Citing Quran, Kuwaiti pundit says Israel ‘a legitimate state,’ not an occupier

Abdullah Al-Hadlaq praises Israel, calls for alliance with Jewish state … [Read more...]

Iraq needs Marshall Plan, says Kirkuk archbishop

‘Today we see the consequences of the destabilization of the entire region’ … [Read more...]

In fresh snub, UAE gives medals to all UNESCO members but Israel

Move follows ban on Israeli symbols at Abu Dhabi judo tourney … [Read more...]

UAE judo officials apologize for behavior at Abu Dhabi Grand Slam

Officials also congratulate Israeli team on its success … [Read more...]

The Kurdish effect: How a quest for independence impacts the region

Kurdish leaders push for dialogue with Iraq to pave the way … [Read more...]

Kurdish leader says ‘yes’ vote won independence referendum

Barzani calls on Baghdad to engage in ‘serious dialogue’ … [Read more...]

Turnout high as Iraqi Kurds defy threats to hold independence vote

Vote expected to deliver ‘yes’ for independence, but is not binding … [Read more...]

Iraqi Kurdish leader vows independence vote to go ahead despite opposition

Massud Barzani says partnership with Baghdad has failed … [Read more...]

NGO: Saudi textbooks ‘teaching hatred’ of Jews and other faiths

‘After years of promises, still little room for tolerance in schools’ … [Read more...]

Bahrain king denounces Arab boycott of Israel, says countrymen may visit

Plans to establish a Museum of Religious Tolerance … [Read more...]

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