Obama: US must criticize Israel if it is to defend it

Obama applauds

President lashes Netanyahu over Election Day comments … [Read more...]

Pentagon approves massive $1.9 billion arms sale to Israel


Thousands of missiles and bombs to be provided for self-defense … [Read more...]

West Bank council head turns state’s witness in bribery case


Gershon Mesika exposes alleged corruption of ex-deputy minister … [Read more...]

Shas presents Israel’s 34th cabinet – sans women

women out

Three female MKs cropped from haredi paper due to ‘modesty’ concerns … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to EU foreign minister: I support two states for two peoples

Bibi cold shoulder

International community skeptical after his opposite election statement … [Read more...]

Netanyahu shelves Ya’alon’s travel ban for Palestinian workers

Pal bus

Meretz: Separate buses proves democracy and occupation can’t co-exist’ … [Read more...]

Activists scuffle at Tel Aviv University Nakba Day ceremony

Nakba scuffle

Left-wing demonstrator and right-wing counter-protester arrested … [Read more...]

Haredi press unsullied by female ministers

pixilated cabinet

Visages of three women in Netanyahu government pixelated out … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Jerusalem will not be a ‘divided, wounded’ city

Bibi museum

Cabinet approves long list of deputy ministers … [Read more...]

Existence of Jewish people ‘in doubt’ due to low conversion rate, report finds

conversion office

More than 50% of former Soviet Union conversion candidates drop out … [Read more...]

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