Iraqi Aid founder: Global hostility enables Christians’ slaughter

Kirkuk church ruins

World is silent in face of attacks on Church in the West and in the East … [Read more...]

‘Those who hate Jews hate Christians’: a look at presidential hopeful Ted Cruz

Cruz reporters

Cruz often embraces the crossroads between his religion and his politics … [Read more...]

Obama urges Iran to release imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini

Abedini and family

Pastor imprisoned for his Christian faith for over two years   … [Read more...]

CUFI applauds Netanyahu’s reelection, expresses worry over US-Israeli ties


‘We hope president treats Israel as the friend and front-line ally she is’ … [Read more...]

Mary Magdalene combating sexism

Jesus and Mary 2

Christian women gather in the Galilee to discuss feminist issues … [Read more...]

In the face of threats, Iraqi Christians vow to remain in home country


Despite recent abduction of some 200 Assyrian Christians by Islamic State … [Read more...]

Fears growing for two South Sudan pastors held by Sudan intelligence

South Sudan pastors

The two are members of the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church … [Read more...]

Coptic patriarch calls 21 beheaded Christians ‘martyrs for the faith’

Libya beheadings

Pope Francis says 'Their blood confesses Christ' … [Read more...]

Leading Catholic clerics in Israel urge citizens to vote in coming election

Patriarch Twal

Christian candidate says voting for Arab list like voting for Islamic State … [Read more...]

Seven Christian families homeless after houses bulldozed in Pakistan

Pakistan Christians

Human rights group suspects landgrabbing as motive … [Read more...]

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