EU ignores Netanyahu ban, vows to be part of peace process

Bibi Renzi

‘Ending conflict is of interest to the entire international community’ … [Read more...]

Three sentenced for planning to kill Jews praying on Temple Mount

dome hats

Cell aimed to help terrorist organizations in their war with Israel … [Read more...]

Father of murdered Arab teen lambastes court for delaying conviction

Abu Khdeir family

Court holds off convicting suspect for burning alive Muhammed Abu Khdeir … [Read more...]

Mother of two killed for converting, marrying Coptic Christian in Egypt

Iraqi sunset

Christian family moved to another city to avoid possible clashes … [Read more...]

Hamas revives Passover blood libel

Hamas blood libel

Leader says Israel kills Palestinian children to use their blood in matza … [Read more...]

ISIS genocide must be stopped before Christianity Is eradicated

Baghdad mass 2

EU calls for resolution recognizing Islamic State genocide of Christians … [Read more...]

Israel marks exodus of Jews from Muslim Middle East


850,000 Jews fled Muslim countries in 1930s-50s … [Read more...]

The battle over EU settlement labeling has just begun

date packers

Guidelines mandatory for all states, but Israel can try to soften the blow … [Read more...]

Why aren’t there ethnic nation-states in the Middle East?

Turkmen fighters

There will never be a rise of many new ethnic states in the Middle East … [Read more...]

Two stabbing attacks in Jerusalem within hours

Jerusalem stabbing 29.11.15

Woman wounded near bus stop; policeman stabbed near Damascus Gate … [Read more...]

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