Purim and the gentiles

Purim celebrants

Non-Jews show interest in the Book of Esther … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s speech

Bibi Congress pointing

The US and Israel share core values and stand for the same basic ideals … [Read more...]

Huckabee calls for James Taylor

Huckabee Danon

But says not even he could soothe over Obama’s Middle East policy … [Read more...]

The constitutional obligation of Congress to shape American foreign policy


Iran deal will trigger nuclear proliferation in Sunni and terrorist world … [Read more...]

Netanyahu so wrong in confronting Obama, so right on Iran

three monkeys

The challenge now is to pick up the pieces and refocus on thwarting Tehran … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s address to Congress is the call of the hour

Bibi sincere

Stopping Iran’s march to nuclear weapons is not an election issue … [Read more...]

The appalling talk of boycotting Netanyahu


Congress must give him the courtesy of listening or violate basic decency … [Read more...]

Water matters


Rawabi is meant to offer Palestinians a model of modern urban living … [Read more...]

Does Mahmoud Abbas want his legacy to be the third intifada?

Hamas youth

He decided years ago not to accept any realistic two-state parameters … [Read more...]

The rise and fall of Barack Obama

Obama head

He tinkers with policy fixes badly suited for a world slipping into chaos … [Read more...]

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