Christian churches unite to rebuild northern Iraq after ISIS destruction

Rebuilding program follows widespread damage by Islamic State … [Read more...]

Vicar of Baghdad: Christians must engage and love Muslims

Notes after London attack that '99.9%' of them are not terrorists … [Read more...]

Turkish Muslim woman who ‘hated Christians’ dreams of Jesus and converts

More Muslims dream of Jesus telling them to 'follow My way’ … [Read more...]

In Somalia, tiny Catholic community brings a glimmer of hope

Torn apart by war, famine, terrorism, Somalia consecrates a Catholic church … [Read more...]

The jihadi who turned to Jesus

It is a transition that has surprised everyone, not least of all himself … [Read more...]

Christian children bullied by Muslim migrants in Germany

Muslim migrant children attack them for their faith in Jesus … [Read more...]

Christians denied vital aid as famine sweeps sub-Saharan Africa

Christian refugees fleeing Boko Haram denied food due to their faith … [Read more...]

Holy Sepulcher’s inauguration to take place March 22

Vicar: ‘This is an historic moment for the basilica’ … [Read more...]

‘G’ is for gun: Troops find ISIS textbooks used to brainwash children

Reading, writing and arithmetic introduce war, jihadism and terrorism … [Read more...]

78 members of Congress urge Turkey to release US Pastor

Imprisoned on a false terrorism charge because of his Christian faith … [Read more...]

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