Holocaust-era Passover artifacts, images in new online Yad Vashem exhibit

Jews fulfilling religious obligations of Passover despite intense hardship … [Read more...]

On this seder night, cook whatever you wish

Chefs and food writers recommend making what you like, for once … [Read more...]

Olive branches handed out on Palm Sunday in near-deserted Jerusalem

The beginning of Holy Week, commemorates Jesus's arrival in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Military to evacuate 4,500 elderly Bnei Brak residents to quarantine hotels

Near total closure of ultra-Orthodox city hardest hit by virus from Sunday … [Read more...]

US expert: Israeli response to coronavirus crisis is ‘right on target’

Swift and well-organized compared with the decentralized US health system … [Read more...]

A Wuhan church finds God’s grace amid coronavirus scare

When outbreak begab, church’s pastor decided to stay to care for his flock … [Read more...]

For Israel’s homeless, shelters become a haven from pandemic

Experts say those living on the streets are more vulnerable to COVID-19 … [Read more...]

Anxious Israelis count ventilators

Unsure of how many machines Israel has, some are seeking to build own … [Read more...]

Preserving life is a core medical ethos, while dilemmas loom

Hospitals could find themselves with more patients … [Read more...]

Spreading faster than coronavirus: Antisemitism

Social media seems to have exploded with antisemitic comments … [Read more...]

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