Minister offers Turkish mayor elephants for ancient Hebrew inscription

Miri Regev tries to get back 2,700-year-old Siloam inscription … [Read more...]

Israel’s diverse Arabic speakers bond as victims of Arab terrorism

Druse, Circassians, Arab Christians and Muslims share grief over fallen children … [Read more...]

Israeli, Palestinian researchers cooperate in lymphoma study

Study of risk factors for non-Hodgkins common to both populations … [Read more...]

How a pro-Palestinian reporter changed his views on Israel and the conflict

A year in Israel and West Bank made Hunter Stuart rethink his positions … [Read more...]

Archeologists shocked to find ancient gateway at ‘House of Gates’

Beit She’arim dig unearths fortifications of town where Mishna was written … [Read more...]

Forbidden love: Valentine’s Day banned in some Muslim countries

Pakistan High Court orders media not to promote celebration … [Read more...]

As the Dead Sea dries, its collapsing shores force a return to nature

Over 6,000 sinkholes force locals to come up with creative solutions … [Read more...]

The antisemite who turned out to be one of the Jews he despised

Far-right Csanád Szegedi trivialized Holocaust before finding he is a Jew … [Read more...]

Knesset advances bill to allow export of cannabis

Dozens of requests by business owners for licenses to join market … [Read more...]

Archeologists to break ground at biblical site where Ark of Covenant stood

Israeli and French researchers to excavate ancient site near Jerusalem … [Read more...]

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