Call for international pressure to stop Pakistan from executing Christian mother

Asia Bibi's daughters

Global action needed to overturn death penalty of mother of five Asia Bibi … [Read more...]

As winter comes, thousands of Iraqi refugees may freeze in makeshift tents

Yazidis flee to border

Religious minorities in more danger than ever as winter approaches … [Read more...]

Jihadists stone man and woman to death for adultery in Syria

Syria stoning

Execution was third of its kind in Islamic State-run areas of country … [Read more...]

WATCH: IAI reveals ‘groundbreaking’ defense against IEDs

IED detector

New detection system cuts greatest threat to ground forces in years … [Read more...]

Police to establish unit to combat Jerusalem riots


New squad will deal specifically with ongoing unrest in capital … [Read more...]

First Aramean registers in Israel


New law recognizes Aramean nationality as an official Christian minority … [Read more...]

IDF confirms Hamas planned massive tunnel attack

tunnel exposed

Assault would have 200 gunmen pour into Israel to wreak mayhem … [Read more...]

Rare Roman monument dedicated to Hadrian found in Jerusalem

Latin inscription

Massive limestone slab dates from emperor’s 130 CE visit … [Read more...]

Secretary of State Kerry simply doesn’t learn from his mistakes

Kerry Abbas

Kerry will again be courting nations and organizations that scorn Israel … [Read more...]

Abbas adds ‘hard labor’ to punishment for Palestinians who sell land to Israelis

Abbas grim

PA president's decision follows sale of houses in Jerusalem to Jews … [Read more...]

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