‘Golden’ statue of Netanyahu toppled in Tel Aviv plaza

Artist says he wanted to ‘test the boundaries of free speech’ … [Read more...]

Saying good-bye to Ran Pekker, the legendary IAF combat pilot

Ran made his mark because he commanded in the toughest of times … [Read more...]

African ministers in Israel for first-ever agricultural summit

Come to discuss sustainable productivity in arid and semi-arid regions … [Read more...]

The maritime bridge to the East

A look at the New Suez Canal, one of the world’s top engineering projects … [Read more...]

Thousands of Ethiopian-Israelis celebrate Sigd Day in Jerusalem

Rivlin: We’re working tirelessly to freeAvraham Mengistu from Hamas captivity … [Read more...]

Members of Indian ‘lost Jewish tribe’ visit Auschwitz

Bnei Menashe member says trip strengthened his Jewish identity … [Read more...]

In Haifa, decades-long coexistence endures trial by fire

Residents of ravaged port city insist no arsonist came from their midst … [Read more...]

Mike Evans: a man with a mission

Friends of Zion founder recruits Christian-Zionist allies for Israel … [Read more...]

Is an ancient Jerusalem hall about to become latest Old City restaurant?

Imad Abu Khadijeh found the hidden hall when trying to expand his shop … [Read more...]

Puppets and dance in a Jerusalem festival on wheels

A new initiative brings free performances to capital neighborhoods … [Read more...]

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