The collective punishment of Egypt’s Christian Copts

Dhimmis are barely tolerated non-Muslim infidels, such as Egypt’s native Christians … [Read more...]

Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani freed after 3 years in Iranian prison

Pastor who faced execution for refusing to renounce his Christian faith was freed Saturday … [Read more...]

Surprise twist in Pakistan blasphemy case: Christian girl gets bail, imam arrested

Muslim cleric accused of falsifying evidence against Rimsha Masih, 14 … [Read more...]

Jews, Muslims, Christians protest against German circumcision ban

300 march in Berlin for religious freedom and decriminalization of circumcision … [Read more...]

A Maronite revival in Israel

Members of Israel’s Christian community are restoring the ancient language  Jesus spoke … [Read more...]

Will plight of Christian girl with Down’s Syndrome end Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law?

Recent cases involving Christian children provoke heated debate … [Read more...]

Christians fleeing Mali as local leaders try to create peace

Trying to escape persecution from a version of Sharia law … [Read more...]

Franklin Graham answers call from South Sudan to host crusade

Plea from churches whose only hope for their new country is a spiritual revival … [Read more...]

What motivates Christian Zionists?

I am a Christian, and I am a Zionist, but it took me years to realize I’m both … [Read more...]

Over 650,000 gather at Evangelistic Crusade in Brazil

Evangelistic Crusade Victorious Life For You is in its 16th year … [Read more...]

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