Top Saudi imam calls for killing Shia, Jews, Christians at prayer broadcast

While West continues to send billions in military aid to Riyadh … [Read more...]

Will rare Israeli-Palestinian parley in Jericho pave way to peace process?

One of highest level interactions of Israelis and Palestinians in years … [Read more...]

Patriarch issues dire warning: Christianity ‘disappearing’ from Middle East

Says prophecy of Daniel 7 is 'being fulfilled in our midst' … [Read more...]

Why we don’t see more Christian refugees

Christian victims are ignored by President Obama and the media … [Read more...]

Animal rescue operation complete as ‘world’s worst zoo’ closes in Gaza

Israel, PA, welfare group take Strip’s worst-kept animals to better homes … [Read more...]

Christian persecution in India intensifies over first half of 2016

134 cases of Christian persecution documented in first half of 2016 … [Read more...]

Majority of Israelis, Palestinians still supports two-state solution

But most oppose peace deal based on previous negotiations … [Read more...]

Israel sends condolences to Turkey over wedding bombing that killed 51

Jerusalem calls for concerted effort against terrorism … [Read more...]

In first, Russian bombers fly from Iranian airfields to hit Syria

Missions target weapons and fuel depots, command posts … [Read more...]

More Christian refugees resettled in US in last decade than any other religion

But nation continues to resettle fewer Syrian Christians than Muslims … [Read more...]

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