More Christian refugees resettled in US in last decade than any other religion

But nation continues to resettle fewer Syrian Christians than Muslims … [Read more...]

Member of Saudi delegation: Israeli society wants peace

‘Israeli society embraces a culture of peace, wants coexistence’ … [Read more...]

‘US won’t work with Iraqi Christians for fear of being called ‘Crusader army’

Human rights lawyer: US is ‘so unsympathetic’ to the plight of Christians … [Read more...]

‘170 Muslim refugees had me surrounded’

Muslim children singing songs and moving with enthusiasm and energy … [Read more...]

Egypt, Jordan call on Israel to accept Saudi Initiative

Egyptian envoy says his government still believes in two-state solution … [Read more...]

Arab world: Distancing religion from politics?

Can Muslim Brothers of Tunisia really drop ‘Islamic’ from masthead? … [Read more...]

France to hold summit on Israel, Palestinians on June 3

Kerry to attend Paris meet for 20 countries … [Read more...]

‘This terror is worse than ever’

Aleppo priest describes the worst violence since the Syrian conflict began … [Read more...]

Islamic nations call emergency meeting on Golan Heights ‘escalation’

Organization of Islamic Cooperation to discuss Netanyahu’s ‘Golan forever’ … [Read more...]

Israel confirms it gave written consent to Saudi island transfer

Jerusalem-Cairo-Riyadh coordination hints at new strategic interaction … [Read more...]

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