A reporter’s life: A tribute to ‘The Jeruslem Post’s’ Daniel K. Eisenbud

Remembering a valued colleague and a cherished friend … [Read more...]

Three minutes over Syria: How Israel destroyed Assad’s nuclear reactor

Israel found Damascus was following Gaddafi’s similar program covertly … [Read more...]

Enigmatic Dead Sea Scroll fragment makes rare show in Jerusalem

Sole copy of ancient Jewish text from Genesis dating from first century BCE … [Read more...]

What are the eight multi-billion dollar ‘exits’ by Israeli start-ups?

Last year, Israeli start-ups were sold for a whopping $23 billion … [Read more...]

Bedouin revert to nomadic lifestyle for camel-birthing season

Men bring sons, hundreds of camels to Dead Sea in ancient tradition … [Read more...]

86-year-old guide helps discover section of Incense Route lost for millennia

Shuka Ravek walks from Petra to Avdat in the footsteps of Nabateans … [Read more...]

Finding the right match: The state of foster families in Israel

Making sure each child has a warm and stable environment … [Read more...]

With Red Sea mega-city, Saudis eye economic unity with Egypt, Jordan

Israeli technology might have a role to play … [Read more...]

Defense Ministry approves upgrade of ground forces

Includes hundreds of new Eitan AFVs and a new cannon … [Read more...]

Arguments rage over IDF’s inclusion of women, but co-ed ‘Lions’ have a job to do

For those who serve together, the opinions are irrelevant … [Read more...]

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