In apparent snafu, IDF broadcasts classified papers, intel assessments

Army livestreams unedited footage from IDF chief's recent visit to Gaza border … [Read more...]

Iraqi migrant suspected in rape and murder of German-Jewish girl, 14

Mainz girl reported missing May 22 found dead Wednesday in woods … [Read more...]

Israel fears Argentina soccer game cancellation sets precedent

‘Cancellation due only to terrorist threats to Messi, players,’ says Regev … [Read more...]

Israeli firm under FBI scrutiny in Trump probe allegedly targeted BDS activists

Lawsuit claims website shamed supporters of the anti-Israel boycott … [Read more...]

As Syria crumbles, gov’t pushes plan to develop Golan, increase population

‘Israel won't return heights to psychopath who murdered half a million citizens’ … [Read more...]

IDF investigation: Gazan medic shot dead last week was not deliberately targeted

Razan Najjar likely killed by ricochet or a stray shot … [Read more...]

Hamas ditches ‘Naksa Day’ for Iran-backed ‘Quds Day’ this week

Iran touts Quds Day as world solidarity with Palestinians … [Read more...]

Conversion proposals dead on arrival after haredi rejection

Chief rabbis scorn Nissim’s compromise recommendations … [Read more...]

Netanyahu blocks Armenian Genocide recognition

Says discussion could help Erdogan in the elections … [Read more...]

Liberman thanks Moscow for ‘understanding’ Israel’s security concerns in North

As Iranian, Hezbollah forces said preparing to leave southern Syria … [Read more...]

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