North Koreans ‘betrayed’ by human rights omission in Trump-Kim agreement

Some 70,000 Christians being starved in prisons and forced-labor camps … [Read more...]

New pressure faces Nepalese Christians

Most comes from Indian nationalists who want India to become a Hindu nation … [Read more...]

North Korean Christians pray for more than peace from summit

Prays we hear are, ‘We need to repent, or we need to change’ … [Read more...]

China moves to regulate house churches with temporary permits

Underground church community fears state’s goal is to eliminate them … [Read more...]

Iraq’s challenges call for proactive Church, chaldean patriarch tells clergy

Aim ‘is to guarantee Christians' rights and equality, heritage, land, language’ … [Read more...]

Indonesian pastor sentenced to 4 years for Evangelizing Muslim cab driver

Legal team will appeal blasphemy conviction … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians see need for government free of sectarianism

Election a chance to end sectarianism that has torn country apart … [Read more...]

Indian Christians continue to suffer as Modi and the BJP Mark 4th year in power

Evangelical Fellowship of India: persecution of Christians up 232 percent … [Read more...]

Christians pray for religious freedom in China

Hong Kong groups call on government to respect human rights, end repression … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians slowly returning home after exile

Believers have kept the faith and inspire others to do so as well … [Read more...]

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