Cold as ICE: ‘Underground Railroad’ for Iraqi Christian refugees ends in frustration


20 Chaldean Catholics held in detention say Obama ignores their plight … [Read more...]

Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East?


ISIS and other extremist groups are enslaving, killing, and uprooting Christians … [Read more...]

Quran fragments from Muhammad era found at UK university

Koran fragment

1,370-year-old manuscript said to be one of oldest Islamic texts on record … [Read more...]

CT scan of charred scroll yields oldest biblical remnant after Dead Sea Scrolls

Torah fragment

Hi-tech deciphering of fragment yields text from Book of Leviticus … [Read more...]

Ancient Galilee mosaic depicts Alexander the Great meeting Jewish priest

elephant mosaic

UNC-Chapel Hill team makes discoveries in 5th century synagogue … [Read more...]

The Capuchin monastery, a modest oasis in upscale Jerusalem

Capuchin Monastery

The Capuchin friars go out into society performing charitable activities … [Read more...]

Holocaust survivor repays ultimate debt via rescue of Syrian Christians

survivor repays

Former refugee funds airlift of families to Europe from Islamic State area … [Read more...]

Water in Jerusalem

Dome of Rock CU

‘There’s no city on Earth like Jerusalem’ … [Read more...]

Decades after theft, antiquities returned with note: They brought me only trouble

ballista stones

2,000-year-old ballista stones left with anonymous note in museum courtyard … [Read more...]

The rise and fall of a forgotten Phoenician city linked to the Israelites

Tel Dor

Excavations unearthcity that was prosperous and truly cosmopolitan … [Read more...]

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