A feast of biblical proportions

Banquet features ancient delicacies – locusts, quail and manna from heaven … [Read more...]

Son of US soldier killed in Afghanistan shares bar mitzva with Israelis

‘It feels great to be around people who know what I’m going through’ … [Read more...]

How Israel is saving the honeybees

Colony collapse disorder affects Israel’s bees less than in other countries … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christian brings communities together by teaching Bible with Quran

A Coptic Christian teaches pupils about both religions side by side … [Read more...]

‘Walk around Zion’

Met’s ‘Jerusalem 1000-1400: Every People Under Heaven’ offers rare insight … [Read more...]

Making the world a better place for everyone

The desire, even the need, to help others is a Jewish core value … [Read more...]

Middle East reporting through the eyes of a Christian

For most Americans, the Middle East conflicts are distant and misunderstood … [Read more...]

Air force commandos at forefront of ‘war between wars’ behind enemy lines

Shaldag, the force's elite ground unit, gathers intelligence from afar … [Read more...]

Prince Charles visits grandmother’s grave while in Jerusalem

Royal family has refrained from visiting site in eastern Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Marking 75 years since the infamous Babi Yar massacre

‘There is no Ukrainian history without Jewish history’ … [Read more...]

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