Saudi ballistic missile parade a signal to Iran — defense expert

Saudi missile

Missiles target Tel Aviv and Tehran, but said to threaten only Iran … [Read more...]

New Islamic fatwa: Foreign Muslims can visit Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Jerusalem skyline small

Fatwa says visits not normalization of ties with Israel … [Read more...]

Concern over attacks on Middle East Christians grows in Washington

Coptic woman mourns

In the West, Christians are not widely seen as a vulnerable minority … [Read more...]

Homes of Christians fleeing Iraq seized by gangs

Iraqi Christian boy

They flee for fear of being abused, kidnapped, or killed … [Read more...]

Saudi-owned paper defends decision not to allow ‘Post’ reporter entry to country

Michael Wilner

Justified to bar  'extremist, racist right-wing Israeli newspaper' … [Read more...]

Watchdog asks why Obama failed to talk religious freedom with Saudi king

Barry and Saudi king

Country high among states where Christians are severely persecuted … [Read more...]

Islamists behead two Christian women in Somalia; force children to watch

Somalia Islam

Islamists intend to wipe out any 'underground Christians’ … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia bans prominent Palestinian authors from Riyadh book fair

Saudi book ban

Some 10,000 copies of 420 books are banned … [Read more...]

The perils of being Christian in the cradle of civilization

Iraqi Christmas Mass

Some 400,000 Christians left, from a population of over 1.5 million … [Read more...]

Catholicism growing in heart of Muslim world

King Hamad

King Hamad of Bahrain to donate land for church: ‘Our Lady of Arabia’ … [Read more...]

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