Only America can save Iraq’s last Christians

Nun symbol

Arabic symbol for Christians began targeting homes weeks ago … [Read more...]

War, Gaza, defeat, and victory

Gaza City shelling

There is no military solution for the conflict … [Read more...]

Time to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization

Brotherhood sisters

The Muslim Brotherhood uses violence as a strategy … [Read more...]

Kerry’s mistakes strengthen Hamas’s resolve

Kerry and pals

Has US forsaken Egypt and Israel to join forces with Muslim Brotherhood? … [Read more...]

A tale of two cities


Israel, the greatest ally of the US, has been betrayed and is in shock … [Read more...]

Kerry’s mediation

Kerry arrives

His proposal would have stopped IDF from destroying terrorist tunnels … [Read more...]

Obama is abandoning Israel

Obama walking

Most civilian casualties in Gaza due to Hamas using human shields … [Read more...]

As Iraqi Christians flee for their lives, Barack Obama remains silent

Mideast Iraq

President shows cowardice in face of mass killing of Christians … [Read more...]

Depravity at the UN Human Rights Council

UNHRC special session

UN ‘human rights’ and genuine human rights are light years apart … [Read more...]

The Terror-apolis 500

Haniyeh and Thani

17 Mideast terrorist groups want Islamic domination—and no Christians or Jews … [Read more...]

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