Israel announces reopening of embassy in Jordan

Staff to return following Israeli apology for deaths of Jordanians … [Read more...]

Jordan holds firm on refusal to reopen Israeli Embassy

Not until embassy guard involved in killing two Jordanians is put on trial … [Read more...]

Jordan water crisis worsens as Middle East tensions slow action

Importance of desalination, regional projects grow for Amman … [Read more...]

King Abdullah’s Ramallah visit sends a message to multiple audiences

Jordan’s king makes first call on Abbas since 2012 … [Read more...]

Jordanian parliament praises Temple Mount terrorists

Day after King Abdullah condemns attack, lawmakers pray for ‘martyrs’ … [Read more...]

Jordanians claim intel leaked by Trump was theirs, not Israel’s

Who really gave Trump the leaked intelligence? … [Read more...]

Jordan’s top court denies US bid to extradite Jerusalem bombing accomplice

Cites unratified extradition treaty as excuse to keep 2001 Sbarro bomber … [Read more...]

Jordanian who killed Israeli girls says Israeli ‘human waste’ must be eradicated

Ahmad Daqamseh says Israelis should be eliminated ‘by fire or by burial’ … [Read more...]

Converts to ‘religion of freedom’ boosting church attendance in Europe

Muslim immigrants convertsboosting church growth and attendance … [Read more...]

Jordan slams bill to ban loud Muslim call to prayer

Islamic Endowments minister calls move ‘false and insignificant’ … [Read more...]

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