A critique of Palestinian nationalism

Pal face

What exactly is the right to self-determination that nations enjoy? … [Read more...]

Lutheran pastor: Jews to blame for destroying Christian values

rainbow house

Says Jews behind US approval of gay marriage … [Read more...]

No calm, no surprises

peace symbols

Israel is successful in fighting terrorism, but not in planning for peace … [Read more...]

Michael Oren versus Obama and Obamerica: a damage assessment

Oren Obama

‘I was disappointed with Michael Oren’s book – until I bothered reading it’ … [Read more...]

Hezbollah and the traffic in counterfeit Captagon


Drug creates feeling of euphoria that causes extreme and wild behavior … [Read more...]

Futile flotillas


They do nothing to help Palestinians living under Hamas’s Islamist regime … [Read more...]

Last lap?

Iranian missile parade

A nuclear Iran would feel free to act without fear of any consequences   … [Read more...]

Time to call out those aiding the Israel pogrom

Mary McGowan

Israel and its defenders should challenge governments that fund NGOs … [Read more...]

Someone should pull the plug on UNRWA


Hamas caused most of the civilian deaths in 2014 Gaza operation … [Read more...]

Nuclear protocol

Zarif Kerry

Tehran’s consistent failure to comply has been noted regularly by IAEA … [Read more...]

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