Arab Israelis fight nationality bill with ‘second-class’ stamp

second-class stamp

Arab youths take their struggle for civil equality to social media … [Read more...]

A deadly shooting in Upper Egypt


One of many acts of violence under Egypt’s new government … [Read more...]

World criticism of ‘Jewish state’ bill exacerbated by lack of peace talks

Bibi Hanuka

Netanyahu will eventually agree to a softened version, ‘but damage is done’ … [Read more...]

Rivlin comes out against Netanyahu’s ‘Jewish state’ bill

Rivlin speaks

President says proposal undermines Israel’s Jewish character … [Read more...]

Netanyahu ‘determined’ to pass ‘Jewish State’ bill

Bibi grimace

PM says he’ll advance bill with or without cabinet support … [Read more...]

Sea of Galilee notches highest one-day rise of season


Heavy rains expected throughout country Wednesday and Thursday … [Read more...]

Rivlin cancels singer Benayoun’s gig due to anti-Arab song

Amir Benayoun

President says racist song has no place at official event … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy Prosor says ‘J’accuse’ to UN, slams the body’s hypocrisy


Says UN debate on Palestinian rights is really about condemning Israel … [Read more...]

68% of Israeli Arabs oppose recent wave of terrorism, poll finds


But 81% believe Israel is harming status quo on Temple Mount … [Read more...]

Coalition in turmoil after cabinet approves controversial ‘Jewish state bill’

Bibi Livni

Livni may abstain from vote to save her spot in the coalition … [Read more...]

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