Facebook buys Israeli mobile apps pioneer Snaptu

By Ben Parr (Mashable) - Facebook has acquired Israeli startup Snaptu, a creator of simple mobile applications for feature phones, for an estimated $70 million. Snaptu’s technology brings Web … [Read more...]

Netanyahu is a YouTube favorite in the Arab world

By Roy Goldenberg (Globes) - Nearly a fifth of those who watch YouTube clips of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu are Egyptians and more than a tenth are Saudi Arabians. Egypt and Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

Israeli non-toxic solution keeps bugs out of food

By David Shamah (Israel 21c) - Israel's Bio[pack] makes a package coating from plant extracts already programmed by nature to repel insects. It can also be sprayed around the perimeter of … [Read more...]

Micro-VC Lool Launches in Israel

  By Sara Lacy (Tech Crunch) - Israel has had an amazing track record of producing startups and raking in returns– better than most countries many times its size. The problem is the … [Read more...]

Republican presidential contenders speak out on Israel

(Voice of America) - In U.S. presidential politics, the economy and jobs are expected to dominate next year’s election. But many of the Republicans running for their party’s presidential nomination … [Read more...]

Thousands of new apartments slated for east Jerusalem

Interior Minister Eli Yishai has authorized the construction of thousands of new housing units in Jerusalem, half of which are to be built beyond the Green Line, Ynet has learned. Yishai has … [Read more...]

No excuse for brutality

By Johnnie Moore Last week’s murder of a Christian visitor to Jerusalem by a Palestinian terrorist sent a shiver down my spine; not simply because of the horror and brutality of the attack, but … [Read more...]

George Washington

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