Israel removes buried explosive spy gear in Jordan


‘60s eavesdropping equipment discovered after massive explosion … [Read more...]

Jordan’s king says borders ‘secure’ from Islamic State

Jordan's Abdullah

Kingdom arrests 11 alleged Islamic State terrorists … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood movement struggles continue in Jordanian branch

Brotherhood protesters

Jordanian security forces capture five jihadists in route to fight in Syria … [Read more...]

Jordanian who killed seven Israeli schoolgirls goes on hunger strike


Soldier serving life for murders to starve until ties with Israel are cut … [Read more...]

Jordanian MPs demand government free killer of Israeli girls

Jordan parliament ruckus

After judge’s killing, MPs call for diplomatic sanctions on Israel … [Read more...]

47 Jordanian MPs call to cancel peace treaty over Temple Mount debate

police on Mount

Slam government for not taking ‘strong and solid stand’ against Knesset … [Read more...]

Israel and Jordan sign $500 million natural gas deal

Tamar rig

Accord may grow into $30-billion partnership for Israel as main supplier … [Read more...]

Jordanian Palestinian writer for ‘Post’ sentenced in Jordan to life with hard labor

Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran has been granted asylum by the UK … [Read more...]

Jordanian MPs: No peace deal with ‘deceitful’ Jews

Jordan parliament

Cite religious sources to ‘prove’ Palestinian right to all land … [Read more...]

Fearful of becoming ‘Palestine,’ Jordan chimes in on peace talks

Kerry Judeh

But Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh rejects ‘Jewish’ Israel … [Read more...]

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