Israel says Gaza calm brokered with Hamas, but no ‘real’ deal without captives

Quiet returns to the border and goods crossing reopens … [Read more...]

‘Quiet for quiet’ arrangement emerges between Israel and Hamas in Gaza

No 'true agreement' without return of soldier's bodies, civilians … [Read more...]

Abbas: We will thwart Trump’s plan, Nation-State Law

Vows to keep paying security prisoners and families of ‘martyrs’ … [Read more...]

IDF clears troops in massive deadly bombardment during 2014 Gaza war

72 civilians killed not deliberately targeted, army protected bystanders … [Read more...]

Shin Bet says prominent author’s claim of border interrogation is not true

Says scholar held only 'briefly' after he 'aroused suspicions' … [Read more...]

Turkish churches sign religious freedom declaration under duress

Minority leaders issue statement denying they face oppression … [Read more...]

Tumors to meet a frozen end at private Haifa hospital

IceCure to be used on benign breast tumors and malignant kidney tumors … [Read more...]

Israeli democracy isn’t broken, but it is under assault

Minorities are worried and our most hostile critics are empowered … [Read more...]

‘Quiet for quiet’

Many Israelis may now hope for Gazans to protest on the street … [Read more...]

Key Gaza crossing reopens as calm along border holds

Kerem Shalom returned to full operations, Gazan fishing zone extended … [Read more...]

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