The absurd and amoral disproportionality charge

TA house

‘A democracy’s soldiers can’t fight with blinders and handcuffs’ … [Read more...]

Israelis are givers; Palestinians are takers

Pals celebrate gov

It’s time to turn the tide of public opinion … [Read more...]

Ditch Liberman!

Liberman hand

Shamelessly in wartime, Liberman keeps undermining Netanyahu … [Read more...]

When journalists call Israelis ‘scum’

Diana Magnay

Biased journalists covering Palestinians become their spokesmen … [Read more...]

Hamas is killing its own people

Gazans flee

Threatens retribution if Gazans heed Israeli warnings to leave … [Read more...]

‘Progressives’ and moral equivalence during Operation Protective Edge


This is a fight between good and evil – there is no moral equivalence … [Read more...]

Asymmetric warfare evolves in tragic directions

watching Gaza

Israel’s tactics are a new evolution in asymmetric warfare … [Read more...]

Fed up with Hamas

Hamas women

Many Muslims revolted by atrocities committed in name of Islam … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart — so funny, so wrong on Israel-Gaza

Jon Stewart

It’s an asymmetrical war, but US satirical news host has got it wrong … [Read more...]

Danon’s dismissal

Danon at drill

In wartime a deputy minister cannot dissent from the government … [Read more...]

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