SodaStream hires hundreds of new employees in southern Israel

A third of the 1,400 people at new Negev complex are local Beduin … [Read more...]

Lithuanian death camp is now a wedding venue

Remains of 5,000 murdered Jews show denial of complicity in Holocaust … [Read more...]

First Philistine cemetery found, offers unique glimpse of Israelites’ biblical enemy

Ashkelon graves of 210 individuals date back 3,000 years … [Read more...]

12,000-year-old grave of female shaman uncovered in Galilee

Burial sheds light on human society during Natufian era (10,800-9,500 BCE) … [Read more...]

How I LARPed across the Galilee in the footsteps of the Crusaders

A re-enactment of the 1187 Battle of the Horns of Hattin … [Read more...]

Israel’s Mobileye joins Intel, BMW to develop driverless cars

Collaboration to boost investment and place Israel in driverless lead … [Read more...]

New tech reveals forgotten Holocaust escape tunnel in Lithuania

Passage where 80 Jewish prisoners dug out of the Ponar forest death pits … [Read more...]

Tambourine in hand, a Christian wakes up Acre’s Muslims for Ramadan

Michel Ayoub rises at 2 each morning to reach out to Muslim brothers … [Read more...]

‘Giving is a Jewish thing,’ says Genesis Prize recipient Itzhak Perlman

Virtuoso says prize is great honor and he is eager to give money away … [Read more...]

‘I miss my old life’: Christians flee Islamic State

‘ISIS took our city, our churches, our houses, sold our women into slavery’ … [Read more...]

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