Israeli medical team lands in Nepal as quake death toll tops 4,300

IDF rescue team

Sets up field hospital; 200 Israelis to return home, 50 missing   … [Read more...]

Israeli paramedics in Nepal: ‘Houses just vanished’

MDA Kathmandu

Magen David Adom delegation to Kathmandu heals the victims … [Read more...]

A high stakes covert battle in the North could erupt into an overt war

Merkava trio

The risks and benefits of each covert strike must be weighed beforehand … [Read more...]

Cops beat Ethiopian IDF soldier in alleged racist attack

Damas Pakada

Damas Pakada says officers threatened to shoot him in the head … [Read more...]

US military law experts: IDF Gaza targeting complied with international law


US report, with inside IDF operations access, could impact ICC on Gaza war … [Read more...]

Jewish-Druse partnership stems back to biblical era, says Rivlin

Rivlin Druse funeral

President wants Druse community integrated into all aspects of Israel … [Read more...]

IAF plane returns with first batch of Israeli survivors of Nepal quake

IDF rescue team

Plane brings wounded and preemies born to surrogate Nepalese mothers … [Read more...]

Ya’alon: Iran is currently seeking to smuggle advanced arms to Hezbollah

Ya'alon CU

Warns ‘We will not allow the transfer of quality weapons to Hezbollah’ … [Read more...]

In marking Armenian tragedy, Rivlin skirts term ‘genocide’

Rivlin Armenians

President says it is ‘Jewish obligation’ to commemorate the massacre … [Read more...]

Air force chief can ‘get job done’ if order comes to hit Iran

Amir Eshel

Says Israel has built the capacity to hit Iran’s nuclear facilities … [Read more...]

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