Proposed Iraqi law would force some children to become Muslim

displaced Iraqi children

If their fathers convert to Islam or their mothers marry a Muslim man … [Read more...]

Christianity on the brink?

no cross

Christian presence in Middle East may disappear in a decade or sooner … [Read more...]

Assyrian Protestant Church in Turkey reopens six decades later

Mardin Church

160-year-old Mardin one of the oldest Protestant churches in Middle East … [Read more...]

After 43 years, Jewish dialogue with Orthodox Christians still fragile

Interreligious dialogue

Rare interfaith conference in Athens highlights uncertainty in relations … [Read more...]

Thousands of Muslims in northern Iraq converting to Christianity

Kurdish refugees 2

Witnesses to ISIS horrors say they're ‘just sick of Islam' … [Read more...]

Syrian, Iraqi bishops urge faithful not to join refugee flow

Basra baptism

Fear Christian emigration would mean annihilation of communities … [Read more...]

Overflowing church in Middle East proves Christianity Is alive

Mussafah Church

2.3 million Christians in Arabian Peninsula – more than in 100 countries … [Read more...]

‘Thank God we are alive’

Iraqi Christian refugees pray

Iraqi Christians hold on to faith in face of ISIS persecution … [Read more...]

Christian faith is growing in India

Indian schoolchildren

Despite Hindu radicals killing 100 believers, destroying 6,000 churches … [Read more...]

US Orthodox more similar to evangelicals than to other Jews, study finds

Brooklyn haredim

Jews track with Christians on religiosity, conservative politics, Pew finds … [Read more...]

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