Jordan tells Israel to halt Western Wall expansion plans

Wall expansion

Amman minister says mixed-gender plaza violates Wakf jurisdiction … [Read more...]

Jordan is deporting Sudanese asylum seekers

Sudanese asylum seekers

Police take 800 from protest camp to airport … [Read more...]

Jordanian Air Force pilots pay ‘working visit’ to Israel

Blue Flag

Amman’s military ties with Israel come under scrutiny … [Read more...]

In Jordan, calls to fight terrorism by purging curricula that ‘aggrandize death’

Jordan paper

Educator: Our schools spread extremism, as do our universities … [Read more...]

Jordan slams Abbas for rejecting security cameras at Temple Mount


PA says Israel would use cameras to arrest Palestinians for ‘incitement’ … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king warns Israel over Temple Mount status quo

Ban Abdullah

Meeting with UN’s Ban, Abdullah calls for an end to the violence … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king: We won’t allow threat to Arab character of Jerusalem

Abdullah UNGA

Abdullah tells UNGA that groups like IS have caused ‘a third world war’ … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king refuses to talk to Netanyahu

Bibi Abdullah 2

US urges Abdullah to resolve Temple Mount tensions with PM, to no avail … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king warns Israel against Temple Mount ‘provocation’

Magav Kotel

Police enter compound to stop Muslim youths harassing visitors … [Read more...]

Israel addresses Jordanian concerns centered on new airport near border


Amman worried proximity could spell dangerous disruptions … [Read more...]

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