After 30 years, once-crumbling Crusader fortress set to open again

Remains from First Temple period were found under Crusader floor … [Read more...]

Tiny pagan bull found at Zippori pool where Sanhedrin head may have bathed

Archaeologists believe tale Yehuda Hanasi bathed there on a fast day … [Read more...]

Tiny 1,500-year-old flax lamp wick illuminates ancient Jewish law

Wick reveals how darkness was banished in Byzantine era and before … [Read more...]

Poll: 76% of Jewish Israelis say Netanyahu failed in dealing with Hamas

Among Israeli-Arabs the number is 82% … [Read more...]

Jerusalem world’s fastest growing tourism destination

This year’s record figure now stands at an unprecedented 3.8 million … [Read more...]

Rare interfaith Temple Mount confab highlights a ‘Christian awakening’

Show of evangelical Christian support for Jewish cause … [Read more...]

Why the Bible itself discredits the Christmas story of the ‘virgin birth’ of Jesus

Celestial messengers, natural wonders, virgin birth make baby Jesus special … [Read more...]

Trove of 11th century gold coins discovered in ancient Caesarea

Coins hidden by wealthy family fleeing conquest on the 1101 Crusade … [Read more...]

From Bible to revival: Meet Jordan’s desert winemakers

Two Christian families look to revive area’s ancient winemaking tradition … [Read more...]

2,000-year-old ‘Pilate’ ring just might have belonged to notorious Jesus judge

Uncovered 50 years ago at the Herodian palace near Bethlehem … [Read more...]

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