Fifth Kassam hits Israel after air force strikes Gaza terror targets

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip continued to fire Kassam rockets at civilian targets in southern Israel on Thursday morning, following a retaliatory air raid by … [Read more...]

Peres tells Christian leaders: We can make peace with the Palestinians

JERUSALEM (JWN)—President Shimon Peres told the leading representatives of Israel’s Christian clergy Thursday that he still believes it is possible to achieve peace with the Palestinian people and … [Read more...]

Jerusalem yeshiva students suspected in attack on IDF base

JERUSALEM (JWN)—The police investigation into the rampage by religious extremists at the Ephraim Brigade headquarters in the West Bank two weeks ago has concluded that most of the perpetrators are … [Read more...]

More Israelis, Palestinians back two-state solution

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Support for a two-state solution is steadily growing among both Israelis and Palestinians, according to a Hebrew University Joint Israeli Palestinian Public Opinion Poll released on … [Read more...]

US, Israel debate ‘red lines’ for strike on Iran

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—The United States and Israel are discussing what stage in Iran’s nuclear program would constitute a red line, which if crossed by Iran would necessitate a preemptive … [Read more...]

Why Gingrich is right – and wrong

By ZALMAN SHOVAL (The Jerusalem Post) Historically and factually, Newt Gingrich was right, of course, when he said that “the Palestinians are an invented people.” It is almost superfluous to add … [Read more...]

Thousands of Israelis protest gender segregation in Beit Shemesh

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Thousands of Israeli civil rights demonstrators gathered Tuesday near the Orot girl's school in Beit Shemesh to protest against gender segregation in the city, a place that has been … [Read more...]

Air strike kills Islamic Jihad terrorist in Gaza

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—A missile fired by an Israel Air Force aircraft killed a terrorist responsible for a number of attacks and wounded two accomplices, the Palestinian news agency Ma’an … [Read more...]

70,000 Syrian protesters welcome Arab monitors

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—A crowd estimated at some 70,000 protesters against the regime of Bashar Assad marched through Homs on Tuesday, as an Arab League delegation of monitors arrived. They … [Read more...]

Israel condemns Nigeria Christmas massacre

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Israel has condemned "in the strongest terms" the terrorist bombing of three churches in Nigeria on Christmas Day (Sunday) in which scores of people were killed. Five … [Read more...]

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