As Egypt unravels, Team Obama increases support for Muslim Brotherhood

Amid violations of peace treaty with Israel and systematic crackdowns on Egypt’s Coptic Christians … [Read more...]

Christian dead ‘will burn in Hell,’ Egyptian Islamic leader warns against anti-Morsi protests

Islamist renews threats to Christian Copts, warning them to cancel demos set for June 30 … [Read more...]

Islamic cleric sentenced to 11 years for burning Bible in Egypt; vows to continue ‘attack on Church’

Islamic preacher Abu Islam convicted of contempt of Christianity, incitement, disturbing security … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians report move of God despite persecution

Rise in prayer movements, interdenominational unity, belief that God is about to visit Egypt … [Read more...]

Egyptian president cuts all diplomatic ties with Syria

Morsi orders closure of Syrian Embassy in Cairo, says Egypt will aid opposition forces … [Read more...]

Egypt arrests man accused of spying for Israel

Local detained by police for allegedly working with Mossad since 2011 … [Read more...]

‘If you oppose Islamic law then leave,’ Egyptians told by Muslim party

Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar: ‘We will not allow you to demolish and destroy the Islamic project’ … [Read more...]

Egyptian court suspends investigation of 2011 Maspero Copts massacre

24 Copts were slain during a peaceful demonstration to protest demolishing of Aswan church … [Read more...]

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