Christians fleeing Mali as local leaders try to create peace

Trying to escape persecution from a version of Sharia law … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham answers call from South Sudan to host crusade

Plea from churches whose only hope for their new country is a spiritual revival … [Read more...]

What motivates Christian Zionists?

I am a Christian, and I am a Zionist, but it took me years to realize I’m both … [Read more...]

Over 650,000 gather at Evangelistic Crusade in Brazil

Evangelistic Crusade Victorious Life For You is in its 16th year … [Read more...]

25 young Poles discover their Jewish roots in Israel

Youths raised as Catholics explore their Jewish roots, learn about Israel … [Read more...]

Meet the Christian Zionists

Millions of evangelical Christians are working day and night to protect Israel … [Read more...]

Former Kentuckian brings home his message linking Israel, Christians

Lauds deep historical and spiritual ties between Christianity and Land of Israel … [Read more...]

Boko Haram terrorists massacre 19 in Nigerian church

Islamists tell Nigeria’s Christian president to convert to Islam or resign … [Read more...]

First Saudi woman publicly announces conversion to Christianity

Internet debut prompts angry officials to act against evangelism in Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians are terrified and in serious need, says bishop

Christians in Aleppo are about 9 percent of population, surrounded by Muslims … [Read more...]

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