Attack on troops draws fresh scrutiny to army’s response to Yitzhar violence

More than 150 incidents this year, and little law enforcement … [Read more...]

Behind the Lines: Rojava sundown – a retrospective

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Is Netanyahu’s offer to Gantz a manipulation or a compromise?

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Why Likud MKs aren’t trying to replace Netanyahu, yet

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The scramble for eastern Syria: ISIS prisoners, Russia, Assad, Turkey

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Kosovo to Khmeimim: The 20-year strategy Russia played to outflank America

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Israel’s urgent need: Stable government

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They fought alongside the US for five years to be bombed by US NATO ally

Like thieves in the night American forces withdrew from their positions … [Read more...]

Kurds are the Evangelicals of the Muslim world

This is a heartbreaking announcement … [Read more...]

After Trump abandons Kurds, Israel knows it can’t rely on anyone

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