‘Christianity is finished in Iraq,’ says Nineveh priest

Christians in Mosul

ISIS told Christians to convert to Islam or face death by the sword … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christian family of eight murdered next to open Bible

cross and beads

Anglican vicar says ISIS literally getting away with murder … [Read more...]

US: Ending Islamic State’s persecution of Christians is ‘top priority’

Mosul family flees

Report: Christian presence becoming a shadow of its former self … [Read more...]

Meriam Ibrahim praised as ‘heroic witness to faith, marriage, motherhood’

Meriam arrives Rome

Praised in open 'thank you' letter on behalf of all African women … [Read more...]

Meriam Ibrahim meets Pope Francis after escaping death for her faith in Sudan

Meriam and pope

Pope praises her ‘courageous perseverance in the faith’ … [Read more...]

Meriam Ibrahim and family safe in Italy

Meriam in Italy

Sudanese Christian woman meets pope en route to US … [Read more...]

After 2,000 years, the last Christian is forced to leave Mosul

ISIS flag Mosul

‘It’s like the Taliban in Afghanistan before the US invasion’ … [Read more...]

‘The only thing between us and them is the sword’

Christians flee Mosul

ISIS persecution of Iraq’s Christians intensifies … [Read more...]

Islamic State warns Iraqi Christians

Iraq on the brink

‘Face death if you do not embrace Islam or pay tax’ … [Read more...]

Hostilities at Catholic church in Istanbul leave parishioners fearful

Istanbul Communion 2

Congregation anxious after threats and a knife attack … [Read more...]

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