IDF mobilizing 10,000 reservists after Israel targets senior Hamas commanders

tanks on border

Will replace reservists as rocket fire continues to batter southern Israel … [Read more...]

IDF releases video of strike that killed top Hamas commanders in Gaza

Hamas ex-leaders

Two were involved in 2006 Schalit kidnapping; Hamas vows revenge … [Read more...]

Father wounded saving kindergarten kids from Hamas rocket at birthday party

gan dad

Jan Berman herds children into shelter moment before missile hits … [Read more...]

Hamas executes three Palestinians suspected of collaboration with Israel

Hamas black flags

Accused of searching for targets in Gaza for Israel to attack … [Read more...]

Israel-based NGO asks US to extradite top Hamas leader

Hamas TV

After he admits group behind kidnapping, murder of three Israeli teens … [Read more...]

Killing of Hamas chiefs will spark desperate attacks against Israel

Hamas chiefs

Assassinations show terrorist regime penetrated by Israeli intelligence … [Read more...]

Why is world silent while Christians are slaughtered in Middle East and Africa?

Iraqi Christians in shelter

Barbarous slaughter of thousands of Christians met with indifference … [Read more...]

Time for tolerance

Balad poster

Balad Party leaders, other Palestinian nationalists exacerbate problem … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s vital message, and his marginal one

Bibi distracted

PM was distracted as he showed Hamas’s role in Islamist terrorism … [Read more...]

Hamas says three of its top Gaza commanders killed by Israel

Widad Deif funeral

Massive rocket barrage on Israel’s South … [Read more...]

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