Blaming the victim

Kerry shadow

One gets the impression from Kerry that Israel, not Iran, is the big threat … [Read more...]

The Obama years

Obama muses

Obama arrived amid euphoria, leading to perplexity and widespread alarm … [Read more...]

US gave away better options on Iran


How did we get ourselves into a situation where there are no good options? … [Read more...]

Rejecting despair and confronting the challenges

Obama Bibi grim

Israel should unite and overcome challenges as we have in the past … [Read more...]

From Abraham to Woody Allen: The Jewish masochist tradition

Woody Allen

Too many Israelis are complacent about Palestinian criminality … [Read more...]

Coptic Christians needed for Middle East peace and stability

Sisi and Copts

Islamic State is stepping up its persecution of Christians … [Read more...]

A bad agreement is better than no agreement

Iran missile

The world must ensure that Iran complies with the agreement it signed … [Read more...]

Does this deal prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon?

Obama tough

A deal that delays Iran’s bomb is not a deal that prevents a bomb … [Read more...]

A nuclear deal to die for

Isfahan facility

This is likely the largest bonus for terrorism in American history … [Read more...]

Freeing Judaism


Israel is a Jewish state, but ways of Jewish expression are many and varied … [Read more...]

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