Australia may also recognize east Jerusalem as future Palestinian capital

Morrison’s distinction between east and west closer to Russia than to Trump … [Read more...]

Thorny legislation foreshadows early elections as Knesset winter session begins

Contentious religion-and-state hot potatoes threaten to break up coalition … [Read more...]

The case of Lara Alqasem

Her detention and denial of entry was an unwise and miserable decision … [Read more...]

The untold stories of the Middle East’s Jewish refugees

850,000 fled or were expelled from countries they lived in for millennia … [Read more...]

More than 7,000 acres scorched in Gaza airborne incendiary attacks

3,000 acres of forest and 4,000 acres of Negev farmland damaged … [Read more...]

With Nikki Haley’s surprise departure, Israel loses its staunchest ally at the UN

The envoy was an AIPAC rockstar and one of the most popular Trump officials … [Read more...]

Proposal would split Israel from Palestinians – but don’t call it a peace plan

Israel urged to take independent action to prevent a binational state … [Read more...]

Sinwar: New round of fighting between Hamas & Israel in no one’s interest

Israel cannot crush Hamas without retaking the Gaza Strip … [Read more...]

Nobel Peace Prize shines light on foible amid plaudits

Awards do little to actually alleviate the plight of those it highlights … [Read more...]

PA prevents Gaza from receiving Qatari fuel aid, increasing danger of violence

Abbas tightens his stranglehold on the enclave … [Read more...]

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