Jordan says Aqaba oil leak under control as Israelis watch for damage

But ecologists warn of clean-up’s potential harm to coral reef ecosystem … [Read more...]

Israeli group barred from Jordan because of Jewish headgear

Incident is second of its kind in past 12 months … [Read more...]

‘We have no voice’

Christians shelter in Jordan two years after fleeing ISIS in northern Iraq … [Read more...]

Terrorists infiltrate Jordan from Syria, kill six troops in bombing

Car explodes near Rakban refugee camp in a desolate area of country … [Read more...]

Archeologists discover hidden monument under Jordan’s Petra

Satellite imagery shows massive man-made stone platform buried under sand … [Read more...]

At least five killed in attack on Palestinian camp in Jordan

Intelligence department's local office in the camp was targeted … [Read more...]

Jordan warns Israel of ‘consequences’ over Temple Mount ‘violations’

Kingdom calls for Israel to deny entry to ‘settlers’ and remove forces … [Read more...]

Jordan cancels plan for security cameras on Temple Mount

Program to prevent violent clashes halted due to Palestinian opposition … [Read more...]

Jordan protests to Israel over alleged incursions at Temple Mount

Kingdom condemns incursions by activist Yehudah Glick … [Read more...]

Jordan: Temple Mount video cameras to be up ‘in days’

Israel wants cameras throughout compound, Amman insists on only open areas … [Read more...]

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