Above ancient stones, tightrope walker negotiates already-taut Jerusalem

Slackliner Heather Larsen shows off her sport in a Kickstarter campaign … [Read more...]

Tourist-friendly Ashdod has witnessed Israel’s history since Jonah

Jonah’s Hill has always been a strategic site, with the Via Maris below … [Read more...]

Bionic arms, dragon robot are hit at Jerusalem event

Capital is first foreign city to host Russian Geek PicNic science fair … [Read more...]

The Etzion Bloc: source of Jerusalem’s water and defense

King Herod found a supply that he hoped would make the people love him … [Read more...]

Eager for their own exodus, Ethiopian Jews prepare world’s largest Seder

It takes a village to bake matza for 50,000 in Gondar … [Read more...]

Should ancient stones topple Netanyahu’s Western Wall deal?

Excavating the effects of a planned egalitarian prayer site … [Read more...]

Bible may be older than previously thought, hi-tech analysis indicates

Inscriptions dating to 600 BCE suggest widespread literacy at the time … [Read more...]

Ancient kiln proves Judaea was major manufacturer of raw glass

1,600-year-old find was oldest glass producer in country’s Roman era … [Read more...]

Views of Israel: The Golan Heights

Some of the best photographs of Israel from readers around the world … [Read more...]

If Israel’s future F-35 fighter jet is so awesome, why is it so hated?

Pentagon’s program costs over $1.5 trillion and it’s not yet operational … [Read more...]

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