Israeli study finds prehistoric people feasted on roasted tortoises


Findings in cave outside Tel Aviv reveal Palaeolithic menu … [Read more...]

Will Oscar embrace comedic short on settler meet-up with Palestinian nuns?

Ave Maria

Nazareth-born filmmaker uses comedy to portray culture clash in ‘Ave Maria’ … [Read more...]

Are Palestinian teens committing ‘suicide by soldier’?

girl terrorist

Stabbing Israelis may be a way for troubled youth to kill themselves … [Read more...]

Israeli, Palestinian and American collaboration saves life of Nablus teen

surgery 2

17-year-old girl had serious and rare endocrine disorder … [Read more...]

Songs in praise of stabbing are huge hits on Palestinian street

stabbing songs

‘Lovers of Stabbing’ has over 5 million views on YouTube; inspires attack … [Read more...]

1,700-year-old inscriptions linked to rabbis unearthed in Galilee

cemetery inscriptions

Attest to strong Jewish presence in the Late Roman period … [Read more...]

How an Israeli opened Slovakia’s doors for Iraqi Christian refugees

Erbil church

Last native Iraqi Aramaic speakers find a new life in Europe … [Read more...]

Nigeria: The ‘lost’ Chibok girls

kidnapped schoolgirls

May have either been sold as sex slaves or married off to terrorists … [Read more...]

Archaeologists reveal shocking stories of their past

mosaic shadow

Secret excavations were made by a British officer under the Temple Mount … [Read more...]

What Israel’s spate of high-profile sex scandals says about its culture

rape protest

Recent accusations by women are a sign that Israeli society is maturing … [Read more...]

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