Netanyahu vows to restore quiet as violence rages in Jerusalem

Bibi police

Israel to mobilize more police, step up intelligence and enforcement … [Read more...]

Prime minister decries world’s ‘flaccid response’ to Abbas

Abbas gestures

Silence as PA leader ‘glorifies murderers, embraces terrorists’ … [Read more...]

Hamas, Islamic Jihad salute Jerusalem terrorist attack


Declare attack was ‘act of heroism’ and threaten new intifada … [Read more...]

Mashaal: Hamas tunnels defensive in nature, Israel imposed war on Gaza

Mashaal gestures

Hamas leader tells ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine Mohammed Deif is still alive … [Read more...]

Nowhere to lay their heads: Christians in Iraq face uncertain future

Iraqi Christian refugees 4

World must help them endure winter or resettle them … [Read more...]

Women of the Wall sneaks Torah scroll into Kotel plaza

WOW mini Torah

Holds first Torah reading and bat mitzva at Western Wall … [Read more...]

Unrest, instability, intifada — whatever its name, it’s in Hamas’s interest

police at light rail

Hamas wants to spread the violence in Jerusalem to the West Bank … [Read more...]

Top US aid recipient is set to hang a Christian woman for blasphemy

Asia Bibi

One should be able to insult the prophet of Islam without fear of death … [Read more...]

Entering a state of rest in Israel

Shabbat sign

Shabbat observance project enters its final stages … [Read more...]

Terrorist kills infant, wounds several, after ramming car into crowd in Jerusalem

car attack

Driver shot by police after trying to flee scene on foot near light rail stop … [Read more...]

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