Obama’s peace for our time

Obama bites

Mr. President, are you absolutely sure you’ve got this right? … [Read more...]

Father Nadaf: Hard to be a Christian in Israel, but not because of prejudice


Jewish Israel is a responsible steward for its Christian citizens … [Read more...]

Preventing runaway Palestinian statehood

Pal solidarity

Netanyahu follows all Israeli leaders in demanding performance-based peace … [Read more...]

Restarting the US-Israel relationship depends on the Palestinians, too


Positive Palestinian change would generate impact for Israeli change … [Read more...]

Anti-Zionism is the real apartheid

Iran dominoes

A new coalition hasn’t been formed yet, but critics already yelling apartheid … [Read more...]

Dear Mr. President, Israel is not the enemy – nor is Netanyahu


Accept his apologies, drop your ‘racism’ talk and civil rights analogies … [Read more...]

1966 and all that


Military rule was lifted from Israel’s Arab citizens, not across Green Line … [Read more...]

Vindictive Obama punishing Israel for reelecting Netanyahu

Obama frowns

If US urges its democratic ally to retreat, we must stand firm   … [Read more...]

Obama vs Netanyahu


PM believes Obama’s anti-Israel policies could gravely damage Jewish state … [Read more...]

America, wake up!

Pollard enough

Unless Pollard is freed, Israel’s good relationship with US is an illusion … [Read more...]

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