The dream museum of the Palestinians

Time to ask what will be the content of the still-empty Palestinian Museum … [Read more...]

Face to face

Palestinians hope to get a state without the dialogue this entails … [Read more...]

Has the UN Human Rights Council become a Frankenstein monster?

It has become a body that legitimizes murderers, dictators and anti-Semites … [Read more...]

Revenge sentence

Politicians say deterrence, but they mean revenge … [Read more...]

America’s next president and the war on terrorism

The US role of global policeman has strained both its army and its budget … [Read more...]

Treading water?

Addition of Yisrael Beytenu must not be just a survival tactic of the Likud … [Read more...]

Giving Liberman defense job, Netanyahu embraces politician who despises him

Has PM given most sensitive post to an ambitious and derisive rival? … [Read more...]

Iran takes credit for saving Jews and denies Holocaust at same time

The Iranian narrative of Iran being ‘tolerant’ of Jews has become louder … [Read more...]

Israel’s cabinet in (com)motion: one year since the formation of the government

Nearly a third of ministries affected by personnel and structural changes … [Read more...]

A house divided

Knesset marks Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination … [Read more...]

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