Film scored by Eric Clapton depicts child of survivors’ three days in Auschwitz

Filmmaker Philippe Mora talks about his three visits to his mother’s ‘hell’ … [Read more...]

‘The shrapnel finds us wherever we hide’

Sudan’s Janjaweed are back – only this time they’re better armed … [Read more...]

‘Son of Hamas’ tells Jerusalem Post conference: Islam is the problem

Once he worked for Israel, the US, the PA and Hamas at the same time … [Read more...]

In new crackdown, antiquities authorities tighten noose around dealers, thieves

Regulatory agency ‘closing the loopholes’ on stolen artifacts … [Read more...]

Divers find huge trove of statues, coins in 1,600-year-old shipwreck

In ‘biggest find in 30 years,’ archaeologists rescue rare bronze figures … [Read more...]

From Hezbollah to Israeli army: The extraordinary journey of a father and son

Rabbi Avraham Sinai, once Ibrahim Yassin, spied on terrorists for Israel … [Read more...]

Building anew in the Negev

The Noah Initiative hopes to establish a new quarter in the city of Ofakim … [Read more...]

Take a 150-second trip around Israel to celebrate Independence Day

A stunning new film takes you on an unforgettable tour of the country … [Read more...]

A salute to the soul of the IDF

Two dozen high-ranking officers speak about Zionism and its challenges … [Read more...]

How Christians in Syria keep the faith amid a civil war

Security Council urged to declare Islamic State committing genocide … [Read more...]

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