Vietnamese Christian teacher sentenced to 11 years over alleged Facebook post

Music teacher Nguyen Tinh convicted of ‘making propaganda against state’ … [Read more...]

Erdogan vows to protect Christians in Syria

Says their churches will be rebuilt … [Read more...]

Furious ex-White House official rains hell on Trump video of church slaughter

’Mass shootings are not jokes!’ … [Read more...]

President Trump: Religious freedom is rare in the world

‘US founding principle: Rights don't come from government, but from God’ … [Read more...]

Turkish document leak reveals campaign against Christians

National Security Council planned to fabricate a threat posed by Christians … [Read more...]

Christians flee Gaza due to Hamas — and no one cares

From a community of 4,200 twelve years ago, a few hundred Christians remain … [Read more...]

Hindu radicals live-stream assault on Christians

‘Our job is to make this area free of Christianity’ … [Read more...]

Trump admin proposes lowering refugee resettlement ceiling to 18,000

Christian groups are outraged … [Read more...]

Indian Christian woman hacked to death with ax in front of three-year-old daughter

Relatives enraged by couple’s conversion to Christianity … [Read more...]

Christian man in India’s Jharkhand State killed by cow vigilante mob

Three Christians attacked after they were rumored to be selling beef … [Read more...]

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