Pastors in China prepared to lose their lives for preaching the gospel

Threaten to defy the ongoing communist crackdown … [Read more...]

181 Christian Montagnard refugees still detained in Bangkok

Most have either refugee or asylum status or are seeking asylum … [Read more...]

Are Iraq’s empty churches future mosques?

Long before ISIS the slow eradication of Christianity from Iraq was evident … [Read more...]

Terra Sancta: celebrating 130 years of Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land

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The shocking crimes against Burma’s Christian Kachin people

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Are Trump’s Evangelical advisers violating federal law?

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Mike Evans speaks to Trump at White House faith dinner

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White House hosts 100 evangelical leaders for state-like dinner

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Pope Francis accused of covering up sex abuse by former top Vatican official

Archbishop Viganò: ‘Corruption has reached the top of the Church’ … [Read more...]

Church bells ring again in Mosul

Saint Korkis Church in Nineveh has resumed services … [Read more...]

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