Turkey attempts to school Christian teachers

Christian teachers find themselves slowly pushed out of the workforce … [Read more...]

China bans 1,000-member church in Beijing

Demands members vow not to attend … [Read more...]

The United Church of Christ is not a ‘just peace’ church

Denomination silent about anti-Jewish and anti-Israel Muslim incitement … [Read more...]

‘Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close’

Indonesian Muslim woman was led to accept Jesus as savior … [Read more...]

Evangelical Christians, Muslims disagree politically, but willing to dialogue

Only 12% of Muslims voted for Trump, while 56% of Evangelicals did … [Read more...]

Christian children bear witness to Turkey’s educational discrimination

They face obstacles stemming from a mixture of Islamism and nationalism … [Read more...]

Iraq’s Patriarch Sako proposes national covenant

Chaldean Church head drafts pact for all of Iraq’s religious groups … [Read more...]

France opens investigation into Algeria’s persecution of Christians

Authorities close churches and target Christian leaders … [Read more...]

United Methodist Church votes to keep opposition to same-sex marriage, gay clergy

Strengthens ban on gay marriage and LGBTQ clergy, despite push for reform … [Read more...]

Christian in India’s Odisha State found beheaded

Anant Ram Gand converted to Christianity, was baptized two months ago … [Read more...]

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