Washington calls on Sudan to stop ‘church demolitions’

US to push for human rights and religious freedom in the country … [Read more...]

Guards fight students as Eritrea cracks down on Catholic, Islamic Schools

Government obsessed with controlling every aspect of citizens’ lives … [Read more...]

The 50 countries where you can’t be a Christian in 2017

Christians across world face imprisonment, torture and death … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Sisi meets with delegation of US Evangelical leaders

Visit includes senior government officials and religious leaders … [Read more...]

Jews for Jesus poll: 1/5 of Jewish millennials believe Christ was God

Jews born 1984-1999 identify as religious but unaffiliated … [Read more...]

Sudan arrests five pastors for preaching the Gospel

Several churches demolished in crackdown on Christians … [Read more...]

GOP Evangelical outreach director quits, citing ‘tone deaf attitude’

Calls party ‘disrespectful, antagonistic and unacceptable’ … [Read more...]

Christians not strangers to Middle East, but its ‘Beacon of Truth’

Hundreds of Iraqi Christian families forced to flee again … [Read more...]

From Tokyo to Tel Aviv: Jews around the world mark 5th global Shabbat

South African chief rabbi: Fragmented Jewish world needs innovation … [Read more...]

South African Christian group visits Israel on peace mission

Zion Church says it 'cannot accept a boycott’ … [Read more...]

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