Christian converts in Turkey hide new faith for fear of persecution

New converts do not live openly because they fear for their lives … [Read more...]

Algeria jails Christian for Prophet Muhammad Facebook posts

Christian convert, 49, gets three years for ‘insulting’ comments … [Read more...]

Church group to drop thousands of Bibles over Islamic State-held areas

Livets Ord group insists Bible drone drop not an attack on Islamic State … [Read more...]

Concern grows for Christians in Turkey after failed coup

Two churches vandalized; many Christians trying to flee country … [Read more...]

Al-Azhar: To leave Islam is treason punishable by death

Ruling by Sunni Islam’s topmost religious authority … [Read more...]

Christians, Muslims and Jews to build joint house of worship in Jerusalem

For a week in September, the Alpert Youth Music Center will become AMEN … [Read more...]

Kenneth Bae: My story of faith in a North Korean prison camp

Why this missionary’s prayer changed fro ‘Send me home, Lord’ to ‘Use me’ … [Read more...]

Muslims converting to Christianity in Saudi Arabia despite intense persecution

Saudis restrict the public expression of any religion other than Islam … [Read more...]

The suffering of Syria’s Christians taught him how to be a priest

Christian witness is ‘an antidote for the mediocre and decadent world’ … [Read more...]

80 Muslim refugees in Germany baptized into Christianity despite Islamist attacks

Woman convert: To be a Christian means happiness to me … [Read more...]

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