Police recommend bribery charges against Netanyahu in telecom-media Case 4000

Cops urge indictments in Bezeq corruption probe for PM and his wife … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Police recommendations to indict me are ‘nothing’

PM dismisses the investigations into him as a ‘witch hunt’ … [Read more...]

148 nations disavow Jewish ties to Jerusalem, Temple Mount

The international community must stop delegitimizing Israel … [Read more...]

High Court gives state another six weeks to pass ultra-Orthodox conscription law

Ruling comes hours before Haredi deferment regulations expire … [Read more...]

Government green-lights NIS 700 million for Gaza-area communities

PM says two-year plan aims to ‘strengthen civilian resilience’ … [Read more...]

UN to disavow Jewish ties to Jerusalem, call for Golan withdrawal

Six pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel resolutions expected to be passed … [Read more...]

Rivlin says Israel wants nothing to do with ‘neo-fascists’ who support it

Far-right who back Jewish state ‘absolutely incompatible’ with its values … [Read more...]

Wikipedia uploads 28,000 photos of pre-state Israel, for all to use

Early 20th century images from various archives … [Read more...]

BDS activist falls in love with female soldier, becomes Zionist; they’ll marry

Jess Belding moved to Israel and also converted to Judaism … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox protesting military draft clash with police in Jerusalem

30 arrested blocking traffic and light rail at entrance to capital … [Read more...]

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