Pew Report: Worldwide rise in religious restrictions, hostilities

US moves into higher category for first time … [Read more...]

Boko Haran suicide bomber murders two, wounds 45 at Nigerian church

Car bomber attacked a Catholic church conducting Mass on Sunday … [Read more...]

Thousands attempt to breach US Embassy in Pakistan as anti-US furor smolders

Ads by embassy condemning anti-Islam video not able to stem growing protests … [Read more...]

Christian scholars not fazed by ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’

Many dismiss the ancient fragment as either insignificant or forged … [Read more...]

Day of Prayer for Jerusalem to be ‘largest prayer initiative in history’

Over 1,400 Christian leaders and 300,000 congregations in more than 175 nations … [Read more...]

Outrage over anti-Islam film worries Christians in Pakistan

At least 28 people killed throughout region, including 14 in Kabul on Tuesday … [Read more...]

Was Jesus a married man?

4th century fragment quotes the father of Christianity referring to a wife named Mary … [Read more...]

Rosh Hashana: Repairing a broken world

Each of our festivals, biblical and rabbinic, derives its sanctity from the miracle on that day … [Read more...]

Pope calls for religious freedom in Middle East

Visiting Lebanon amid violence, pontiff hails country as an example of coexistence … [Read more...]

Egypt’s eight million Coptic Christians anxious, anticipate strife

Copts attacked, threatened in response to anti-Muslim film … [Read more...]

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