Persecuted Christians need your support, EU officials told

Christian family told they will be killed if they return to their home … [Read more...]

Water shortage poses risk of deadly disease in Iraq’s Mosul

UN: Some 500,000 civilians face a ‘catastrophic’ shortage … [Read more...]

Turkey names new ambassador to Israel, closing in on full renewal of ties

Erdogan announces envoy day after Israel picks its ambassador to Ankara … [Read more...]

11 Arab countries accuse Iran of sponsoring Middle East terrorism

Saudis, Egypt, Jordan among those slamming Tehran’s expansionist policies … [Read more...]

The road to Raqqa

Slowly but surely, ISIS’s empire of terrorism, rape and murder is falling … [Read more...]

28 hours: Leading the Mosul attack, under fire, then trapped

CNN reports with Iraqi special forces on push into ISIS-held Mosul … [Read more...]

100,000 Muslims call to hang Jakarta’s Christian governor for blasphemy

Rivals also call for him to pull out of the hotly contested 2017 election … [Read more...]

Algerian converts denied Christian funerals

Many Christians suffer being a minority in their own country … [Read more...]

Forces make final push for Mosul, aim to reach city by night

Iraqi troops take heavy fire, are targeted by car bombers … [Read more...]

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