Post-war, Israel must be supported

Hamas mock missile

Suggesting equivalence between Israel and Hamas encourages terrorism … [Read more...]

How to assure another Gaza war in two years: a 12-step program

soldier and tank

Hamas will again employ its ‘dead baby strategy’ of human shields … [Read more...]

Hamas as seen by an American progressive Zionist state senator


Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela … [Read more...]

Hamas’s useful idiots

Palestinian father

It will rearm, dig new tunnels, divert massive resources to violence … [Read more...]

Hamas victory celebrations should not be easily dismissed

Gaza celebrates

If Hamas still plots our annihilation, Israel’s strategy has failed … [Read more...]

Israel’s patriotic Left is a model for Diaspora Jews and liberals everywhere


Israeli democrats show the world how to fight totalitarian Islamists … [Read more...]

Daniel Tragerman’s war

Daniel Tragerman 3

When all is said and done, all we want here is safe refuge … [Read more...]

Hamas and Islamic State


Mashaal lied attempting to claim that Hamas does not target civilians … [Read more...]

Time for tolerance

Balad poster

Balad Party leaders, other Palestinian nationalists exacerbate problem … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s vital message, and his marginal one

Bibi distracted

PM was distracted as he showed Hamas’s role in Islamist terrorism … [Read more...]

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