Netanyahu: Authorizing three outposts won’t make new settlements

A settler waits for the cabinet to make his outpost into a legal settlement. (Flash90)

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—The cabinet is expected to authorize the three settlement outposts of Bruchin, Rehalim, and Sansara at its meeting on Sunday, a move that would make them legal settlements.

Despite the government’s commitment to the international community not to establish new settlements, the ministers are to be shown documentation prepared by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s office proving that the move is in fact a “technical adjustment” and does not create new settlements.

The Prime Minister’s Office argued that previous cabinet decisions predating the settlement hiatus approved the three communities as settlements. Accordingly, the government approved the creation of Bruchin on May 19, 1983, Rehalim on November 27, 1991, and Sansana on June 28, 1998, as legal settlements.

However, the three communities were never authorized by the Defense Ministry, which left them in limbo as outposts. All three outposts are on state land, according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Peace Now lists all three communities as outposts. It estimates that Bruchin, which is one of the largest of the nearly 100 outposts, has a population of 350 people, with 52 caravans and 53 permanent homes. It estimates that Rehalim has a population of 240, with 24 permanent homes and 41 mobile ones, and that Sansana has a population of 240, with 21 mobile homes and 58 caravans.

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