On Mount Zion, a crossroads of faith and fable

From King David’s tomb to the site of the Last Supper, the hilltop is a multi-tiered enigma … [Read more...]

Pakistani court orders Christian woman to remain with Muslim kidnappers

Court orders abducted, forcibly converted Rebecca Masih to remain Muslim … [Read more...]

Uzbekistan math: 2 Bibles = 5 years

Having more than one Bible can make you a missionary and get you five years in jail … [Read more...]

Pakistan’s persecution of Christians and other religious minorities highlighted in Washington

Christian and Hindu women ‘systematically enslaved’ by Muslim landlords and police … [Read more...]

Christian women disappearing and forced to convert in Pakistan

Rebecca Masih was the third Christian woman abducted since August … [Read more...]

Dozens killed as Boku Haran terrorists attack church and other targets in Nigeria

Hundreds flee after three days of Islamist attacks against Christian targets … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christian boy accused of ‘blasphemy’ relates ordeal

Cellphone mishap results in mob attacking home of Ryan Stanton, 16 … [Read more...]

CUFI head David Brog: Israel’s case is not being made on the Left

‘When liberals abandon Israel, that’s a challenge for our liberal friends’ … [Read more...]

Rimsha Masih’s trial adjourned to 14 November as anti-Christian violence continues

Karachi mob attacks Catholic church; in Faisalabad, Christians attacked at prayer … [Read more...]

Despite dangers, Christian girl facing blasphemy charges wants to stay in Pakistan

Rimsha Masih, 14, was expected to appear in juvenile court Wednesday … [Read more...]

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