Arrest of Palestinan twins highlights women’s role in ongoing violence


In addition, many of those implicated in attacks are teenagers … [Read more...]

The struggle for Jewish pluralism is just beginning

haredi hand

Not the beginning of the end, but maybe the end of the beginning … [Read more...]

Beyond the Wall

WOW with Torah

It was a hard-fought victory, bequeathed by one generation to another … [Read more...]

Why all this ‘fascist’ and ‘traitor’ talk – let’s debate civilly!

Oz Almagor

We beat one another for 364 days, with a 24-hour Independence Day break … [Read more...]

The unbearable lightness of killing

ISIS flags pistols

‘Empathy erosion’ explains how people can cause extreme pain to one another … [Read more...]

A sadness still lingers

birkat cohanim 2

We will reach toward heaven with all our pain and joy, our fear and hope … [Read more...]

For and against Palestinian statehood, simultaneously

Herzog podium

It’s time to reflect on this complex consensus and act accordingly … [Read more...]

Lessons for Holocaust Remembrance Day

memorial candle

European ceremonies focus as much on current events as on Nazi genocide … [Read more...]

Iran was the ally Israel wanted. It got Saudi Arabia.


Israel courted against the backdrop of the rise and fall of IS … [Read more...]

The people’s choice


Substantial laws get no attention, while clowning MKs make headlines … [Read more...]

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