Israel actively pushing Palestinian emigration from Gaza, official says

Jerusalem looking for other countries to take in emigres … [Read more...]

Hezbollah adopting Gaza arson tactics against Israel in Lebanon

Terrorists seen starting large brush fire at border that quickly spreads into Israel … [Read more...]

PA offering ‘grants’ to Palestinians who move to Jordan Valley

Nearly 65,000 Palestinians and some 11,000 Jews live there … [Read more...]

Abbas fires all his advisers amid financial crunch due to tax dispute with Israel

PA president demands cabinet members return raises … [Read more...]

Israeli and Palestinian cooperation attempts to solve sewage problem

Sewage issues in Jerusalem’s Kidron Valley are uniting residents … [Read more...]

Iraqi church defaced by ISIS rededicated

Christians encouraged to restart their lives in their ancestral homeland … [Read more...]

Palestinian and Jewish girls join together for soccer practice

‘It is our responsibility to build a better reality of hope and peace here’ … [Read more...]

Showing ‘great weakness’: When Netanyahu helped make Israel a partisan US issue

Tlaib and Omar scored a victory more damaging than a provocative visit … [Read more...]

Ukraine importance

Visit ‘coincides with a reinvigoration of Israel-Ukrainian relations’ … [Read more...]

IDF kills three heavily armed terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel

Gazans tried to cross border after rocket fire from the Hamas-run enclave … [Read more...]

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