President Obama: Israel’s savior

What would motivate President Obama to invite himself to Jerusalem?

By Mike Evans

President Obama begins his second term with a silver bullet, foreign policy agenda—riding his white stallion, and galloping into Israel on March 20 and with bewildered Israeli politicians shouting, “Oy Vey! Who is that masked man anyway?” It is like a scene from The Lone Ranger, the old radio and later television show that appeared first in 1933. It began coincidentally the same year Hitler proclaimed the Third Reich.

Obama took office in 2009 and almost immediately took a harsher stance toward Israel than had his predecessor. During his first term, he traveled to Cairo to—as the White House billed it—offer an olive branch to the Arab world. In his speech there, much to Israel’s horror, he described the Israeli/Palestinian crisis as the second greatest source of tension in the Middle East, after al-Qaeda.

How astonishing that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who planned to travel to Washington, DC, on March 4 this year to speak to AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby, and meet with President Obama the following day, would suddenly decide to cancel that trip and invite President Obama to Israel. NOT!

What would motivate President Obama to invite himself to Jerusalem? Surely it’s not because last month Israel’s electorate voted-in the center-Left party as the second largest in the Knesset? Could it be that he smells blood in the water—the opportunity of a crisis, and is shining a diplomatic spotlight on all Israeli political parties that are left-of-center?  Is he hoping they will see the light and reject Netanyahu’s policies?

Netanyahu was given forty-two days to form a new coalition government, and no party has signed on as yet. On March 15th, his time will have expired. President Peres can allow another twenty days or choose someone else to form the government. Should the prime minister move to the center or to the left to enable him to form a new government, the likelihood of it lasting four years is almost zero. It appears that Netanyahu’s dilemma is a win/win for Obama and a lose/lose for the prime minister.  

Iranian-backed Hezbollah Palestinians are murdering innocent civilians by the droves in Syria, and Iranian-backed Gaza Palestinians are firing thousands of missiles into Israel. Obama’s giving the Jew-hating Palestinian Authority a $200 million check and launching a diplomatic peace initiative opposing Israeli settlements—and a whole lot more—begins to make perfect sense.

The second reason I believe President Obama is charging into Israel to pressure Netanyahu is to deter the bombing of Iran. During a speech at the UN in 2012, the prime minister flagged the spring of 2013 as the time Iran will cross the nuclear threshold. Obama knows that with the Israeli leader trying to form a new government, a security cabinet that supports the attack will have to be put in place—unless, of course, the power-hungry coalition partners determine that favor with Obama is more desired than favor with Mr. Netanyahu.

Radical Islam is destabilizing the entire Middle East and Iran is a turn of the screwdriver away from going atomic. The worst possible signal to send to our enemies is that the United States, the “Great Satan,” is putting its foot on the neck of Israel, the Little Satan.”


Dr. Mike Evans is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. His latest novel, The Locket, is the riveting story of a young Jewish girl who realizes that her neighbor, Adolf Eichmann, grew up to be the architect of the “final solution.” It documents her struggle to survive the Holocaust and bring Eichmann to justice.  For information, visit




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