156 churches legalized in Egypt, bringing the total to 783

More than 3,700 churches have sought legalization since 2016 … [Read more...]

Egypt pumps toxic gas into Gaza smuggling tunnel, killing two Palestinians

Palestinians resume night clashes along Gaza border with Israel … [Read more...]

Egyptian officials meet Hamas strongman Haniyeh in effort to defuse Gaza crisis

Tensions flare as Fatah accuses Hamas of detaining hundreds of its members … [Read more...]

Sisi: Egyptian planes cross to the Israeli side in joint war on terrorism

‘The US is responsible for security in the world,’ the president tells CBS … [Read more...]

Imam and Muslim policemen save a Coptic church

Policeman killed while trying to defuse a bomb placed outside church … [Read more...]

Egypt’s new agency to tackle sectarianism

To devise a strategy to prevent sectarian tensions and address incidents … [Read more...]

Islamist extremists strike yet another church in upper Egypt

Christians forced to pray in the streets following church attack … [Read more...]

Egypt’s silent epidemic of kidnapped Christian girls

Christian women face wave of kidnapping, rape, beatings and torture … [Read more...]

Egypt’s Christian children face the dark realities of persecution

Copts live in perpetual state of marginalization and targeted violence … [Read more...]

Egyptian intelligence officials in Gaza for resumption of cease-fire talks

Latest round follows weekend of violence, as Hamas demands money for calm … [Read more...]

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