It’s not over, and uncertainty abounds, but Israel’s COVID-19 stats are stunning

How has Israel kept a lid on the virus? … [Read more...]

The five million members of the Palestinian Jewish Diaspora

Jews from Palestine formed a Palestinian Jewish Diaspora in the world … [Read more...]

Up against the clock and the constitution, new coalition is far from a done deal

Nine days remain for Netanyahu and Gantz to form a government … [Read more...]

Ahead of 72nd Independence Day, Israeli population stands at 9.2 million

Populace is 74% Jewish, 21% Arab; total to reach 15.2m. by 1948 centennial … [Read more...]

Monstrous coalition deal neuters Knesset

Should the High Court justices intervene? Will they? … [Read more...]

Has Netanyahu outfoxed Gantz? Will judges block the deal? Why so many ministers?

But what does the coalition stand for? And will it hold? … [Read more...]

Gantz tries, likely fails, to lock Netanyahu into eventually handing over power

Blue and White leader hopes his time as PM will come in 18 months … [Read more...]

Bnei Brak still has highest per capita infection rate as lockdown rolled back

New cases seen spiking in other ultra-Orthodox cities as well … [Read more...]

Behind PM-cited study showing Israel is safest place, a rabbit hole of weirdness

Research hyped by Netanyahu was never endorsed by Forbes … [Read more...]

To move to more normal life Israel must do something it hasn’t yet: Mass testing

Health Ministry slow to prioritize tests and ignores more efficient methods … [Read more...]

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