Thousands of Christians flock to Jerusalem for Pentecost

Jesus Parade

Empowered21 hosts faithful from more than 70 countries … [Read more...]

How the world looks from behind a Muslim woman’s veil

behind the veil

In Beirut and beyond, an AP photographer shoots images through a full niqab … [Read more...]

‘Whoever disbelieves, strike off his head’

IS Copt murders

Muslim persecution of Christians, February 2015 … [Read more...]

Where cardinals and rabbis go to forgive, and pray

Domus Galilaeae

Sea of Galilee conference marks 50 years of Catholic-Jewish ties … [Read more...]

The lives of Assyrian Christians – can we imagine?

ISIS fighters pose

Imagine a woman displaced from home after her husband was beheaded … [Read more...]

Bird’s nest grounds Ben-Gurion International Airport


Falcons set up home near runway; birds removed in interest of safety … [Read more...]

Samaritans celebrate Passover on West Bank hilltop


Ancient sect straddles Israel and Palestinian Authority … [Read more...]

Walking a day with imprisoned Pastor Saeed

Abedini alone

Wife Naghmeh says: ‘This is a day in the life of Saeed as he would tell it’ … [Read more...]

Israelis who hate Israel – and the Christians who fund them

Nakba app

Using church funds, Zochrot promotes a ‘de-Zionized Palestine’ … [Read more...]

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