IDF preparing to build field hospital on Syrian border

Army readies for refugee wave; wants to treat wounded at border rather than inside Israel … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Unarmed Palestinian state critical to peace

PM tells Jewish Agency the PA must accept demilitarized state, recognize Jewish homeland … [Read more...]

Supreme Court okays partial release of Zygier suicide report

Announcement follows revelation about how jailed Mossad agent hanged himself in prison … [Read more...]

‘Sharon was about to leave two-thirds of the West Bank’

PM was drafting a plan for unilateral pullout when he fell ill, says former adviser Rafi Eitan … [Read more...]

Wounded Syrian refugees receive ongoing treatment in Israeli hospital for first time

‘They asked for our help and we gave it,’ says top Defense Ministry official … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: North Korea proof that sanctions won’t stop Iran

Without ‘robust, credible military threat, Iran won't stop its drive for nuclear weapons’ … [Read more...]

Zygier revealed Mossad secrets to Australians — ABC TV

‘Prisoner X’ reportedly jailed after divulging Israel’s spy methods and major new operation … [Read more...]

Gantz: Chances of Syrian chemical attack ‘very low’

But IDF chief says risk of conventional terrorism growing with more al-Qaida-affiliated groups … [Read more...]

Israel reportedly to pay ‘Prisoner X’ Zygier’s family millions

Deal struck 6 weeks ago, after probe concluded Australian-born agent committed suicide in jail … [Read more...]

Jerusalem mayor: No split city has ever worked

Nir Barkat tells Conference of Presidents construction in capital’s eastern areas serves everyone … [Read more...]

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