At least nine Christians murdered in Kenya bus massacre

Separated from Muslims and killed for failing to recite the Islamic Shahada … [Read more...]

Liberman backs pardon for Netanyahu in exchange for exit from politics

Says there’s ‘a sense of fatigue’ with him in the Knesset … [Read more...]

Abbas urges Arab Israelis to vote for Knesset so they can have ‘major influence’

Criticizes Arabs who shun vote by considering Knesset a ‘Zionist council’ … [Read more...]

Gaza Christians barred from visiting Bethlehem and Jerusalem on Christmas

Due to many Gazans staying on illegally when granted short-term permits … [Read more...]

Israel confirms participation in 2020 Expo world fair in Dubai

FM Katz says shift ‘reflects the rise in Israel’s status’ in Arab world … [Read more...]

2,600 Evangelists urge governors to continue refugee resettlement after Trump order

Order requires local governments to consent to refugee resettlement … [Read more...]

16 chess grandmasters arrive in Jerusalem for historic competition

In first, Israel is hosting the International Chess Federation championship … [Read more...]

Why Israel’s third elections might not be such a disaster after all

Maybe this time we’ll manage a decisive collective decision … [Read more...]

The immunity election

What is best for Israel? … [Read more...]

Knesset dissolves, calling unprecedented third election in under a year

March 2 to be latest bid to solve deadlock that has engulfed country … [Read more...]

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