BBC bias

BBC mic

This incident underscores the essence of Israel’s struggle … [Read more...]

Reacting to terrorism

Old City ID check

The situation seems to be on the verge of spinning out of control … [Read more...]

Jews, Islamophobia, and compassion for refugees


A growing flood of Muslim migrants to Europe could lead to disaster … [Read more...]

What about Iran’s human rights record?

Khamenei protester

'Giving Iran some space' is surely the wrong approach … [Read more...]

Syrian opacity

Obama UNGA pointing

Obama-Putin clash over Syria already eclipses all other issues at UN … [Read more...]

Why has the Iranian women’s movement failed?

Iranian women

Marginalized women share ethnic subjugation with their men … [Read more...]

Religious freedom in the Arabian Peninsula?


Leaving Islam means death penalty in UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

Anti-Semitism in Iran: Jews in the crosshairs

Khamenei big CU

Regime obsessed with Jewish conspiracy theories threatens civilization … [Read more...]

UN bias

Zarif UN

The organization’s barefaced bias shouldn’t surprise anyone … [Read more...]

Western racism gives the Arab Gulf states a free pass

drowned child

Why should Europe be responsible for settling refugees? … [Read more...]

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