20,000 pilgrims flock to Jesus’s baptismal site on Jordan River

Qasr al-Yahud is one of the holiest sites in the Christian world … [Read more...]

More than 9,000 churches and Christian buildings attacked in past year

Drastic increase in attacks against Christian buildings and imprisonment … [Read more...]

US Christian students come to Holy Land to connect to biblical and modern Israel

Passages aims to shape the next generation of leaders and boost Israel … [Read more...]

Pope appeals to US and Iran to pursue dialog, self-restraint

Francis speaks to diplomats from more than 180 states … [Read more...]

The attempt to dejudaize Jesus

Replacement theologians revitalize Nazi propaganda to promote their agenda … [Read more...]

‘Christianity Today’ split with Trump highlights American divide

Napp Nazworth resigns over criticism for anti-Trump editorial … [Read more...]

177 Evangelical leaders condemn anti-trump editorial in ‘Christianity Today’

Objectors include Billy Graham's granddaughter … [Read more...]

Editor leaves ‘Christian Post’ amid its plans to attack ‘Christianity Today’

Over editorial describing Trump as immoral and calling for his removal … [Read more...]

Are Christians facing persecution in the cradle of Christianity?

Open Doors monitors Palestinian territories, mentioning Islamic oppression … [Read more...]

Evangelical magazine ‘Christianity Today’ says Trump ‘should be removed from office’

Calls Trump ‘near perfect example of human being who is morally lost’ … [Read more...]

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