Israeli democracy isn’t broken, but it is under assault

Minorities are worried and our most hostile critics are empowered … [Read more...]

A Palestinian attempt to oust Israel from the UN would be quixotic — and fail

Ramallah knows it wouldn't succeed, but that's never stopped it from trying … [Read more...]

Is antisemitism a form of racism?

Equating Jews as white and privileged ignores history of antisemitism … [Read more...]

Between cease-fire and war: Gaza on knife’s edge

Israel and Hamas weigh their options after last week’s uptick in violence … [Read more...]

With no strategic change on either side, the battle in Gaza is over PR

Both Jerusalem and Hamas are looking to preserve a tough public image … [Read more...]

Slowdown Nation: Israel lags on internet speeds, choked by lack of competition

Israel slides to number 70 out of 200 nations surveyed on average download speed … [Read more...]

Trump sounds different tune than aides on Iran, raising questions over policy

Is offer of talks a tactical move or sign he differs with hawkish advisers? … [Read more...]

The Druze, the balance and Israel’s unbalanced Right

Tens of thousands came to protest the Nation-State Law passed last month … [Read more...]

Killing of Dr. Aziz Asbar is a message to Assad and Tehran

Is this a new phase in targeting an Iran-Damascus weapons program? … [Read more...]

In battle for east Jerusalem, property deeds are the weapon of choice

Campaign aims at ensuring Jewish sovereignty in undivided capital … [Read more...]

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