Algerian churches still fighting for freedom of worship

Churches face harassment despite law guaranteeing freedom of worship … [Read more...]

Church leader’s wife buried alive by Chinese for protesting church demolition

Christian leader and wife buried alive; man escapes, wife suffocated … [Read more...]

Turkey frees US Evangelist but deportation threat remains

Evangelist David Byle faces deportation for ‘endangering public order’ … [Read more...]

Indonesian Christian woman, 60, publicly caned for breaking Islamic law

Caned 30 times in Aceh, country’s most conservative Islamic region … [Read more...]

US Evangelist detained in Turkey, ordered to be deported

David Byle is declared a ‘danger to public order’ … [Read more...]

Turkey seizes six Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches

Government expropriates land to rebuild historical Diyarbakir … [Read more...]

Syrian pastor: ‘God is waking up a sleeping Church’

More people becoming Christians than ever, according to persecution charity … [Read more...]

Iraqi president: Christians are the original members of our nation

And he notes that the jihadis also attack Muslims … [Read more...]

Turkey’s top religious official backs reopening of Halki Seminary ‘in principle’

No minority in Turkey should have to go abroad to educate its clerics … [Read more...]

Christians held in Thailand after fleeing Pakistan

Thailand routinely arrests Pakistani Christian asylum seekers … [Read more...]

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