Netanyahu: ‘Significant progress’ in settlement talks with US

On departing China, PM lauds ‘special connection with Israel’ … [Read more...]

Building in Jerusalem is non-negotiable, Netanyahu declares

PM also repeats promise of new Amona settlement … [Read more...]

Defense Ministry summons pre-army academy heads over sexist insults

Liberman may close Eli yeshiva over rabbi’s trashing of women and gays … [Read more...]

Co-founder of BDS Movement arrested in Israel for tax evasion

Barghouti is set to receive Gandhi Peace Prize in US in April … [Read more...]

Turkey may push up imprisoned American pastor’s trial

Brunson’s family seeks meeting with Trump for help … [Read more...]

EU envoy finds 27 Sudanese churches listed by government for demolition

Destruction of Khartoum sanctuaries delayed by court appeal … [Read more...]

Archeologists uncork 100-year-old liquor stash left by British troops

Bottles of gin and whiskey hidden by World War I soldiers … [Read more...]

Ruling paves way for thousands of Jerusalem Arabs to regain residency rights

Since 1967, some 15,000 have had their right to live in the city revoked … [Read more...]

Eternal capital

Myriad visitors each year see the proof that here Solomon built the Temple … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel clarified to Russia that IDF will continue Syria strikes

‘If feasible from intelligence, we attack and so it will continue’ … [Read more...]

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