Ending years of rancor, Israel and Turkey reboot relationship

Ankara to send aid shipment to Gaza via Ashdod this week … [Read more...]

US eyes Israeli short-range missile interceptor for Europe defense

US general sees need for thrifty system for less powerful missile threats … [Read more...]

As fresh clashes erupt, police close Temple Mount to tourists

Woman praying at Western Wall lightly wounded by stone from Mount … [Read more...]

Israel and Turkey agree to normalize relations

Turkey to help return soldiers’ remains, Israel to pay 'Marmara' indemnity … [Read more...]

PM: Water poisoning claims prove Abbas no peace partner

Netanyahu brushes off PA president’s ‘halfhearted half-apology’ … [Read more...]

Gay pride parade stabber sentenced to life in prison plus 31 years

Yishai Schlissel murdered Shira Bankri, 16, in 2015 gay pride attack … [Read more...]

Netanyahu slams Abbas blood libel as he flies to Rome in diplomatic push

PA leader rejects meet with Rivlin, says ending conflict will end terrorism … [Read more...]

Rivlin: French plan seeks peace talks ‘for negotiations’ sake’

Says international efforts to broker deal doomed to fail … [Read more...]

EU: Israeli accusations of ‘colonialism’ false and offensive

Union snaps back after attack by Foreign Ministry official … [Read more...]

Israel to install its own cyber defenses on its F-35 jets

IAF seeking approval to increase number of jets from 33 to 50 … [Read more...]

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