Massive 2,800-year-old farmhouse found in central Israel

ancient farmhouse

Structure was used during Assyrian, Persian, and Hellenistic periods … [Read more...]

Humans may first have learned to harness fire in Israel 350,000 years ago


Israeli researchers make discovery from material in cave near Haifa … [Read more...]

The first casualties of Israel’s political tumult – the poor


Poverty in Israel was one of Meir Cohen’s top concerns as welfare minister … [Read more...]

Christian priest speaks out strongly in favor of ‘Jewish state’ bill


Others say bill is damaging relations with Israel's Arab minority … [Read more...]

In Turkey, Iraqi Catholics seek stepping stone to new life

Catholic refugee

Chaldean Catholics flee Baghdad and Mosul to escape violence … [Read more...]

For Jewish ex-refugees, it’s about recognition, not politics

Gina Waldman

Middle Eastern Jews seek redress that has nothing to do with Palestinians … [Read more...]

Destroy Hamas in Gaza now, urges the ‘Green Prince’

Mosab Hassan Yousef

Son of Hamas chief: You can’t reason with Hamas, only destroy it … [Read more...]

Israel’s hidden gems: Images to gasp by

Hula sunrise

Top 10 must-see places for first-time visitors to Israel … [Read more...]

Humor them

kids laughing

The Holon Children’s Museum teaches kids what to laugh at and why … [Read more...]

Rooted in Israel’s history, five remarkable trees

ancient oak

From cedars in Jerusalem to a 600-year-old oak in the Galilee … [Read more...]

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