More than 100,000 coronavirus cases in the Middle East

Coronavirus came to the region in February and rapidly spread to Iran … [Read more...]

Militants hang up guns to fight coronavirus

Armed groups are picking up the disinfectant alongside the rifle … [Read more...]

Human Rights Watch accepts Saudi funds to not criticize repression of gays

HRW took money from Saudi billionaire to ignore labor abuses … [Read more...]

Lasting impact of Muslim-Jewish visit to Auschwitz

A groundbreaking interfaith mission deepens understanding of the Holocaust … [Read more...]

In first, Saudi king hosts Israeli rabbi at royal palace interfaith meeting

Jerusalem Rabbi David Rosen hails ‘revolutionary moment’ … [Read more...]

Finally dealing with ‘refugees’

In first, the Trump plan mentions the Jewish refugees from Muslim countries … [Read more...]

In first, US Jewish umbrella group sends delegation to Saudi Arabia

Conference of Presidents members meet with senior Saudi officials … [Read more...]

Palestinian, Saudi Arabian textbooks demonize Jews, Israel, reports find

Saudis show some improvement since last report … [Read more...]

Russian envoy: Israeli strikes in Syria ‘increase possibility of conflict’

Calls raids targeting Iran and its allies ‘provocative and very dangerous’ … [Read more...]

Sudan: Meeting Netanyahu meant to remove us from US terror list

Al-Burhan: Sudan acts in its own interest, ‘regardless of Palestinians’ … [Read more...]

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