Racism and white lies: What your Google searches say about you

You can hide untruths from family and friends, but not from data science … [Read more...]

In the wild West Bank, traffic laws are mere recommendations

Palestinians and Israelis set to change driving culture and save lives … [Read more...]

Motorcyclists ride in support of Israel Police

Bikers thank cops for protecting Jerusalem residents … [Read more...]

Gaza boy able to walk after Jerusalem doctors remove tumor

Four-year-old breathes easier after removal of chest growth … [Read more...]

How Curious George’s creators saved the beloved monkey from the Nazis

Jewish authors Margret and H. A. Rey fled Europe in 1940 with manuscripts … [Read more...]

How Neda Amin came to Israel

Safe in Jerusalem, Iranian blogger thanks Israel for saving her … [Read more...]

Leket Israel buys land to grow food for the needy

Land predicted to grow enough produce to feed 2,700 people daily … [Read more...]

Jewish artist takes on Twitter for enabling antisemitism

Protests social media giant’s failure to delete offensive messages … [Read more...]

Sites vie to be seen as Christianity’s ‘lost’ city of Bethsaida

Excavations in Second Temple-era town uncover conflicting finds … [Read more...]

New evidence of Lost City of Julias unearthed near Sea of Galilee

Site believed to be the home of apostles Andrew, Peter and Philip … [Read more...]

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