Archeologists shed light on diet of Galilee residents 10,000 years ago


World’s oldest domesticated fava seeds found in Galilee … [Read more...]

Politicians pause from budget vote to honor memory of Ben-Gurion

Rivlin B-G

‘The state uplifted the people and the people built the state’ … [Read more...]

Roman and Byzantine-era mosaics discovered in Lod

Lod mosaic

Depicts hunting, animals, fish, flowers in baskets, vases and birds … [Read more...]

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is it a clue to the rise of Jewish Galilee?

duck handle

Elegant 2,200-year-old Hellenistic bronze incense shovel uncovered … [Read more...]

Is Sinai’s pain Eilat’s gain?


Southern resort town ready to welcome tourists cancelling Sinai vacations … [Read more...]

Prehistoric ‘Stonehenge’ monument in Golan Heights fuels mystery

Israeli Stonehedge

No one knows who built it some 5,000 years ago … [Read more...]

Israel to commemorate Chaim Herzog’s historic 1975 UN speech

Herzog UN

‘For us, the Jewish people, this is no more than a piece of paper’ … [Read more...]

For tourists to Israel, stabbings less daunting than rockets


It’s largely business as usual for Israel’s tourism industry – for now … [Read more...]

2,000-year-old Maccabean-era fortress unearthed in Jerusalem

Antiochus citadel

Antiochus’s fortification controlled Temple until conquest by Hasmoneans … [Read more...]

Interfaith group cleans up Christian graves on Mount Zion

Mt. Zion graves

Jews, Muslims, Christians document graves at Protestant cemetery … [Read more...]

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