Tel Aviv launches car-sharing service

Municipality subsidized service will be 30-40% cheaper than taxis … [Read more...]

Eclipse ‘stopped the sun’ for biblical Joshua, Israeli scientists say

Claim exact date of Battle in Gibeon was October 30, 1207 BCE … [Read more...]

Syria: Christians being killed for refusing to deny Jesus, helping victims

Pastor in Syria says country is ‘being torn apart’ in the midst of war … [Read more...]

Archeologists unearth ancient copper-smelting site dating to King David

10th century BC findings may be evidence of biblical battle in Edom … [Read more...]

Syrian patients leave mark on staff as they recover at Israeli hospital

‘We want peace with Israel and all the peoples around the world’ … [Read more...]

FBI reopens case of 1973 assassination of Israeli diplomat

Daughter of military attache Col. Yosef Alon welcomes new investigation … [Read more...]

In mass terrorist attacks, psychologists are on the heels of EMTs

First responders include trained psychologists and social workers … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Coptic Christians observe somber Christmas after church bombing

Still mourn more than two dozen victims of last month's suicide bombing … [Read more...]

‘God, rid us of men’ implores viral Saudi feminist song

Pop song chides Gulf kingdom's oppressive treatment of women … [Read more...]

Flying ambulance drone heading for takeoff

Israeli-made Cormorant could be used to rescue people in danger … [Read more...]

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