JPost diplomatic correspondent Herb Keinon answers readers’ questions

Herb and Bibi

For example, what are Israel’s plans for the day after fighting ends? … [Read more...]

Meriam’s case highlights plight of Sudan’s Christians

Sudan church demolished

CNN: Threat of violence has caused Sudan's churches to empty … [Read more...]

Gazan children receive life-saving treatment in Tel Aviv

Gazan patient

Despite conflict, Gazan children arrive for treatment in Israel … [Read more...]

US city hopes to greet Christian Sudanese woman sentenced to die for faith

Meriam CNN

In Manchester, New Hampshire, a small Sudanese community is waiting   … [Read more...]

The last (biblical) frontier


Archeologists unearth findings at site dating back to Joshua and the Judges … [Read more...]

The five most lopsided prisoner swaps in Israeli history

three boys

Search for missing boys recalls Israel has traded prisoners for prisoners … [Read more...]

The war on Christians

Christian persecution

In Africa, Asia, Middle East: the world’s most persecuted religious group … [Read more...]

Native Canadian activist: Jews are Israel’s indigenous people

Ryan Bellerose

Says there is media bias in covering Israel, unlike Canadian issues … [Read more...]

Egypt’s garbage collectors, the Zabbaleen, back Sisi in hope of stability


Zabbaleen feeling vulnerable to sectarian divisions, government neglect … [Read more...]

The unorthodox priest who stands with the Jews

Father Nadaf 3

Father Gabriel Naddaf wants to forge a new, non-Arab identity for his flock … [Read more...]

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