American F-18s strike Gaza

US and media consider Israel’s attack on Hamas to be unrighteous


The United States has sent an aircraft carrier and two guided-missile ships into the Red Sea to bolster sea and air power before a US strike on the jihadist army, Hamas, in Gaza. If you think it’s pure fiction, you would be correct, it is. But why?

Suppose the United States were to send F-18 aircraft to drop 500-pound, laser-guided bombs on the head of a radical Islamic organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), to defend Kurdish Christians and labeled it “a righteous cause.” How, then, can it be that targeting a jihadist organization in Gaza would be an “unrighteous cause?” In truth, the US and the media consider Israel’s attack against Hamas to be an unrighteous cause.

The basis for President Barack Obama’s rationale is that he is helping to save thousands of innocent civilians. What about the thousands of Jewish civilians who have been targeted by Hamas’s more than 3,500 missiles within the past few weeks?

What is the difference between radical jihadists in Iraq and radical jihadists in Gaza? None whatsoever! Both believe in Sharia law; both support an Islamic state; both kill innocent civilians. Hamas has made the lives of Palestinian Christians a living hell and has assassinated great numbers, claiming them to be spies. In reality, it is simply because they were Christians. For that matter, the lives of the vast majority of Palestinians in Gaza have become hell-on-Earth because of Hamas.

These people can’t be labeled terrorists simply because they reside in Gaza. The same Palestinians live in Ramallah and are not lobbing rockets into Israel. Truthfully, a jihadist army like ISIS is holding them hostage. It is a fanatical army that believes in the same global caliphate as does ISIS. Its leaders do not believe in the rule of law and hate Christians as much as they do Jews. There are presently 17 major radical jihadist groups operating in the Middle East.

If a thousand Syrians, Iraqis, or Afghani civilians are killed each week by jihadists, most in the West would simply carry on with their lives. If 400 Arabs used by Hamas as human shields are killed during a four-week war with Israel, it becomes prime-time news nightly. More than 250,000 civilians were killed during the Afghan and Iraq wars, and another 2,500 hundred through President Obama’s drone strikes. Hardly a picture could be found of a civilian on the evening news. Indeed, there is something wrong with that.

I am very familiar with US government policy during the Persian Gulf War. I covered the war from inside Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Israel as a journalist. When in Dhahran I was told by the massive media pool that most of them were not getting to travel to the front and that only reporters who submitted copy the US government considered acceptable were allowed in the press pool. If a story was filed that was considered unacceptable, the reporter was pulled from the pool and remanded to his hotel for weeks on end.

Behind this double standard is actually inbred anti-Semitism. Instead of the individual Jew, Israel has become the collective Jew at which the anti-Semites can vent their hatred and not be considered racist. The radical Islamists’ war has just begun.
In my 2007 book, The Final Move Beyond Iraq: The Final Solution While the World Sleeps, I stated that these jihadist organizations will not go away. Arab oil buys more than tents. We kill a fly and rejoice; they kill one and 100 come to the funeral. Israel is the only firewall between radical Islam and the West. The smartest thing the US can do is to support Israel; it could ultimately be the key to America’s survival.

Dr. Michael Evans is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. His latest fiction book, Born Again: 1967, based on the Six-Day War, is available at



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