Nvidia completes $7b. purchase of Israeli chipmaker Mellanox

The third largest ‘exit’ of an Israeli company to date … [Read more...]

Israelis sing Hatikvah from balconies, usher in Memorial Day

President Rivlin: ‘We'll all sing the national anthem together as one’ … [Read more...]

Israeli death toll hits 200, 15,398 infected, as conditions eased

132 in serious condition, 100 on ventilators, 93 ill; 6,602 recovered … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: I’m confident annexation will happen in a couple of months

PM speaks online marking 100th anniversary of the San Remo Conference … [Read more...]

Litzman confirms he’s leaving Health Ministry, prefers to solve housing shortage

Not clear he’ll get that job; ‘Good riddance,’ says former official … [Read more...]

IDF troops deliver aid in locked down Netivot, Beit Shemesh

After virus spikes in ultra-Orthodox areas, police set up roadblocks … [Read more...]

Likud, UTJ coalition deal to freeze status quo on religion and state

Similar to deal drafted after the April and September elections … [Read more...]

‘Gift of Life’ rabbi who founded kidney donation organization dies of COVID-19

Rabbi Avraham Yeshayahu Heber, 55, helped 800 patients get a transplant … [Read more...]

Muslims prepare for restrained Ramadan clouded by coronavirus

PA, Israel move to ban communal nighttime feasts, keep mosques shuttered … [Read more...]

On rabbis’ orders, Chabad Nepal emissary turns down Independence Day honor

Chani Lifshitz says she can’t enter ‘fires of controversy’ … [Read more...]

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