Church bells fall silent in Mosul as Iraq’s Christians flee

Mosul church

ISIS ends over a thousand years of Christian worship … [Read more...]

Thousands of Iraqi Christians flee as ISIS terrorists burn, loot churches

Iraqis flee Mosul

ISIS warns all women to wear the Islamic veil … [Read more...]

Iraq’s beleaguered Christians to make final stand on Mosul frontline


Some take refuge in monastery, others vow to fight Islamists … [Read more...]

Like Jews before them, Iraq’s Christians may face extinction

Iraqi monastery

Christianity brought to Iraq by Jesus's Apostle St. Thomas in 1st century … [Read more...]

Al-Qaida offshoot in fierce offensive, carves out territory in Syria, Iraq

ISIL in Raqqa big

ISIL kills hundreds in battles, captures Iraqi city, military aircraft … [Read more...]

Up to 1,000 Christian families flee Iraq’s second city

Iraqi Christian refugees

Mass exodus under way from Mosul after seizure by ISIS terrorists … [Read more...]

Religious repression in Saudi Arabia

Saudi book ban

Christians denied freedom to worship God under Islamic law … [Read more...]

Christians face ‘disaster’ in Iraq

Baghdad man

If no action is taken, they will number just a few thousand in a decade … [Read more...]

Saudi ballistic missile parade a signal to Iran — defense expert

Saudi missile

Missiles target Tel Aviv and Tehran, but said to threaten only Iran … [Read more...]

New Islamic fatwa: Foreign Muslims can visit Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

Jerusalem skyline small

Fatwa says visits not normalization of ties with Israel … [Read more...]

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