As talks founder again, Netanyahu caught between Gantz and right-wing base

A last-minute outcry from the PM’s rightist flank forced a backtrack … [Read more...]

And you shall tell your children.’ This Passover more than ever

With so many dying, it's time to explain why the Jewish story matters … [Read more...]

Gantz asks Rivlin for more coalition-forming time

Gantz's mandate is set to end on April 13, but Rivlin can extend it … [Read more...]

Coronavirus: 1 out of every 7 sick Israelis is from Bnei Brak

Compare Bnei Brak's 900 patients to Jerusalem's 916 or Tel Aviv's 324 … [Read more...]

Haredim have finally begun embracing social distancing. Why did it take so long?

Information took too long to filter into the insular ultra-Orthodox world … [Read more...]

Netanyahu seeks to draw out unity talks, as Gantz’s hand weakens

In the middle of Passover, his allocated time to form a government ends … [Read more...]

Why don’t the ultra-Orthodox take the coronavirus seriously?

Why is it taking so long for the community to act responsibly? … [Read more...]

Abandoning core vow, doesn’t Gantz risk harming the democracy he said he’d save?

Blue and White leader espouses unity amid crises. But at what cost? … [Read more...]

Gantz sacrifices everything for stability

Gantz suspends his political career to ally with Netanyahu … [Read more...]

Mideast diplomacy continues amid Coronavirus

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