Ending 50 years with the IPO, Zubin Mehta gets a flowery send off

On Sunday the world renowned conductor led his orchestra for a last concert … [Read more...]

Our brains are wired to prevent us thinking about our own death — Israeli study

Shield us from thinking about it as something that happens only to others … [Read more...]

On an ancient road to the Temple, archaeological innovation, mystery and dispute

Do archeologists bend rules digging ancient street under Arab homes? … [Read more...]

Museum of the Bible says Oxford professor sold stolen biblical papyrus fragments

Newest glitch for scandal-plagued institution funded by Hobby Lobby … [Read more...]

Jerusalem’s secret charms to come out into open during Houses from Within event

Get a sense of the city’s development or steal some house decorating ideas … [Read more...]

German ‘Graffiti Grandma’ fined on Yom Kippur for painting over neo-Nazi slogans

Irmela Mensah-Schramm has spent 30 years removing racist slurs … [Read more...]

Mamelukes, muftis and Moses: Flag Street is a short Old City lane with a long history

Starting point for pilgrimage to Biblical prophet’s supposed resting place … [Read more...]

Israeli researchers discover prehistoric humans ‘canned’ bone marrow

The discovery is the earliest evidence of delayed consumption … [Read more...]

How Christianity co-opted Yom Kippur to explain Jesus’s death

Christians used Yom Kippur liturgy to explain why people needed saving … [Read more...]

Banana republic: Israel faces killer fungus that can destroy the crop nationwide

A global threat destroying one of the country’s most profitable crops … [Read more...]

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