Passing over coronavirus this Passover

This pandemic will end. We have been tested before and we have come through … [Read more...]

The other deadly disease

Every death is a tragedy, but one tragic loss last week was overlooked … [Read more...]

Useless homes

Instead of building useless homes, politicians should be role models … [Read more...]

Coronavirus: Israel’s ultra-Orthodox endanger the public

Litzman’s failure to deal with crisis without bias is inexcusable … [Read more...]

Sow hope, not only fear

There isn’t any exit strategy right now … [Read more...]

Bnei Brak

Ultra-Orthodox city has more than 10% of country’s nearly 5,000 cases … [Read more...]

A unity government — but at what cost?

A new regime should be finding jobs for the 20% unemployed, not for itself … [Read more...]

The coronavirus regulations must be enforced on everyone

If they continue to be flouted, they will be made stricter for all … [Read more...]

Do the right thing, Yuli Edelstein

The country needs oversight and the democratic wheels need to continue spinning … [Read more...]

A homecoming for Israelis due to coronavirus

It is believed that thousands of Israelis are still stuck in South America … [Read more...]

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