Kerry references upgraded bunker-buster in assuring Israel on Iran

bunker buster

30,000-pound bomb can take out nuclear site, but not provided to IDF … [Read more...]

Obama would veto bill requiring Iran to release hostages for nuke deal

Saeed and kids

ACLJ calls decision 'despicable, outrageous' … [Read more...]

Russia won’t supply S-300 missile to Iran soon, minister says

S-300 parade

Deputy FM says removing weapons sales ban was important … [Read more...]

Iran marks Army Day with cries of ‘Death to Israel, US’

Tehran truck

Military parade features banner calling for destruction of Jewish state … [Read more...]

Iran accuses Washington of creating Islamic State, Boko Haram

Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan

Top general claims US set up terrorist groups to harm Islam, bolster Israel … [Read more...]

Holocaust survivors’ kids more fearful of Iranian threat, study finds

Hall of Names

Gloomier next generation more anxious than peers about nuclear war … [Read more...]

Bill giving Congress say on Iran deal passes key Senate hurdle

Corker Cardin

Obama administration suggests president will not veto bill … [Read more...]

US suspects Iran trying to deliver surface-to-air missiles to Houthis

Houthi gunmen

Game-changing weapon could threaten Saudi-led airstrikes … [Read more...]

Iranian Army: Military sites not open for inspection under nuclear deal

Iranian missiles

Dismisses US claim that deal allows military sites to be inspected … [Read more...]

Ex-secretaries of state Kissinger, Shultz pan Obama’s Iran nuclear deal

Shultz Kissinger

Statesmen say framework concedes using force to compel compliance … [Read more...]

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