Was a prehistoric ‘Magen David Adom’ fixing legs 35,000 years ago?

Study on a child's bones finds that individuals took care of the injury … [Read more...]

Rains bring stunning floral displays to parched Dead Sea area

Shores between Kalya and Ovnat are alive with wildflowers … [Read more...]

Ben & Jerry’s whips up enthusiasm over its Purim costume contest

‘Do you feel Purim is knocking at the door?’ the company posted … [Read more...]

Rare ‘smiting gods’ among artifacts found at 12th century BCE Canaanite temple

Bronze Age findings from Lachish described as ‘breathtaking’ … [Read more...]

75 years after staring death in the eye, survivors seek closure in Auschwitz

Former prisoners visit after January 27 event marking the camp’s liberation … [Read more...]

The IDF’s new plan: From ‘Waze of War’ to a general charged with countering Iran

Multiyear Momentum Plan aims to create a deadlier, more integrated military … [Read more...]

Head south on the cheap, to smell the flowers and find other pleasures

Plan a winter weekend getaway at Darom Adom to soak up some sun … [Read more...]

Benny Gantz had two shots to oust Netanyahu. He hopes the third time is the charm

He has packed a full political career into a single tumultuous year … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox mother of five from Israel wins Miami half-marathon race

Beatie Deutsch takes first place at her first event in the US … [Read more...]

2,000-year-old Roman plaza and gate inaugurated in Jerusalem’s Old City

The area dates back to 135 CE and is located just under Damascus Gate … [Read more...]

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