North Korea more afraid of Christians than nuclear weapons, says pastor

A nation where millions have never even heard the name of Jesus … [Read more...]

Discriminated in death

Christian Egyptian soldier pays the ultimate sacrifice … [Read more...]

Christian families in eastern India forced to ‘reconvert’ or be banished

Mahuatoli Christians denied water and have had electricity cut off … [Read more...]

The pro-immigrant Bible Belt preachers standing up to Trump’s xenophobia

Documentary on pastors who feel embrace of Trumpism is a step too far … [Read more...]

CUFI pushes bill making it easier to act against campus antisemitism

Christians United for Israel ends three-day DC summit with 5,000 activists … [Read more...]

After restoration, Church of the Nativity no longer considered endangered site

UNESCO removes Bethlehem church from its list of at-risk heritage sites … [Read more...]

United Arab Emirates authorizing 17 churches

More than a million Christians live in the UAE, but few are citizens … [Read more...]

Evangelical groups call on Trump, Congress to help migrant kids

Jesus judges those who harm children … [Read more...]

Members of Chinese church tortured

Nearly 100 members of the church were arrested … [Read more...]

Christians speak out as migrant children are detained without soap, hygiene needs

Reports describe horrifying conditions inside federal facilities on border … [Read more...]

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