Moon walk

Even the citizens of a small country may and should dream big … [Read more...]

Poland, face facts

Stop trying to cover up the role of many Poles in aiding the Nazis … [Read more...]

Regional realignment

Abbas’s refusal to engage with the US says it all … [Read more...]

The unique disorder of hatred now destroying the Left

No apology can ever expunge the evil of antisemitism … [Read more...]

Open letter: Dear newly elected members of Congress

You are challenged as American leaders to reconsider your positions … [Read more...]

40 years of hate

Islamic Revolution seeks to dominate Middle East and threaten Israel and US … [Read more...]

Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism

‘May Allah awaken people and help them see the evil doings of Israel’ … [Read more...]

Foreign donors: You should check where your money is going

Campaigns serve as an excellent fuel for organizations promoting BDS … [Read more...]

A security zone for Syrian Kurds, the West’s allies in the war against terrorism

More than ever, a strategic long-term vision is needed … [Read more...]

BDS for thee, but not for me

The PA is not alone in its hypocrisy … [Read more...]

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