White House: Trump will visit Western Wall without Netanyahu

President to lay wreath at Yad Vashem and speak at Israel Museum … [Read more...]

Israeli spy’s life said ‘at risk’ after Trump’s ‘careless’ intel leak

Agent uncovered jihadist plot to blow up US-bound plane with laptop bomb … [Read more...]

US Consulate counselor named who told Israelis: Western Wall is not yours

Two diplomats reported responsible for embarrassing Trump administration … [Read more...]

Haley: Western Wall part of Israel, US Embassy should move to Jerusalem

Envoy backs Israel in spat with US officials on sovereignty over holy site … [Read more...]

Netanyahu welcomes envoy Friedman to ‘Jerusalem, our eternal capital’

New US ambassador comes amid renewed tensions over Western Wall … [Read more...]

State watchdog: Jewish Home minister transferred millions to benefit cronies

Comptroller urges attorney-general to investigate conduct of Uri Ariel … [Read more...]

Trump set to become first sitting US president to visit Western Wall

As candidates, US presidents stop by, but in the White House they stay away … [Read more...]

Western Wall is new US ambassador’s first stop in Israel

Friedman heads to Jerusalem’s Old City right after landing … [Read more...]

Palestinian, Jewish teens saved by organ donation from each other’s family

All the operations were successful and the patients are recovering … [Read more...]

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