Marking 75 years since the infamous Babi Yar massacre

‘There is no Ukrainian history without Jewish history’ … [Read more...]

New Israeli technology sees machines leading the blind

Israel may be first country to introduce groundbreaking tech in schools … [Read more...]

Is a ‘safe zone’ for Iraqi Christians a good idea?

The idea would be for the safe zone to become a sovereign state … [Read more...]

Ancient Bible scroll burned in millennia-old fire finally deciphered

Ein Gedi Scroll analyzed in Israel using a micro-CT scanner … [Read more...]

Ottoman-era fisherman’s house discovered on Ashkelon beach

Youth assisted in uncovering finds in effort to learn about their past … [Read more...]

New discoveries in interfaith, international dig of Jesus-era Galilee town

Findings include the remains of a first century synagogue … [Read more...]

Pride and affirmative prejudice: Donald Trump and the Jews

Differing perspectives on the nominee's decades-long relationship … [Read more...]

High priest’s stone weight from Second Temple period found in Jerusalem

In deep conflagration layer from when city was destroyed in 70 CE … [Read more...]

Amos Oz: Those who deny Israel’s right to exist are anti-Semites

Saying there should be no Israel is anti-Zionism becoming anti-Semitism … [Read more...]

Largest archeological garden in country opens at IDF’s Camp Rabin

Antiquities Authority seeks to expose soldiers to their past … [Read more...]

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