‘Thank God we are alive’

Iraqi Christian refugees pray

Iraqi Christians hold on to faith in face of ISIS persecution … [Read more...]

Christian faith is growing in India

Indian schoolchildren

Despite Hindu radicals killing 100 believers, destroying 6,000 churches … [Read more...]

US Orthodox more similar to evangelicals than to other Jews, study finds

Brooklyn haredim

Jews track with Christians on religiosity, conservative politics, Pew finds … [Read more...]

Christian Zionist group brings fight against anti-Semitism to UN

Laurie Cardoza-Moore speaking

Helping Christians learn more about impact of genocidal anti-Semitism … [Read more...]

White House intervenes in lawsuit over Palestinian terrorist attacks

bombed bus

Says paying millions to victims harms peace process     … [Read more...]

Christian groups battle anti-Semitism at the UN

Edelstein Cardoza-Moore

Seek to introduce definition of anti-Semitism to UN and parliaments … [Read more...]

Indian Christians rally for equal dalit rights

Dalit Christians

Protest quotas in government jobs, education as religious discrimination … [Read more...]

All eyes on Iran at Christians United for Israel summit

CUFI logo

Envoy Dermer urges Christian friends of Israel to show support … [Read more...]

Cousin of Michelle Obama to serve as ‘black chief rabbi’

Rabbi Funnye

First lady's relative to serve as head of world community of Black Jews … [Read more...]

Saudi sheikh who taught ISIS fighters sick of killing, asks for Bible


Islamic State fighter converts to Christianity after vision of the cross … [Read more...]

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