‘Don’t take Jews, Christians’ as allies, Turkish ad warns

City dominated by Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) … [Read more...]

In rare formal visit, Israeli official attends anti-Iran conference in Bahrain

Meeting on maritime, civil aviation security latest sign of warming ties … [Read more...]

Kurds urge US to assume ‘moral obligations,’ say they’re being left to slaughter

‘You're not willing to protect the people, but do not want others to do so’ … [Read more...]

Accused of ‘abandoning’ Kurds, Trump threatens to ‘obliterate’ Turkish economy

Tweets his ‘great unmatched wisdom’ will know if Ankara ‘off limits’ … [Read more...]

Israel congratulates Saudi Arabia on its 89th national day

‘We ask God that your efforts to prosper and advance be successful’ … [Read more...]

Qatar reportedly cuts Gaza fuel funding by half, no reason given

After Israel said it would resume supply of diesel fuel to Gaza Strip … [Read more...]

Moroccan authorities demolish Holocaust memorial near Marrakesh

Authorities initially denied that the project was being built … [Read more...]

US said coordinating secret Iran talks between Israel, Emirates

Clandestine meetings went further than recent symbolic gestures … [Read more...]

Is Libya refusing to bury Christians?

Detention victims unburied because the local cemetery is only for Muslims … [Read more...]

Kushner in Bahrain: Economic prosperity is pathway to Middle East peace

New way is needed, for world moves forward but Palestinians remain behind … [Read more...]

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