Iraq’s Christians left out of judicial system

Christians can’t join the judiciary because it requires an Islamic oath … [Read more...]

Hindu nationalist mob attacks Christian wedding in India

Christians were falsely accused of forcefully converting people … [Read more...]

Christian delegation to commemorate Tisha B’Av with Jews in Israel

Bob O’Dell: ‘The center of the storm will become the center of great joy’ … [Read more...]

Erdogan oversees laying of foundation stone for nation’s first new church since 1923

Structure will serve the local Syriac Christian community … [Read more...]

Syrian Christians in US fear deportation as their protected status is in ‘jeopardy’

Thousands could be at risk of deportation back to their deadly home country … [Read more...]

China: Schoolchildren taught to ‘hate God,’ Christianity an ‘evil cult’

Officially atheist country continues to tighten its grip on religion … [Read more...]

Will Christians suffer the same fate as the pogroms against Jews of the Middle East?

Region becoming ‘cleansed’ of minorities, especially the Christians … [Read more...]

North Korea more afraid of Christians than nuclear weapons, says pastor

A nation where millions have never even heard the name of Jesus … [Read more...]

Discriminated in death

Christian Egyptian soldier pays the ultimate sacrifice … [Read more...]

Christian families in eastern India forced to ‘reconvert’ or be banished

Mahuatoli Christians denied water and have had electricity cut off … [Read more...]

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