In the coronavirus pandemic, Israel is a model

If Israelis can do it, the world is thinking, we can do it, too … [Read more...]

Sharing responsibility and joy on Israel’s Independence Day

Thousands of us, in communities all over the world, are still in mourning … [Read more...]

Independence Day – Israel’s 72nd birthday

Israelis may be stuck at home, but that doesn’t prevent celebration … [Read more...]

From Memorial Day to Independence Day: the responsibility of grief

The fallen leave a void that must be filled with values and action … [Read more...]


Without Israel’s fallen heroes, there would be no independence … [Read more...]

Coronavirus and the Haredim

Understanding the legitimate factors that increased their vulnerability … [Read more...]

Can the coronavirus help repair ties between Israel’s Jews and Arabs?

Every crisis carries within it the seeds of opportunity … [Read more...]

New unity government ends 17 months of political stalemate at last

We still believe that a stable government is what Israel needs … [Read more...]

The Holocaust and the coronavirus

Israel is a source of strength in fighting antisemitism and hatred … [Read more...]

Corona and politics shouldn’t mix – but they do

We need a coalition to improve reality, not politicians creating unreality … [Read more...]

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