Netanyahu: Palestinian move at UN will lead to Hamas takeover in West Bank

Bibi grim

PM says Israel not threatened by unilateral Palestinian steps at UN … [Read more...]

US says it will not support Palestinian Security Council bid

UNSC meeting big

State Department indicates Washington likely to veto text … [Read more...]

Abbas favors peace conference idea, with talks limited to a year

Abbas right hand 2

Palestinians may still sever security ties with Israel … [Read more...]

IDF indicts alleged perpetrators of West Bank terrorist attacks

stabbing victim

Terrorists accused of stabbing and hit-and-run attacks … [Read more...]

Senators to Kerry: Give Iraq, Syria Christians refugee status

Iraqi Christians flee

Bipartisan group demands US do more to protect Christian minority … [Read more...]

Iraq’s quiet Christian genocide

Iraqi monastery

2,000 years of Christianity have been nearly eliminated from Iraq … [Read more...]

Digital mapping uncovers Holocaust-era mass graves in Ukraine

Odessa monument

Researchers use geophysical imaging to locate Nazi killing sites … [Read more...]

Hebrew U. archeologists uncover entryway into Herod’s palace

Herodium interior

Part of a Herodium project in memory of Prof. Ehud Netzer … [Read more...]

‘Something rotten in the state of Denmark?’

flag burning

Israel is judged by standards other than those the EU uses to judge itself … [Read more...]

UN Security Council wasting time on Palestinian gimmicks, Liberman says

UNSC meeting big

FM: Draft resolution by Jordan will only worsen the conflict … [Read more...]

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