‘Something rotten in the state of Denmark?’

flag burning

Israel is judged by standards other than those the EU uses to judge itself … [Read more...]

UN: Turning back the clock to pre-1948 is the real endgame

La Nakba

Direct attack on Israel is now seen as consistent with UN principles … [Read more...]

Hanukka’s message


A celebration of the freedom when religious expression is possible … [Read more...]

Terror in Sydney

Sydney hostages

Moderate Muslims should distance themselves from the violence … [Read more...]

Pathological findings

Abu Ein funeral

Abbas reacts to Abu Ein’s death as the enemy of Israel he is … [Read more...]

Why are we abandoning the Middle East’s Christians to ISIS?


If Iraqi and Syrian Christians are to survive, they may have to in London … [Read more...]

The ‘humanitarian’ weapon of war

UNRWA flag

UNRWA’s stewardship of the Palestinians has long been a cause of concern … [Read more...]

Hagee: I meant to call Obama ‘anti-Israel’

Hagee speaks

‘While I regret my misstatement, I stand behind my prepared remarks’ … [Read more...]

Where do Christians fit into the ‘Jewish state’ bill?

Holy Sepulchre

Minority religious groups worry about impact of proposed law … [Read more...]

Journalists vs Jerusalem

Mount from Silwan

When it comes to reporting on Jerusalem, there is a collective shrug … [Read more...]

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