Netanyahu postpones demolition of Temple Mount ramp

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday instructed the Jerusalem Municipality to put off for a week the demolition of a temporary ramp linking the Western Wall plaza with the Mughrabi Gate to the Temple Mount, following dire warnings from Egypt and Jordan.

Senior officials said Egypt and Jordan have expressed concerned that work on the ramp would lead to violent protests in the Muslim world, particularly in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

A new ramp is to be built to replace the temporary wooden structure that was built after the original earthen ramp collapsed following heavy rains in 2004. Work on the ramp in 2007 led to violent protests.

The ramp provides access to the Temple Mount from the plaza below. Jerusalem’s chief city engineer and the firefighting service have determined that the wooden structure is dangerous and a fire hazard, and must be immediately dismantled.

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