UN’s Ban: Iran has narrow window to prove nuke program is peaceful

UN chief briefs Netanyahu on Syria, praises his leadership in peace talks … [Read more...]

Argentina to Obama: Include Iran’s AMIA bombing in talks

Pres. Fernandez complains US focus with Iran only on nuke program … [Read more...]

Obama: US ‘clear-eyed’ in thwarting Iran bomb; force option remains

Netanyahu: Sanctions should be strengthened if Iran keeps advancing nukes … [Read more...]

Obama urges Iranian president to release Pastor Saeed

First time that Obama has spoken out about the imprisonment of Saeed … [Read more...]

Rouhani condemns Holocaust as crime against humanity

Calls murder of 6 million Jews by Nazis ‘reprehensible’ … [Read more...]

‘Israel brought instability to the region,’ says Iranian president

Rouhani accuses Jewish state of ‘war-mongering policies’ … [Read more...]

Iran said ready to dismantle underground nuclear facility

Rouhani might offer to close Fordo if West eases sanctions … [Read more...]

Obama: Syria deal does not mean US won’t strike Iran over nukes

US president: Threat of force, diplomacy can also work with Iran … [Read more...]

Iran says it won’t budge on nuclear program, demands respect from West

Rouhani: West will not succeed through sanctions, pressures against Iran … [Read more...]

Steinitz: Iran’s Rouhani plotting deceptive charm offensive

‘Rouhani smarter than Ahmadinejad; seeks nukes as fake moderate’ … [Read more...]

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