Are Christians facing persecution in the cradle of Christianity?

Open Doors monitors Palestinian territories, mentioning Islamic oppression … [Read more...]

Evangelical magazine ‘Christianity Today’ says Trump ‘should be removed from office’

Calls Trump ‘near perfect example of human being who is morally lost’ … [Read more...]

Christians prepare for another not-so-merry Christmas in India

Nearly a dozen instances of religious persecution in one December week … [Read more...]

Tourism Minister urges Christians to extend hours at Church of the Holy Sepulchre

55% of tourists visiting Israel in 2019 were Christian … [Read more...]

King James Bible, first edition, to be displayed in Saudi Arabia

The bible was loaned to the King Faisal Center by a private Saudi collector … [Read more...]

2,600 Evangelists urge governors to continue refugee resettlement after Trump order

Order requires local governments to consent to refugee resettlement … [Read more...]

Brian Houston, Christian worship leaders pray for Trump, visit Oval Office

Pence wrote in a tweet: ‘America is a proud Nation of believers’ … [Read more...]

Christian groups back new LGBT civil rights bill that protects religious institutions

Christian conservative groups call bill's religious exemptions 'narrow' … [Read more...]

Sudanese religious affairs minister seeks peace for Christians

Aims to ‘promote a sense of justice between Muslims and Christians’ … [Read more...]

First archaeological evidence of Christianity in Bahrain

Ancient manuscripts suggest Christians lived there before Islam … [Read more...]

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