Iran shows off drones that can reach Israel, threat increases

It is a message to Israel, the US and allies: We can reach you … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy urges Iran to halt nuclear work in exchange for medical relief

Iran has the sixth-highest infection rate in the world … [Read more...]

Mossad’s Chief goes to war with coronavirus and Iran

Mossad succeeded in bringing in 100,000 corona test kits … [Read more...]

American Levinson, held by Iran, believed to be dead

Death not due to Corona, his family vow to fight for the truth. … [Read more...]

Iranian ayatollah makes plea to Vatican

Says removal of sanctions is proper for those who believe in Jesus … [Read more...]

UN Human Rights Council applauds Iran in periodic review

Amnesty considers Iran a serial human rights abuser … [Read more...]

Iran’s regime pushes antisemitic conspiracies about coronavirus

Regime requires a foreign enemy to distract its citizens from its failure … [Read more...]

Iran threatens to destroy tomb of Esther and Mordechai

In response to President Trump’s Middle-East peace plan … [Read more...]

Iran’s space program fails to put satellite into orbit for fourth time

Spacecraft doesn’t gain enough speed after detaching … [Read more...]

Iran bulldozes grave of reverend hanged by regime

Family discovers desecrated grave on the anniversary of his hanging … [Read more...]

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