‘Giving is a Jewish thing,’ says Genesis Prize recipient Itzhak Perlman

Virtuoso says prize is great honor and he is eager to give money away … [Read more...]

‘I miss my old life’: Christians flee Islamic State

‘ISIS took our city, our churches, our houses, sold our women into slavery’ … [Read more...]

Around the States in 35 days: ‘50 Mosque Man’ builds bridges across US

Jameel Syed on historic journey to spread message of love and equality … [Read more...]

Man shot twice in the head in Tel Aviv attack goes home, with bullet

Assaf Bar, 27, will make full recovery; one bullet removed, other left in skull … [Read more...]

Saving Nineveh: a Catholic daughter fights for her people

Juliana Taimoorazy works to create a homeland for the Christians of Iraq … [Read more...]

Terrorism in Tel Aviv, pop symphonies in Ra’anana

As Brian Wilson performed, terrorists were attacking a few miles away … [Read more...]

Libyan pays high price for her new-found Christian faith

‘Maizah’ saw no choice other than fleeing Libya … [Read more...]

In remote Madagascar, a new community chooses to be Jewish

After years of self-study,121 Malagasies converted to Judaism … [Read more...]

30,000 flock to Old City for Jerusalem Day

Gone were the racist chants from Damascus Gate to the Western Wall … [Read more...]

In Bar Kochba rebels’ caves, salvaging what the thieves left behind

Archeologists conclude excavation of Judean Desert’s Cave of the Skulls … [Read more...]

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