‘Auschwitz hero’ survived Shoah so grandsons could be ‘heroes in Israel’

‘Our grandmother always said she beat Mengele,’ says IDF lt. colonel … [Read more...]

Allies knew of Holocaust in 1942, UN documents prove

UK, US, Russia were aware of millions killed by Nazis, new book says … [Read more...]

Ancient sacred art resurrected in city of Jesus’s birth

In Bethlehem, iconographers keep the 2,000-year-old tradition alive … [Read more...]

Israeli start-up extracting water from air around the world

WaterGen tech works in remote areas where pipes are no longer safe … [Read more...]

Egypt: No place for Coptic Christians

Islamic State insurgency in Sinai is a campaign against Christians … [Read more...]

Archeologists point to ‘Egyptian’ finger from Temple Mount

Inch-and-a-half-long stone fragment may be from Late Bronze Age … [Read more...]

Likud minister says US backs his transportation-based peace initiative

Plans for railroad connecting Israel with Jordan, Gulf states and Iraq … [Read more...]

Hebrew University launches multidisciplinary center on medical marijuana

Research will focus on pain, inflammation, stress management and more … [Read more...]

For Palestinian women, soccer is not just about winning

More important to challenge traditional, outdated attitudes … [Read more...]

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