Smuggled gold, steroids found in EU diplomat’s car at Israel-Jordan border


Smuggled goods were estimated worth NIS 10 million … [Read more...]

Diplomatic cables reveal sharp increase in efforts to boycott Israel


Dozens of cables paint a picture of escalation by the BDS movement … [Read more...]

Netanyahu rejects lawmakers’ anti-Reform statements

Bibi clenched fist

Calling remarks ‘disparaging and divisive,’ backs Western Wall compromise … [Read more...]

Amid Israel protest, CBS amends ‘biased and dishonest’ terrorist attack headline

after Damascus Gate attack

Foreign Ministry says headline is example of ‘unparalleled chutzpa’ … [Read more...]

Olmert convicted of witness tampering, obstructing justice

Olmert plea bargain

In first admission of wrongdoing, former PM tried to silence secretary … [Read more...]

Israeli hiker discovers 3,500-year-old Egyptian seal in Galilee

Egyptian seal

Seal is scarab amulet from New Kingdom, from the 16th-11th centuries BCE … [Read more...]

Army lifts day-long closure imposed on Ramallah

Ramallah blockade

Clampdown follows PA officer’s shooting of soldiers, warning of attacks … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: French bid rewards Palestinian intransigence

Bibi cabinet 31.1.16

Says Paris recognition threat if talks fail is win for Palestinians … [Read more...]

How Israeli Christians are coping with the wave of terrorism


How the 166,000 Christians living in Israel fit into the picture … [Read more...]

Cabinet approves historic creation of Western Wall egalitarian prayer space

WOW with Torah

Non-Orthodox hail necessary compromise; haredim vote against … [Read more...]

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