Hail to the chief

Gal Hirsch

Hirsch is the new broom that Erdan hopes will sweep clean the Israel Police … [Read more...]

Jihad Iranian style

Khamenei reads speech

The mullahs pulling the strings in Iran mean business … [Read more...]

Detention without trial

Ettinger gloats

A practice that activists on both the far-right and far-left condemn … [Read more...]

Iran will never get nuclear weapons

Khamenei and Shahab-3

Israel’s preemptive action will come sooner rather than later … [Read more...]

Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time

Hamas supporters

If you want to destroy the PA, then make a long-term cease-fire with Hamas … [Read more...]

Hunger stricken

Allan protest poster

Dying alone for one’s beliefs is not the goal of a suicide bomber … [Read more...]

Dershowitz: ‘Inept negotiator’ Obama gave Iran green light to build nuke

Dershowitz Obama

Instead, he proposes supplementary legislation to prevent an Iran bomb … [Read more...]

Obama and the Jews

Obama American U

Should the president be more careful about what he says about Jews? … [Read more...]

Firing up the nations


What really motivates Christians to support Israel? … [Read more...]

Beduin women of the Negev: The brutal conspiracy of silence

Beduin women

The terrible disregard for the Beduin woman’s struggle … [Read more...]

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