Israel strikes Gaza tunnel after renewed rocket fire

Second straight night of cross-border fire after rocket attack from Strip … [Read more...]

Netanyahu said a suspect in Bezeq probe, will be questioned soon

PM's wife to be quizzed over correspondence with Bezeq officials … [Read more...]

Delek, Noble sign accords for $15b in sales of Israeli natural gas to Egypt

Ink deals for the sale of some 64 billion cubic meters over coming decade … [Read more...]

After delays, Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 long-range missile interceptor

Carried out with US agency after two tests called off at last minute … [Read more...]

Lahav 443 arrests senior Interior Ministry official in corruption probe

Population, Immigration and Border Authority official charged with bribery, fraud … [Read more...]

State said to defund Haifa’s Al-Midan Arab theater that held play about terrorist

Culture Ministry withholds NIS 1.1 million of promised budget … [Read more...]

Terrorist plot to assassinate Israel’s defense minister thwarted

Arrest of Islamic Jihad cell cleared for publication on Sunday … [Read more...]

As his associates are jailed, Netanyahu dismisses new probe as ‘witch hunt’

Senior Bezeq officials suspected in scheme to benefit billionaire … [Read more...]

In call with Polish PM, Netanyahu rails at claim Jews also perpetrated Holocaust

Morawiecki: ‘There were Polish perpetrators, as there were Jewish perpetrators' … [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee: US should follow Israel’s lead to prevent shootings

In Israel gun owning a privilege, not a right; licensees guard schools … [Read more...]

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