]

Islamic State preparing to attack Israel

Syrian border

Gaining territory in Syria and Jordan would put it on Israel’s borders … [Read more...]

Islamo-fascism and Barack Obama

ISIS marching

Radical Islam is testing the West and Obama is failing the test … [Read more...]

Peres, the pope, and a plan for world peace

Peres pope

Two months after his term, Peres was promoting peace at the Vatican … [Read more...]

Facing realities after Operation Protective Edge

jihadi digging

Hamas remains in power and preparing for a future conflict … [Read more...]

America the target

atomic bomb

The West needs a wake-up call to understand this threat is imminent … [Read more...]

The Sisi solution


Unfortunately, Abbas reportedly rejected the proposal outright … [Read more...]

What about the North?

A  U.N. vehicle leaves a U.N. base in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights

Unique opportunity to wean Syria away from alliance with Iran … [Read more...]

What Obama’s Islamic State strategy is not


Millions of refugees and myriad Christian widows await Obama’s speech … [Read more...]

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