US Christian leaders in Israel to study Judaism

Initiative aimed at deepening their understanding of Jewish people … [Read more...]

Persecution watchdog group urges Christians to pray during Ramadan

‘First pray for our brothers and sisters in Islamic-dominated nations’ … [Read more...]

The other Iranian revolution

In eastern Germany, Iranian refugees show surprising interest in Christianity … [Read more...]

Christian Zionists united to oust Obama

The biggest pro-Israel group in the US is Christians United for Israel … [Read more...]

Christians United for Israel: The Modern-Day Righteous Gentiles?

Attacks on Israel tolerated except by a select few, including Christian Zionists … [Read more...]

Christian leaders urge control over arms and ammunitions in UN treaty

Seek to reduce genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorist acts … [Read more...]

Christian group proposes a ‘New Protestant Reformation’ in Brazil

Group wants to bridge denominational divisions among churches … [Read more...]

Christians around globe to join in prayer for Muslim world

‘30 Days’ ministry leads prayers for Muslims during Ramadan … [Read more...]

Christians United for Israel rallies in show of unconditional support for Israel

Christians from all over US attend gathering … [Read more...]

Full-scale Western Wall replica planned for Kansas anti-abortion complex

Plan by evangelical pastors called “outrageous affront to Jewish people” … [Read more...]

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