Israeli ambassador returns to Jordan

AMMAN (JWN and JTA) -- Ambassador Daniel Nevo returned to his post in the Jordanian capital on Friday, just two days after Israel Embassy staff were recalled as a safety precaution in advance of a … [Read more...]

Egypt bans export of palm fronds ahead of Jewish holiday of Sukkot

CAIRO (JWN and Haaretz) -- In its first blatantly hostile official move since Cairo mobs last week last week ransacked Israel's Embassy, Egypt has barred the export of palm fronds (lulavim) used … [Read more...]

Israel determined to reopen ransacked Cairo embassy

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies) -- Israel is eager to return its ambassador to Egypt as soon as adequate security arrangements are in place to safeguard its embassy and diplomatic personnel, diplomatic … [Read more...]

New airport planned for southern Israel (video)

JERUSALEM (JWN) - The Ministry of Tourism this week announced plans to open a new international airport in three years' time at Timna, 11 miles north of Eilat. The facility will be able to handle the … [Read more...]

Social justice protests rock Israel

By Paul Goldman (NBC News and JWN) - The wind of the “Arab spring” revolution is being felt in the State of Israel. A “one-million person march” took place Saturday night in Tel Aviv with a call for … [Read more...]

Facebook buys Israeli mobile apps pioneer Snaptu

By Ben Parr (Mashable) - Facebook has acquired Israeli startup Snaptu, a creator of simple mobile applications for feature phones, for an estimated $70 million. Snaptu’s technology brings Web … [Read more...]

Netanyahu is a YouTube favorite in the Arab world

By Roy Goldenberg (Globes) - Nearly a fifth of those who watch YouTube clips of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu are Egyptians and more than a tenth are Saudi Arabians. Egypt and Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

Israeli non-toxic solution keeps bugs out of food

By David Shamah (Israel 21c) - Israel's Bio[pack] makes a package coating from plant extracts already programmed by nature to repel insects. It can also be sprayed around the perimeter of … [Read more...]

Micro-VC Lool Launches in Israel

  By Sara Lacy (Tech Crunch) - Israel has had an amazing track record of producing startups and raking in returns– better than most countries many times its size. The problem is the returns … [Read more...]

Republican presidential contenders speak out on Israel

(Voice of America) - In U.S. presidential politics, the economy and jobs are expected to dominate next year’s election. But many of the Republicans running for their party’s presidential nomination … [Read more...]

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