Iraqi curriculum issues veiled threat against Christian women

The brother of minister of education is one of the main leaders of ISIS … [Read more...]

EU court finds Turkey violated religious freedom

Seventh Day Adventists prevented from registering their organization … [Read more...]

Worst 50 places for Christians ranked in 2019 World Watch List

India in top 10 for first time … [Read more...]

Evangelical group offers proposal to end gov’t shutdown in letters to Trump, Congress

Offers a ‘bipartisan immigration compromise’ … [Read more...]

BDS artist threatens to take down Haifa’s ‘McJesus’ sculpture

Claims Israel denies Palestinians same rights as rest of humanity … [Read more...]

2,000 soldiers to be deployed to secure Philippines’ Black Nazarene feast

Life-sized, wooden statue of Jesus borne in streets by Catholic devotees … [Read more...]

Coptic Christians cautiously prepare for Orthodox Christmas

As the persecution of Christians in Egypt continues at an alarming pace … [Read more...]

Philippine President Duterte mocks holy trinity, rants against Church

‘There’s only one God, period. Dividing God into three is silly’ … [Read more...]

Iraq’s grand mufti forbids Christmas

Just after Iraq’s cabinet officially declares Christmas a national holiday … [Read more...]

Ten things to know about Christians in Israel

They are a very small minority of 175,000 or 2 percent of the population … [Read more...]

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