Dark clouds loom for Iranian Christians after death of Rafsanjani

Played major role in making Iran the world’s first Islamist state … [Read more...]

Iranian church retreat center confiscated for ‘being funded by CIA’

Spy agency accused of trying to infiltrate the Islamic world by evangelism … [Read more...]

Female Iranian Christian prisoner receives additional sentence

45 more days in prison as punishment for delay returning from sick leave … [Read more...]

Iran detains dozens of Christian converts

As rights groups urge world to intervene … [Read more...]

Iranian rights groups decry treatment of Christians

Four converts are charged with 'acting against national security' … [Read more...]

Israel: Iran is smuggling weapons to Hezbollah on commercial flights

UN envoy Danon reveals smuggling route from Iran's Revolutionary Guard … [Read more...]

Over 200 Iranians, Afghans baptised in Iranian Church surge in growth

Silently but effectively, more and more people join church … [Read more...]

Iran demands halt in arms sales to Israel citing ‘humanitarian law’

At UN's annual Disarmament and International Security Committee … [Read more...]

Iranian Christians face 80 lashes for drinking communion wine

Charged with ‘actions against national security’ punished by up to 6 years in prison … [Read more...]

Iranian Revolutionary Guard unveils new attack drone

The Saegheh, or lightning, made by Revolutionary Guard aerospace arm … [Read more...]

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