Netanyahu takes a stand on right to privacy amid lawsuits

Asks to review Supreme Court ruling to hand over phone records … [Read more...]

Chief Rabbinate contests High Court jurisdiction over Western Wall prayer

Majority of Israelis opposes destructive monopoly of the rabbinate … [Read more...]

Shas leader: Modern Orthodox communities are ‘borderline Reform’

Deri charges Tzohar rabbinic group of seeking to ‘destroy’ rabbinate … [Read more...]

Soldiers, settlers clash during removal of illegal homes in Yitzhar

Army removes six prefab structures placed on private Palestinian land … [Read more...]

Israeli envoy: ’UNHRC is world’s leading BDS activist’

‘Human Rights Commissioner is seeking to harm Israel’ … [Read more...]

Peace returns to Minya village after skirmishes between Muslims, Copts

Fights break out after Copts try to pray at home with a priest … [Read more...]

Russian mother deported after losing citizenship upon husband’s death

Israeli Jewish children campaign for mother to gain citizenship … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to warn Putin not to cross redlines

Will give Russians understanding how Israel will act if forced … [Read more...]

Eclipse of the future

‘May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace’ … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority threatens to cut all funds to Gaza

Abbas tells MKs: ‘We’ll gradually reduce our support to Gaza by 100%’ … [Read more...]

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