Archeologists uncover Byzantine monastery near Beit Shemesh

Byzantine monastery

Compound produced industrial amounts of wine and olive oil … [Read more...]

Qatar and Turkey as supporters of terrorism

Abbas Thani Mashaal

Both gave sanctuary to Muslim Brotherhood, support it and Hamas … [Read more...]

Johnny Cash in the Holy Land

Johnny Cash

The singer and father of Christian Zionism died 11 years ago this week … [Read more...]

Enigmatic ancient crescent in Galilee pegged as massive moon shrine

Galilee crescent

Structure identified by researcher as 5,000-year-old lunar monument … [Read more...]

Chloe Valdary: Christian, black, and a rising star of pro-Israel campus activism

Chloe Valdary

She keeps kosher, studies Bible, and celebrates Jewish holidays … [Read more...]

ISIS: A genocide is unfolding and we’re just silent bystanders

ISIS mass execution

Islamic State has claimed thousands of victims with impunity … [Read more...]

Fleeing Quarakosh: the last Christians in Iraq

two Iraqi women

More than 40,000 Christians have fled the largest Christian city in Iraq … [Read more...]

Steven Sotloff’s last article about Syria’s suffering for ‘The Jerusalem Report’

Steven Sotloff

‘The human cost of a savage civil war is becoming increasingly unbearable’ … [Read more...]

New heights for Jerusalem’s skyline

Jerusalem skyline

The city that preserved its views is now giving in to its urban needs … [Read more...]

‘There will be no Christians in Iraq in ten years’


As Islamic State continues to terrorize Iraq, where will Christians go? … [Read more...]

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