Iraqi archbishop pleas with Trump to save 20,000 persecuted Christian families

100,000 people still need vital assistance after ISIS attacks … [Read more...]

Only 24 schools associated with Christian minority left in Turkey

Under Ottoman Empire there were 6,437 minority schools … [Read more...]

One Israeli man’s mission to bring ‘gospel back to Jewish people’

Jacob Damkani is focused on challenging replacement theology … [Read more...]

Medieval Christians who embraced Judaism

They risked their lives to become Jews … [Read more...]

Bartella Christians worry about city’s Shiafication

Hashd al-Shaabi forces systematically changing demography … [Read more...]

ISIS terrorists in Philippines targeted Christians for worst abuse

Dozens of Christian civilians killed on Mindanao … [Read more...]

Washington calls on Sudan to stop ‘church demolitions’

US to push for human rights and religious freedom in the country … [Read more...]

Guards fight students as Eritrea cracks down on Catholic, Islamic Schools

Government obsessed with controlling every aspect of citizens’ lives … [Read more...]

The 50 countries where you can’t be a Christian in 2017

Christians across world face imprisonment, torture and death … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Sisi meets with delegation of US Evangelical leaders

Visit includes senior government officials and religious leaders … [Read more...]

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