Tensions soar as Turkey shoots down Russian plane

Sukhoi down 2

NATO appeals for diplomacy and deescalation to resolve situation   … [Read more...]

Shiites commemorate Muhammad’s grandson with mourning, self-flagellation


Thousands gather at Karbala shrine in Iraq for Ashura … [Read more...]

MSNBC apologizes for using inaccurate maps of Mideast conflict


Accurately covering region is complex, network expert says … [Read more...]

Chopping up Christians in the Middle East

ISIS crucifixion

‘If they kill us all, would the West do something then?’ … [Read more...]

Shame mounts on Gulf Arabs as surging refugee crisis highlights glaring inaction

refugees sleeping

Official silence of Gulf Arab dynasties makes many Gulf citizens uneasy … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia executed 175 in past year, watchdog finds

Saudi execution

Adultery, apostasy, witchcraft punishable by death, mostly by beheading … [Read more...]

UAE passes law against religious, ethnic discrimination

religious hatred

Outlaws discrimination on basis of religion, race, color or ethnic origin … [Read more...]

Libya: ‘a country where Christians shouldn’t come’

Libya mosque

Migrants, refugees facing widespread abuse and religious persecution … [Read more...]

Armenian archibishop chides Rivlin for referring to genocide as ‘mass killings’

Aris Shirvanian

Aris Shirvanian: He previously called it genocide but is now backtracking … [Read more...]

Urging recognition, Jerusalem Armenians mark 100th anniversary of genocide


Thousands march to commemorate the massacre of 1.5 million … [Read more...]

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