Former Kentuckian brings home his message linking Israel, Christians

Lauds deep historical and spiritual ties between Christianity and Land of Israel … [Read more...]

Boko Haram terrorists massacre 19 in Nigerian church

Islamists tell Nigeria’s Christian president to convert to Islam or resign … [Read more...]

First Saudi woman publicly announces conversion to Christianity

Internet debut prompts angry officials to act against evangelism in Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians are terrified and in serious need, says bishop

Christians in Aleppo are about 9 percent of population, surrounded by Muslims … [Read more...]

Islamic Appeal Court upholds six-year term for Christian convert

Farshid Fat’hi one of many Christian activists arrested on Christmas 2010 … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia deports 35 Ethiopian Christians for practicing their faith

Part of group arrested for holding prayer service at private home … [Read more...]

Modern-day Noah opens doors of homemade ark

Netherlands reproduction of Noah's Ark used dimensions in the Bible … [Read more...]

Gaza Christians protest forced conversions to Islam

Rally in Gaza's main church demands return of abducted members … [Read more...]

Saudi girl flees country after embracing Christianity

Raised to hate Christianity but fell in love with religion and found peace … [Read more...]

US Christian leaders in Israel to study Judaism

Initiative aimed at deepening their understanding of Jewish people … [Read more...]

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