Netanyahu boycotts German FM over meeting with leftist NGO

Gabriel says move won’t harm Germany’s ‘special relationship with Israel’ … [Read more...]

Abbas may cut off cash to Gaza, marking break with West Bank

Sources say PA has ultimatum: Accept our rule or we’ll stop paying bills … [Read more...]

First female Muslim judge appointed to Israel’s Sharia courts

Justice minister hopes Hana Khatib will be first of further appointments … [Read more...]

Knesset gives initial okay to delay new broadcaster launch

Parliament to finalize two-week postponement Wednesday … [Read more...]

10,000 youths mark Holocaust Remembrance Day at Auschwitz

Education minister says Israel will be an ‘Iron Dome’ to protect Jews … [Read more...]

JCC bomb hoaxer charges include threats to kill children, blow up planes

Accused of making over 2,000 intimidating calls, threatening state senator … [Read more...]

Diplomatic faceoff: German foreign minister reacts to Netanyahu threat

PM forcing top diplomat to choose between him or his harshest critics … [Read more...]

Israel pauses to remember Six Million murdered in Holocaust

Two-minute siren brings country to a standstill … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Palestinians must make ‘real change’ for peace

Calls to pressure Abbas on incitement, payments to terrorists’ families … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Allies could have saved 4 million Jews if they’d bombed death camps

PM castigates global indifference 75 years ago, says it persists today … [Read more...]

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