Ayatollah’s book calls to wipe out Israel, give Iran reign of Middle East

Khamenei pointing

Also says Holocaust didn't happen, while insisting he is not anti-Semitic … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Nuke deal gives Iran months to cover up illicit activity


Claims American opposition to pact growing as more is learned about it … [Read more...]

Iran executes 700 in six months

Rouhani gloats

Number includes Christians convicted of 'enmity against God’ … [Read more...]

Huckabee hits back at Obama for ignoring Iran’s ‘Big Holocaust’ threat

Huckabee Obama

Candidate defends accusing president of leading Israelis ‘into the oven’ … [Read more...]

Amnesty: Iran falsifying execution numbers; over 1,000 expected killed in 2015

Khamenei CU

A UN investigation found that Iran had executed 753 people in 2014 … [Read more...]

Iran defense chief forbids international inspections of military sites

Iran uranium fuel

Despite nuclear deal’s terms, Hossein Dehqan says IAEA barred … [Read more...]

Iran dismisses Germany’s call to recognize Israel

Gabriel Rouhani

Tehran says countries have ‘totally different views’ on Jewish state … [Read more...]

Kerry says Khamenei’s vow that Iran will defy US is ‘very troubling’

Kerry Khamenei

But comments made publicly often evolve differently, says secretary … [Read more...]

Iran’s Khamenei hails his people for demanding death to America and Israel

Khamenei gloats

Vows no change in support for Palestine, opposition to America   … [Read more...]

Iranian Christians ‘thank Christ’ for Iran nuclear deal

Iranian Christian women pray

Priest says 'our prayers were answered' … [Read more...]

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