Coptic children released after initial arrest for ‘insulting Islam’

Two boys, ages 9 and 10, released pending investigation but not acquitted … [Read more...]

Daystar, TBN ready for Messiah in Jerusalem

Christian broadcasters set up on holy city hill, poised for Jesus and spreading the gospel … [Read more...]

Boy, 9, killed in grenade attack on children in Nairobi church

A dozen children wounded in 12th Kenyan Islamist terror attack in five months … [Read more...]

Setback for Pakistani Christian teen facing blasphemy charges

Witnesses retract testimony that could absolve 14-year-old girl facing life in prison … [Read more...]

Pilgrims gather in Jerusalem for Feast of Tabernacles

Thousands of Evangelicals from all over the world to attend annual event … [Read more...]

Boko Haran continues to murder Nigerian Christians

Christians are being murdered while government struggles against the Islamist terrorists … [Read more...]

A Christian holocaust?

Every five minutes a Christian dies for his or her faith, according to international report … [Read more...]

Pakistani police absolve Christian girl of blasphemy charges

Witnesses saw Muslim cleric plant burnt pages of Quran in girl’s bag … [Read more...]

Pew Report: Worldwide rise in religious restrictions, hostilities

US moves into higher category for first time … [Read more...]

Boko Haran suicide bomber murders two, wounds 45 at Nigerian church

Car bomber attacked a Catholic church conducting Mass on Sunday … [Read more...]

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