Vocal on Duma arson, Israeli Right holds its tongue in latest Jewish terrorism case

Declining faith in Shin Bet may have kept many moderates silent … [Read more...]

Election 2019 shaping up as a festival of purported indignation over leftism

Substantive policy debate is out, manipulation and defamation is in … [Read more...]

Is Gantz a leftist? We still don’t know. His empathy for the Druze is mainstream

Likud slams ex-IDF chief for vowing to ‘fix’ Nation-State Law … [Read more...]

Christian Zionists: Stay out of Jordan

Unrecognized Jordanian Evangelicals have issues with the authorities … [Read more...]

Jews, Christians and religious persecution

The world remains unaware of the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews … [Read more...]

On indictments, pretrial hearings and what Netanyahu can expect before elections

Experts say process may not take long and should begin ASAP … [Read more...]

Egyptian President Sisi and CBS

Sisi has won two elections. If he is so hated, why did people vote? … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s TV broadcast: Rather desperate, and ultimately irrelevant

His complaints won’t move the only person who matters: Avichai Mandelblit … [Read more...]

Israel to seek $250 billion in compensation from Arab, Muslim countries

Estimate in advance of Trump administration's long-awaited peace plan … [Read more...]

Trump’s Iran, Kurdish and Afghanistan comments leave Middle East perplexed

Says US is searching to do ‘something that was right’ in Afghanistan … [Read more...]

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