High Court refuses to block Ariel’s university status

Move comes in response to injunction filed by university heads against Ariel upgrade … [Read more...]

‘Delegitimization’ of Israel a graver threat than war, former intelligence chief says

Yadlin urges government to make an offer to Palestinians, work closely with the US on Iran … [Read more...]

Security forces uncover PFLP kidnapping plot

Terrorist cell planned to kidnap Israeli to secure release of leader Ahmed Sa'adat … [Read more...]

State ordered to respond to injunction request against Ariel academic upgrade

Injunction requested by university heads against West Bank center’s upgrade to university … [Read more...]

Davidic-era temple unearthed in Tel Motza dig near Jerusalem

Archeologists say figurines date to biblical times and indicate a ritual cult near Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Netanyahu touts pluralism in Christmas greeting to Israel’s growing Christian community

Jerusalem World News wishes its readers a very Merry Christmas … [Read more...]

Jerusalem planning committee approves 1,200 housing units in Gilo

930 units for immediate construction; part of 5,500 new Jerusalem units over the Green Line … [Read more...]

Israel’s Christian community continues to grow

There are 158,000 Christians living in Israel, constituting 2 percent of the population … [Read more...]

State indicts former chief rabbi Bakshi-Doron

Rabbi accused of issuing fake rabbinical certification to IDF officers to boost their pay … [Read more...]

Barak authorizes Ariel upgrade to university

Directive to OC Central Command Alon recognizes Israel's eighth university … [Read more...]

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