Rare Roman monument dedicated to Hadrian found in Jerusalem

Latin inscription

Massive limestone slab dates from emperor’s 130 CE visit … [Read more...]

Living in Israel, traveling to Beirut, singing for Palestine

Manal Mousa

Competing in the 'Arab Idol' TV talent contest is a complicated journey … [Read more...]

Elie Wiesel: Quietly moving worlds

Elie Wiesel

Wiesel celebrated his 86th birthday this week on Simhat Torah … [Read more...]

Jewish Legion commander’s ashes brought to Israel in dying wish

Patterson's ashes

Lt.-Col. John Henry Patterson was namesake of Yoni Netanyahu … [Read more...]

Patrick Modiano wins literature Nobel for work on Nazi occupation of France

Patrick Modiano

Novelist born after war to Jewish-Italian father and Belgian mother … [Read more...]

Excavations reveal ancient mikve and WWII graffiti

ancient mikve

Ancient ritual bath and water cistern was scribbled on by Australian troops … [Read more...]

Medieval inn, bathhouse beneath Jerusalem’s Old City to open to public

medieval inn

Subterranean site reaches down to Herodian period near Temple Mount … [Read more...]

Jesus in Jaffa


St. Peter's miracles in town led many residents to convert to Christianity … [Read more...]

Western Wall plaza dig reveals structures dating back to Herod

Mamluk caravansary

Lavish public buildings found 20 meters from, not under, Temple Mount … [Read more...]

In a palace at Qeifaya, David savored his victory over Goliath

Elah Valley

He built a city in the Elah Valley to show strength and ensure protection … [Read more...]

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