Saudi Arabia expels 12,000 Qatari camels and sheep

Riyadh sends away herds after cutting ties with Doha … [Read more...]

Record-breaking yoga ‘om-age’ to 25 years of Israel-India relations

Rabin Square hosts International Yoga Day on world’s largest yoga mat … [Read more...]

School pupils help find 900-year-old Crusader jewelry trove

It takes a village to excavate Modi'in’s Tel Tittora Crusader fortress … [Read more...]

Carbon dating undermines biblical narrative for ancient Jerusalem tower

Fortified City of David tower was previously thought Canaanite … [Read more...]

When Palestinians hopeless, terrorism declines and vice versa

An Israeli iron fist needed to save both Israeli and Palestinian lives … [Read more...]

Revolutionary technology reveals dazzling ‘hidden’ text on biblical-era shard

3,000 year-old pottery has First Temple-era Hebrew writing … [Read more...]

Woman strips naked at Western Wall

23-year-old streaker arrested, to be sent for psychiatric evaluation … [Read more...]

How was Israeli ‘tycoon’ allowed to rack up $1.13b debt to the banks?

One word, say critics: Corruption … [Read more...]

Israeli-led study busts myths about the lives of Levant ‘cavemen’

Neanderthals lived in northern Israel more than 60,000 years ago … [Read more...]

Relive the Six Day War: Day two of the war

Aggression continues on Egyptian front and in diplomatic arena … [Read more...]

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