We were once slaves, but now we are free

At our Seder tonight, we should think about what that means … [Read more...]

New US law could protect Middle East Jewish cemeteries, historical property

Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad Act cares for assets left behind … [Read more...]

Spirit of unity

Beresheet’s achievements became a matter of national pride … [Read more...]

No to a national unity government

The electorate gave the prime minister its overwhelming backing … [Read more...]

Kotel politics

The Western Wall has long been held hostage by political interests … [Read more...]

How will Netanyahu try to stave off indictment, and will he annex settlements?

Speculation abounds over which ministers PM will appoint to which jobs … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, the divisive force of nature who refused to be beaten

Even the combined might of three former IDF chiefs proves no match … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s promise to annex the West Bank settlements explained

What does annexing West Bank settlements mean? … [Read more...]

Go vote!

We appeal to every voter to exercise their democratic right on Election Day … [Read more...]

Ex-IDF intel. general: New missile defense strategy needed against Hamas

Proper coverage and preparation can remove the advantage Hamas has … [Read more...]

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