A swami, a rabbi, a monk walk into a Jerusalem confab…

Israel will host clerics from India, China, Japan, Korea and Myanmar … [Read more...]

Police struggle to control ‘gang-run’ Israeli Arab city

Umm al-Fahm shows the lawlessness in parts of the Arab community … [Read more...]

In Israel’s ultra-Orthodox press, Hillary Clinton is invisible

Candidacy renews haredi debate over acceptability of women’s photos … [Read more...]

Navy fired at from Gaza shore while arresting suspect at sea

Palestinian shot and wounded after failing to heed warnings … [Read more...]

Netanyahu pushes ultra-Orthodox to compromise on Western Wall

PM urges flexibility on progressive Jewish streams and prayer rights … [Read more...]

Israel targeted ‘key Hamas strategic assets’ in Sunday’s barrage

IDF takes out terrorist infrastructure; Liberman: ‘We won’t let them rearm’ … [Read more...]

Top Israeli diplomat makes secret visit to Muslim African state without ties

Second such visit by Foreign Ministry D-G Dore Gold this month … [Read more...]

Wounded Syrian girl’s hematological disease cured in Haifa

Six-year-old now returning to first grade and an uncertain future. … [Read more...]

After years of quiet progress, Israeli medical cannabis research is budding

‘Instead of growing peppers in the Arava, people will grow cannabis’ … [Read more...]

Israel: Turkey needs to think twice before leveling criticism at us

After Ankara’s denunciation of Gaza air strikes … [Read more...]

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