Israel and Jordan sign water deal to save Dead Sea

Dead Sea shore

Countries to join forces on desalination plant near Akaba … [Read more...]

Israeli security forces uncover two Palestinian terrorist cells in West Bank

Hamas Saggers

Shin Bet: Incident underscores threats posed by local terrorist groups … [Read more...]

US air strikes hit area of Syria where Islamic State abducted Christians


Kurds call for bombardment of terrorists' positions, ask for arms … [Read more...]

Israeli doctors try to save Christian baby who fled Islamic State

Christian baby

Mother Lina hopes her prayers will be answered in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Rawabi, the first new Palestinian city, can finally open its doors


Israel announces that Water Authority will connect town to water … [Read more...]

ISIS fighters destroy ancient sculptures in sledgehammer rampage

ISIS sculptures

"The Prophet ordered us to get rid of statues and relics" … [Read more...]

‘Jihadi John’ named as Kuwait-born West Londoner

Jihadi John

Mohammed Emzawi named key suspect in beheadings of Westerners … [Read more...]

Christian groups recognized for aiding Ukrainian Jews

Christian groups

Sharansky: Christian organizations help us save Jewish lives every day … [Read more...]

The appalling talk of boycotting Netanyahu


Congress must give him the courtesy of listening or violate basic decency … [Read more...]

Scathing report puts blame for housing crisis on government

Beit Shemesh construction

Comptroller says red tape, political gridlock led to soaring prices … [Read more...]

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