US pledges $300 million in aid to rebuild Iraqi Christian communities

ISIS left the community devastated and with many challenges to overcome … [Read more...]

Released US pastor Andrew Brunson returns to US, meets with Trump

Thanks president for helping to free him from a Turkish prison … [Read more...]

Myanmar Christians forced to vow not to pray in church and to curb their faith

Christians now permitted only to pray privately in their homes … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Jews and Christians pray for peace

Three-day Awake Jerusalem festival organized by Eagles Wings … [Read more...]

Archaeologists discover lost home of Jesus’s apostles

The birthplace of Peter, Philip and Andrew found near the Sea of Galilee … [Read more...]

Huge prayer session by millennial Evangelicals for Israel this weekend

Eagles Wings service to be streamed live to some 90 million people worldwide … [Read more...]

Pastors in China prepared to lose their lives for preaching the gospel

Threaten to defy the ongoing communist crackdown … [Read more...]

181 Christian Montagnard refugees still detained in Bangkok

Most have either refugee or asylum status or are seeking asylum … [Read more...]

Are Iraq’s empty churches future mosques?

Long before ISIS the slow eradication of Christianity from Iraq was evident … [Read more...]

Terra Sancta: celebrating 130 years of Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land

‘The only place in the world you can visit with a Bible as a guidebook’ … [Read more...]

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