Christian bellwether

Jerusalem Post Editorial … [Read more...]

Coptic Egyptian minister denies VP offer by Mursi

Tourism Minister Abdel Nour heads Egypt’s secular New Waft Party … [Read more...]

Expert: Polonium found on Arafat’s clothing was planted

Scientist determines radioactive poison placed after his death (Flash90) … [Read more...]

Syria set to win seat on UN Human Rights Council

Despite Assad's massacres, Syria’s seat assured by fixed system (UN) … [Read more...]

Iran sets trial date for Pastor Youcef

Nadarkhani likely to be tried for security crimes, not apostasy ( … [Read more...]

Iran: We can destroy US bases ‘minutes after attack’

Ballistic missile tests bring Israel, all US regional bases within range (Fars). … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority agrees to exhume Arafat’s body over new poison claims

New allegations Arafat was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210 (Flash90). … [Read more...]

Thousands of Christians fleeing Syria amid torture allegations

Human Rights Watch identifies 27 abuse centers (AP). … [Read more...]

Hamas stops registering voters in Gaza, suspends progress toward elections

Mahmoud Abbas casts his ballot in the last PA elections in 2006 (Flash90). … [Read more...]

Palestinians to seek more UNESCO recognitions of Christian sites

Israel: The plan is ‘pure propaganda’ (Flash90) … [Read more...]

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