IDF helped Gazan families enter Israel, Palestinians say

Gazans crossing

Dozen people allowed to cross while soldiers kept Hamas guards at bay … [Read more...]

Leaving West Bank, SodaStream chief accuses boycotters of anti-Semitism

new SodaStream

Says BDS should back SodaStream if it ‘truly cared about Palestinians’ … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox man indicted for attacking haredi IDF soldier

haredi and soldiers

Man charged with attacking, insulting public official, obstructing police … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox tell Jerusalem bike sharers to take a hike on the Sabbath

Jerusalem biker

Capital’s planned bicycle-sharing program comes under fire … [Read more...]

Netanyahu agrees things must change on Temple Mount, says Likud activist

Bibi Glick

PM unhappy with current arrangements at powder-keg holy site … [Read more...]

Obama: US and Israel must improve Intel cooperation to thwart Hezbollah

Obama pensive

President defends Iran deal and rejects claims he's anti-Semitic … [Read more...]

Elite cop hurt in Jenin may have been hit by ‘friendly’ fire

Jenin raid

Security forces arrest two Hamas members, beset by hundreds of rioters … [Read more...]

‘Dangers are changing shape and direction,’ says new West Bank commander

Gush stabbing attack

Col. Roman Gofman takes command of Gush Etzion Brigade … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox pressure coalition over reports of PM’s non-kosher nosh


Haredi MKs threaten to bolt at reports of Netanyahu’s Italian feast … [Read more...]

Mysterious 2,000-year-old podium found near Temple Mount in City of David


Unusual stepped structure exposed on street ascending from Siloam Pool … [Read more...]

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