At ancient Israel’s capital, politics and neglect squelch historical resonance

Church of St. John the Baptist

For 50 years, Israel and Palestinians have ignored historical gem   … [Read more...]

Meet the Baptist baseball lifer who will coach Israel’s national team

Jerry Narron

‘I love the game, the Jewish people, and Israel,’ says Jerry Narron … [Read more...]

Huckabee: Israelis more connected to Shiloh than Americans to Manhattan

Huckabee hand

Stresses he does not see Judea and Samaria as occupied     … [Read more...]

Israeli medical clowns big hit in southwest China

Israeli clowns

Clowns bring ‘power of humor’ to speed up patients' recovery … [Read more...]

The Bravenhearts of Wadi al-Nasera, Syria

Wadi al-Nasera

Valley of the Christians encompasses some 40 Christian hamlets … [Read more...]

Inside the Palestinian ‘watchmen’ patrolling West Bank villages

Pal patrol

Carrying clubs and tools, patrolmen have set up their own checkpoints … [Read more...]

With phased hunger strike, Israeli women urge new attempt at peacemaking

Women Wage Peace

A symbolic 50-day fast being held outside Prime Minister’s Residence … [Read more...]

Israel seeks salvation in gas pocket three miles beneath the sea

platform towed

As fight over off-shore gas escalates, a deeper look beneath the surface … [Read more...]

Archeologists unearth the gate to Goliath’s hometown

Goliath's gate

Discovery sheds light on Gath’s status and influence in 10th century BCE … [Read more...]

2,000-year-old ritual bath unearthed at Jerusalem construction site

mikve entrance

Mikve with Aramaic inscriptions and drawings found at routine inspection … [Read more...]

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