Dozens hurt as violent clashes between police, protesters engulf Beirut

At least 46 people injured in some of the worst violence in recent months … [Read more...]

Lebanon’s PM resigns amid massive protests, says he’s reached ‘dead end’

Saad Hariri says political shakeup is needed to solve national crisis … [Read more...]

Lebanon’s government approves sweeping reforms amid mass protests

PM announces no new tax hikes, agrees to slash salaries of top officials … [Read more...]

Lebanese PM gives gov’t 72-hour ultimatum as riots bring country to standstill

Sparked by austerity plans and proposed tax on WhatsApp … [Read more...]

Lebanese PM: We’re not responsible for Hezbollah; it’s a ‘regional problem’

After Israel stresses it will treat Beirut and Hezbollah same in future conflict … [Read more...]

Iran controls new Lebanese government, Netanyahu tells 40 visiting UN envoys

PM urges them to ‘vote the truth’ about Hezbollah attack tunnels … [Read more...]

Ending months of deadlock, Lebanon seals new Hezbollah-backed government

Saad Hariri's coalition sees increased affiliation with Shiite terrorists … [Read more...]

Lebanon says it captured American man suspected of infiltrating from Israel

Colin Doyle arrested after crossing border through hole in fence … [Read more...]

Lebanon says Israel gave no evidence of Hezbollah attack tunnels

But notes Israel can do whatever it wants on its side of border … [Read more...]

Hariri calls for justice at trial of Hezbollah men suspected of killing father

Incoming Lebanese PM tells UN tribunal Hezbollah won’t hand over suspects … [Read more...]

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