Bird’s nest grounds Ben-Gurion International Airport


Falcons set up home near runway; birds removed in interest of safety … [Read more...]

Samaritans celebrate Passover on West Bank hilltop


Ancient sect straddles Israel and Palestinian Authority … [Read more...]

Walking a day with imprisoned Pastor Saeed

Abedini alone

Wife Naghmeh says: ‘This is a day in the life of Saeed as he would tell it’ … [Read more...]

Israelis who hate Israel – and the Christians who fund them

Nakba app

Using church funds, Zochrot promotes a ‘de-Zionized Palestine’ … [Read more...]

Better Place battery swapping tech to live on in Chinese buses

Better Place

Deal to design 7,000 swap stations for Nanjing; taxis may be added … [Read more...]

A survivor of terrorism, Israel’s first Arab news anchor is done being a victim

Lucy Aharish

Independence Day torch lighter Lucy Aharish tells of her journey   … [Read more...]

More than 2,000 women, girls kidnapped by Boko Haram

Bring Back Girls

Terrorists train abducted females to ‘slaughter infidels’ … [Read more...]

Wanderings in Krakow


Survivors see the March of the Living as a crucial riposte … [Read more...]

Israel’s Beit Guvrin celebrated as UNESCO World Heritage site

Bell Cave

Caves are Israel's eighth site to join the World Heritage List   … [Read more...]

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian baptize baby in Jerusalem’s Armenian Quarter


The trip marks North West's first time in the Middle East … [Read more...]

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