Turkey may push up imprisoned American pastor’s trial

Brunson’s family seeks meeting with Trump for help … [Read more...]

Liberman tells Hezbollah’s Nasrallah to ‘stay in his bunker’

Shi'ite terrorist leader warns Israel not to wage war on Lebanon … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia, Israel present de facto united front against Iran

Ministers demand Tehran be punished for Syria, Yemen, ballistic missiles … [Read more...]

Christians ‘excluded’ from Iraq’s reconstruction plans

Iraqi Christians firmly believe Iraq is their spiritual homeland … [Read more...]

Chaldean archbishop to Iraqi Catholics: Stay put and be strong

‘For me, staying and resisting as a Christian minority is the right way’ … [Read more...]

Libya: where Egyptian Christians risk everything

Families have learned to live in a country that hates them … [Read more...]

Iraqi Muslim erects giant Christmas tree in Baghdad

Wants to show solidarity with Christian community … [Read more...]

Church has more martyrs today than in first centuries, says Pope Francis

Despite horrific deaths suffered by early Christians in the Age of Martyrs … [Read more...]

‘No Christmas or carol singing’ in Santa Claus’s Turkish homeland

Education Ministry bans Christmas cheer at Istanbul High … [Read more...]

Voices of Iraq

Minorities on the edge of extinction … [Read more...]

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