Leftist ‘self-hating Jews’ find a voice in Jewish Voice for Peace


Loved by unaffiliated US Jews, loathed by Jewish establishment … [Read more...]

Eight things you didn’t know about the UN War Crimes Commission

William Schabas big

Chairman William Schabas has strong Jewish roots … [Read more...]

An hour from Khan Younis, Hala gets a new lease on life

Hala from Gaza

Despite recent deaths, Haniyeh Shaer has faith in Israeli doctors … [Read more...]

Tu Be’av: Boy meets girl… in ancient Israel


In Judges 21:19 it is called the Feast of the Lord … [Read more...]

Stunning mosaic found at ancient Galilee synagogue

elephant mosaic

Unprecedented non-biblical figures in decorations at Huqoq … [Read more...]

Foreign reporter: Gazans want us only to show damage, not shooting

Christian Stephen

‘Any journalist who professes to observe without bias or fear is a liar’ … [Read more...]

Come sirens or rockets, dedicated archeologists keep digging at Tel Gezer

Tel Gezer

Archeologists kept up their work despite the security threat … [Read more...]

Trove of Jewish Revolt coins discovered near Jerusalem

revolt  coins

Minted months before destruction of Temple on Tisha Be’av … [Read more...]

15 things you didn’t know about the Iron Dome

Iron Dome intercepting

Israel’s anti-missile defense system has a 90 percent success rate … [Read more...]

Seeing Israel through biblical eyes

Marilynne Robinson

Pulitzer Prize-winner Marilynne Robinson makes her first trip to Israel … [Read more...]

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