Dutch textbook says Jerusalem is holy to Muslims, Christians, not Jews

Book also omits ill treatment of Jews by Arab rulers throughout history … [Read more...]

Venezuelan challenger Guaido says he’s working to renew ties with Israel

Self-proclaimed leader doesn’t rule out embassy in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

BDS tries to derail proposed multi-million dollar deal between Israel and South Africa

Central Bottling Company wants to buy 59.5% of South Africa’s biggest dairy … [Read more...]

Rabbis for Human Rights helps World Council of Churches engage in damage control

RHR defended the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine-Israel (EAPPI) … [Read more...]

State comptroller to investigate soaring budget for PM’s private jet

Cost of Israel Air Force One has leaped from $50 million to $160 million … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to meet Pence, Pompeo at Polish Middle East summit

Various aspects of Iranian aggression to be the ‘first issue on the agenda … [Read more...]

Israel election law ‘screams out’ for update to thwart online abuse, judge warns

Election officials urge media to thwart illicit foreign intervention … [Read more...]

Attorney-general tells Netanyahu to stop taking campaign photos with soldiers

Ruling comes in response to Labor Party petition … [Read more...]

Israel needs new laws to limit intel services’ powers to eavesdrop online

Democracy Institute highlights lack of legal controls over online spying … [Read more...]

United States purchases Israeli-made Iron Dome missile defense system

Batteries to be used to defend US forces deployed in Europe … [Read more...]

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