Netanyahu: ‘History will not forgive those who do not stop Iran’

PM tells visiting U.S. senators, "Building in Jerusalem is not the world's problem; a nuclear Iran is the world's problem" … [Read more...]

18 injured during riot in Ramallah refugee camp

PA police use live fire to disperse demonstrators … [Read more...]

Morsi apology for anti-Israel rant insufficient

US demands more than apology for Egyptian President's anti-Semitic rhetoric … [Read more...]

Jordanian elections: a waiting station for Syria

Jordanian parliamentary elections, due in two days, will not feature the end of the conflict between the regime and the opposition. … [Read more...]

Israel puts cost of Election Day at 1.7 billion

Public holiday on Tuesday as Israel goes to the polls … [Read more...]

US watchdog: Israel is Mideast’s only ‘free’ state

Freedom House report says Israel is region's only free country … [Read more...]

Egyptian Muslims protest, torch Christian stores

Residents attack local church in southern city of Qena over allegations of child molestation … [Read more...]

Final election polls give right wing bloc narrow lead

Four days before elections, support for Likud-Beytenu drops; 15% of voters remain undecided … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to ‘Post’: I won’t uproot masses of Jews

PM says he and Obama "have our differences" on how to achieve peace with Palestinians … [Read more...]

Hamas, Fatah agree to implement unity agreements

Both parties agree to form a Palestinian unity government by end of January … [Read more...]

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