Near Mosul, church bells ring out in a Christian town freed from terror

Residents of ancient town of Bartella will find it hard to forgive ISIS … [Read more...]

Mortars and snipers on the road to Mosul

As massive offensive reaches its fifth day, Kurds liberate more land … [Read more...]

‘Accelerated targeting’ of ‘disproportionately suffering’ Middle East Christians

An estimated 50% and 80% of Christians have fled Syria and Iraq respectively … [Read more...]

Iraqi commander says Mosul operation ‘going very well’

Leader says joint offensive proceeding as planned … [Read more...]

Iraq launches Mosul offensive to drive out Islamic State

30,000 Peshmerga forces and Sunni tribal fighters begin to advance … [Read more...]

The list of victims is long enough

Still time to oppose the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the Middle East … [Read more...]

Saudi lobbyist in US urges ‘collaborative alliance’ with Israel

Says nations must not miss ‘historic opportunity’ to establish relations … [Read more...]

Iraqi Archbishop: In the midst of all this violence, Jesus is needed

Appeals for Christians to stay in Middle East to help bring about peace … [Read more...]

Five sentenced to life for torture and murder of Christians in Turkey

German missionary, two Turks, were tortured and had their throats slit … [Read more...]

Top Saudi imam calls for killing Shia, Jews, Christians at prayer broadcast

While West continues to send billions in military aid to Riyadh … [Read more...]

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