Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebel fighters

Ya'alon general

Defense minister agrees in exchange for promise not to harm Druze … [Read more...]

‘US never presented Israel with full security plan for West Bank withdrawal’

artillery drill

Ya'alon: US plans did not meet Israel's security requirements … [Read more...]

Israel to build massive fence on southern border with Jordan

Sinai fence

Barrier to be erected alongside new Eilat airport … [Read more...]

Israel Navy intercepts Gaza-bound ship, escorts it to Ashdod

Marianne of Goteborg

Netanyahu praises ‘efficient’ operation by naval commandos   … [Read more...]

Knesset speaker signs first check to fix torched church

Edelstein rabbis

Rabbi says Israeli Orthodoxy has lost its sensitivity to others   … [Read more...]

Coalition crisis cooking over who says what’s kosher

Knesset arguing

On religion and state, coalition just as divided as its predecessors … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Iran trying to squeeze more concessions as deadline looms

Bibi lips

PM says deal being discussed is ‘fundamentally flawed’ … [Read more...]

Security cabinet deems gas an issue of Israel’s national security

gas rig plus

Compromise outline goes to full cabinet for final approval … [Read more...]

Despite lynching, defense minister vows to continue aiding wounded Syrians

Ya'alon cyber conference

After mob kills wounded man, Ya’alon says Israel won’t be dragged into war … [Read more...]

Obama administration rejects further consideration of UN Gaza report

Kerry at UNHRC

State Department: ‘We challenge the very mechanism which created it’ … [Read more...]

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