Pakistan: Why are Christians being persecuted?

Pakistan mob

In 2013, 501 people were victimized on blasphemy charges … [Read more...]

23 Christian families trapped in ISIS stronghold face violence

IS billboard

Forced to pay ‘protection tax’ in order to keep their homes … [Read more...]

Pakistani Christians need help to rise above poverty, terrorism

Pakistani church

Global Terrorism Index: Two-thirds of terrorism carried out by Islamists … [Read more...]

Chaldean patriarch: Christians essential to Iraq’s future

Chaldean patriarch

Church asks Baghdad to recognize Christmas as a national holiday … [Read more...]

Faisalabad: Christian and Muslim activists rally against blasphemy law abuses

Pakistan blasphemy protest

Candlelight vigil remembers young Christian couple that was burnt alive … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Pakistanis protest against killing of Christian couple

Pakistan rights demo

Accuse state of failing to protect the life and property of minorities … [Read more...]

Iraqi Church seeks to liberate Nineveh Plain and Christians’ right to education

Iraqi Catholics meet

Objectives set by emergency meeting of Catholic leaders in Iraq … [Read more...]

Christian couple burned alive for blasphemy in Pakistan

Pakistan mob

Accused of burning pages of the Qur'an … [Read more...]

Hagee: Evangelical Zionism rising, amid anti-Semitism and threats to Israel

Hagee speaks

Christians of America support Israel more aggressively than ever … [Read more...]

Petition to overturn Asia Bibi’s death penalty surpasses 200,000 signatures

Asia Bibi 2

Christian mother’s death sentence for blasphemy upheld by Pakistan court … [Read more...]

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