Personalized billboards aim to revolutionize outdoor advertising

Digitization enables ad agencies to target hopeful clients … [Read more...]

When an ex-Fatah Palestinian ‘neighbor’ took up a Zionist author’s challenge

Mohammed Dajani answers Yossi Halevi’s ‘Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor’ … [Read more...]

The top 12 ways Israel is feeding the world

From drip irrigation to hardier seeds, innovations fill hungry bellies … [Read more...]

Tel Aviv beaches are No. 3 in plastic pollution in Mediterranean

World Wildlife Fund highlights dire state of plastic-filled sea … [Read more...]

Jerusalem’s no man’s land: Chaos and anarchy in the Kafr Aqab neighborhood

Area marred by lawlessness, building chaos, and traffic … [Read more...]

Israel forms rare partnership with Arab nations to protect Red Sea corals

Will establish a research center to study, monitor and protect coral reefs … [Read more...]

‘The entire country loves you’: Nechama Rivlin laid to rest at Mount Herzl

President thanks her for making him ‘husband of the First Lady of Israel’ … [Read more...]

Tel Aviv U, Technion among world leaders in producing patents

TAU has produced 640 entrepreneurs, 531 firms, raised $7.91b. in capital … [Read more...]

Last living survivor of Sobibor uprising dies at 96

Semion Rosenfeld awarded Ukrainian Order of Merit for his bravery … [Read more...]

A glimpse of 19th century Jerusalem

In celebration of Jerusalem Day … [Read more...]

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