Our Ethiopian brethren – the good news and the bad

The government should invest more in organizations like ESRA … [Read more...]

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Jerusalem's top soccer club, Beitar, is notorious for its hatred of Arabs … [Read more...]

Keep BDS and bigotry away from Capitol Hill

Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is trying to deceive Congress … [Read more...]

What is B’Tselem?

Human rights should transcend politics … [Read more...]

Storm warning

UNESCO is not the first to try to erase Jewish links to the Temple Mount … [Read more...]

The strengths, weaknesses and delusions of ISIS

The illusion of ISIS power relies on our confusing fear with power … [Read more...]

UNESCO on the Temple Mount

Palestinian dwelling on ancient history has nothing to do with science … [Read more...]

Atoning for sins on Yom Kippur

At this time of year, we are given the opportunity to choose the right path … [Read more...]

Europe exported ISIS jihadism as it once did Nazism

Europeans must end the denial of their role in genocide in Iraq and Syria … [Read more...]

The Syrian moral dilemma

Israel has treated around 2,500 Syrians in a field hospital on the border … [Read more...]

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