Nigerian Christians: ‘We are on the run’

Nigerian refugees

What ISIS has done in Iraq, Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria … [Read more...]

Meriam Ibrahim says faith kept her alive after death sentence for Christianity

Meriam Ibrahim after

‘Faith means life. If you don't have faith, you are not alive’ … [Read more...]

‘In Defense of Christians’ says Ted Cruz was not booed

Cruz speaks

Critics wanted him to focus on Middle East Christians, not Israel … [Read more...]

Christian beaten, tortured, and killed by ISIS for refusing to convert to Islam

ISIS man and flag

Islamic State camps indoctrinating young boys, training them to use weapons … [Read more...]

Extremely rare early Christian charm discovered

Christian charm

1,500-year-old papyrus is first to refer to Last Supper … [Read more...]

Iraqi refugees working to help each other survive

Iraqi refugees

They care for those who are in need, like themselves … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christian village: from sanctuary to ghost town in two months

Al-Qosh church

‘There is nowhere in Iraq that is safe for us’ … [Read more...]

A darker Iraq: Light of Christian faith going out fast

Iraqi Christians pray

While Obama decides whether to target terrorists, refugees suffer … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christians angry government abandoned them to ISIS

Iraqi Christian refugees 2

Left helpless after soldiers fled after the terrorists began their attacks … [Read more...]

‘Christianity is finished in Iraq,’ says Nineveh priest

Christians in Mosul

ISIS told Christians to convert to Islam or face death by the sword … [Read more...]

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