Jordanian papers carry Israeli call to stop praising terrorism

Rivlin Obeidat

Israeli request to not print ‘barbaric’ articles wins rare resonance … [Read more...]

Hassidic Jews’ ‘ritual Talmudic dance’ disrupts Jordanian airport

Hassidic Jews Jordan

Dancing Hassidim singing wedding songs anger social media; government … [Read more...]

King Abdullah urges Europeans to promote tolerance between Christians and Muslims


‘Jordan is a Muslim country with a deeply rooted Christian community’ … [Read more...]

Jordan conducts 56 air raids against ISIS in three days

Jordanian F-16

'We will wipe them off the face of the Earth' … [Read more...]

35 Islamic State terrorists said killed in Jordanian airstrikes


Hashemite Kingdom steps up raids in Mosul after pilot burned alive … [Read more...]

King Abdullah vows relentless war against Islamic State


Jordan weighs ground offensive against terrorist organization … [Read more...]

Two jihadi prisoners executed as Jordan rages over burned pilot

Jordan executes jihadis

Would-be suicide bomber and terrorist plotter hanged before dawn … [Read more...]

Jordan envoy to return to Tel Aviv after Israel eases Temple Mount tensions

Abdullah Bibi

Ambassador was recalled after shooting of Temple Mount activist … [Read more...]

Jordan sends letter warning Israel over Temple Mount

Jordan's Abdullah

King calls for Netanyahu government to maintain status quo in capital … [Read more...]

Jordanian MPs hold moment of silence for two Palestinian terrorists

Jordan MPs

Lawmakers read Koran in memory of ‘martyrs’ who murdered rabbis … [Read more...]

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