Arab states sever land, sea and air routes to Qatar, sparking crisis

Airlines say they will end flights; Qataris stock up on supplies … [Read more...]

Following uproar, Shia leader tries to make amends with Iraq’s Christians

Denies calling for Iraq's Christians to convert to Islam, be killed, or pay tax … [Read more...]

Libya in focus after Egypt, UK attacks

Provides haven for jihadists and exporting extremist volunteers … [Read more...]

Turkey accuses imprisoned American pastor of giving ‘special’ sermons to Kurds

Kurdish militia groups press for autonomy … [Read more...]

Saudi FM: Trump can broker Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and we’ll help

Speaking for king, Adel al-Jubeir hails president’s ‘vision’ … [Read more...]

Trump inks huge $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia

Mammoth defense agreement a ‘significant expansion’ of US-Saudi ties … [Read more...]

Military presence, lack of services bar Christians returning to Iraq

Lack of essential infrastructure a barrier to the displaced … [Read more...]

75% of Iraqi Christians have fled terror-stricken country, says MP

As many as 1.5 million Christians have fled the country since 2003 … [Read more...]

Saying deal not as hard as thought, Trump tells Abbas: We will get peace done

‘I will do whatever is necessary to facilitate the agreement’ … [Read more...]

Displaced Iraqi Christians open sweets factory in Erbil

Want to earn own income and be less reliant on aid … [Read more...]

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