The return of the Gaza numbers game

There are two core truths about the casualty statistics emerging from Gaza … [Read more...]

Nation’s defense firms to lose over $1b. annually with US aid deal

As many as 22,000 workers could lose their jobs … [Read more...]

Major Nigerian Evangelical leader emphasizes Christian solidarity during Israel visit

Says ‘Israel is going in the right direction, in almost every field’ … [Read more...]

Despite high intensity, Israel-Turkey spat could be over within months

Neither side is interested in escalation, analysts say … [Read more...]

Taking aim at Turkey, MKs propose recognizing Armenian genocide

Bills call on Israel to memorialize massacres carried by Ottoman forces … [Read more...]

Israel protected Gaza border, but death toll means Hamas can claim win too

IDF repels breach attempts, but Hamas bloodshed made Israel look bad … [Read more...]

Who gains from burning Gaza’s only fuel pipelines?

It will take weeks to repair terminal after Hamas rioters set lines alight … [Read more...]

Why Iraq’s election matters

This election is important to cleanse the stain of ISIS on the country … [Read more...]

Israel has the upper hand over Iran in Syria, but the ayatollahs won’t give up

Tehran still has proxies in Hezbollah, in Gaza, and through terrorism … [Read more...]

Airstrikes are a setback, but Iran fully intends to cement its presence in Syria

Iran has broad strategic goal to expand empire and will not be deterred … [Read more...]

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