Why Christians are crucial to the Middle East’s future

cross leaning

Protection of persecuted Christian communities is key to stability … [Read more...]

Turkey adopts ‘democracy package’ protecting minorities

Turkish parliament

Increases punishments for abusing religious freedom … [Read more...]

UAE’s Etihad Airways receives US funds, but won’t serve Israelis

Etihad jet

Removes Israel from maps; gets $425,000 from Homeland Security … [Read more...]

Islamist militia group in Libya suspected in killing of seven Copts

Benghazi apt

Ansar al-Sharia militants behind prior anti-Christian attacks   … [Read more...]

Gunmen go door-to-door to find and execute Christians in Libya

Benghazi beach

Seven Egyptian Christians found murdered just outside Benghazi … [Read more...]

Turkey’s religious minorities speak out

Christmas Mass

Demand rights be protected in accordance with international standards … [Read more...]

Israel: We won’t lift Gaza blockade to normalize ties with Turkey

Mavi Marmara welcome

Foreign Ministry slams Gaza statement ‘equating crime with punishment’ … [Read more...]

Erdogan to Israel: Lift Gaza siege or no reconciliation


Counters foreign minister’s declaration that Turkey and Israel are closer … [Read more...]

Algeria: Christian family not allowed to bury son in public cemetery

Algeria cemetery

The mosque demanded Islamic burial rites to bury son in the cemetery … [Read more...]

Janes: 4 out of 5 fastest-growing defense budgets are in Mideast’

Hamas tunnel

Saudi Arabia No. 1, tripling budget in last 10 years; Israel ranked 19th … [Read more...]

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