Morsi and the Middle East: In death the symbol of division

Muslim Brotherhood president spent one year in power … [Read more...]

Dr. Mike Evans: Liberal left kills the soul, terrorists kill the body

Liberals trying 'to fracture our will to even win’ the war on terrorism … [Read more...]

How did Sara Netanyahu’s seven cases turn into a mere NIS 55,000 fine?

Bottlegate, Furniture Gate, the Father Homecare Affair, Electrician Gate etc. … [Read more...]

Why Israel didn’t celebrate when Moldova vowed to move its embassy from Tel Aviv

Jerusalem feels PM Filip won’t be able to keep his promise … [Read more...]

Should the Mossad be involved in fighting BDS?

Ethical questions have been asked about the activities of the ‘Israeli CIA’ … [Read more...]

UNRWA inhibited by ‘turmoil, conflict, resource constraints’

Assessment of organizational effectiveness and results it achieved … [Read more...]

Does his envoy’s backing for annexation mean Trump is on board too? Not so fast

His actions and statements aim at advancing Israel's interests … [Read more...]

From Gaza to Iraq: Fire is a new weapon of ISIS, Hamas and others

More than 2,000 fires have been set in southern Israel since May 2018 … [Read more...]

Tiananmen Square massacre remembered by Christians

The slaughter has become symbol of China’s violation of human freedom … [Read more...]

Losing our best minds: Startup Nation sees brain drain, fall in productivity

For every graduate who returns to Israel, 4.5 emigrate … [Read more...]

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