Israel secretly withdraws ambassador to Egypt due to security threat

No information about the exact nature of the threat … [Read more...]

State invokes controversial new law to defend illegal West Bank outpost

Allows expropriation of Palestinian land if settlers already live on it … [Read more...]

Dershowitz’s recipe for a successful Netanyahu-Trump meeting

‘I know them both and I believe they will get along well’ … [Read more...]

Erdan: Make Palestinians pay for refusing to make peace

‘Trump presidency a historic opportunity to say the Land of Israel is ours’ … [Read more...]

Lapid warns PM against ‘pushing Trump into corner’ on Palestinians

Slams ministers pressuring Netanyahu to disavow two-state solution … [Read more...]

Life hangs in balance for ill Israeli seeking blood donations in Peru

Blood and other components needed to save young woman's life … [Read more...]

IFCJ provides heating assistance to 14,000 Israeli elderly

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews donates NIS 5 million … [Read more...]

Qatar’s Gaza envoy hails ties to Israel, says PA stalling on Gaza power shortage

Muhammad al-Amadi details efforts to rebuild Strip … [Read more...]

Cabinet endorses plan to fund Beduin townships, increase law enforcement

10 industrial zones to be set up to combat unemployment in the sector … [Read more...]

Cabinet advances ‘muezzin bill’

MK Odeh: This is racist and discriminatory legislation … [Read more...]

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